Spongy Wonder?

The interweb is a very interesting place, full of oddly construed products that just make you want to go…”Huh?” Hark, the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat and its claim that normal bike seats diminish your potency (ouch). Read more about it (if you dare) HERE.

4 thoughts on “Spongy Wonder?

  1. Jeff Dixon says:

    I guess the thousands of riders who have informed us of their urological and neurological damage are imagining their medical conditions? The hundreds of studies are flawed? The thousands of MDs, Urologists and Neurologists are wrong? Common sense is pointless?

  2. Skip Stenhouser says:

    If you’re unable or unwilling to part with $130 for this seat, Jeff suggests this:
    We are busy selling our seats all around the world with no issues as to commitments or questions of quality. I suggest something cheaply made in China that can be found at Walmart.

    Have a nice day.


    At least I’ll be sure to have a nice day.

  3. cory says:

    I’ve always been a WTB, Selle Italia and Brooks man myself.

  4. Jeff Dixon says:

    Our MK9 series models are $128.50 with a 20 year warranty – the standard MK6 and MK7 models are $77.50

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