Solstice Celebration!

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September 21st, the shortest day of the year. Up here in Bellingham, WA, that means about 8 hours of daylight. For the past few years, we’ve celebrated the impending lengthening of days with a night ride that meets up at our somewhat fabled campsite, share beers and company around a fire, and ride on.

Last night’s Solstice Ride was one for the history books. Between 45 and 50 people showed up at the fire circle on Galbraith to enjoy a huge bonfire and good company in unseasonably warm and dry conditions. Many beers were consumed, and almost as many flasks were passed around the pyre as the jokes got louder and tackier.

The night wasn’t just frivolity, though; we all learned some lessons. It’s valuable to know that Kevin N shouldn’t be in charge of fire, unless everyone wants to lose their eyebrows.

Chris M learned that riding down the Ridge trail at top speed after imbibing can result in a bruised hip and a limp.

I learned that riding skinnies in the dark is simply dumb, and my bruised shoulder is a reminder of that. Sadly, that lesson was learned before I cracked a beer.

I don’t know what Trevor learned, but I’m sure it was valuable.

One thing we all learned is that we’ll make any excuse to ride and hang out. We still haven’t decided if it was a ride with some partying, or a party with some riding, but maybe that’s something best left unlearned.

Happy Solstice, Happy Saturnalia, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you more riding and more fun than 2010 did.





2 thoughts on “Solstice Celebration!

  1. MTB_123 says:


    Good vibes.

  2. Sparky says:

    I learned a little something about Dale, Dave N, and Alan I wish I hadn’t…
    We all learned what Nat looks like with clothes on…
    And it looks like Shasta (the Nash-Brown’s dog) learned the same lesson you did, Cory. Only he had to get stitches.

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