Dreaming of Summer

Kona Ambassador Sandra Beaubien is no stranger to winter riding. She leads the charge all winter long as the president of the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association, and you can bet she’s out on her fat bike when the mercury doesn’t even register.

But, just because Sandra is a hard core winter rider doesn’t mean she sits around in the summer time waiting for the snow to fall. Just like the rest of us she takes advantage of long days and often travels to the desert for that famous rocky riding.

Sandra put together a few words and photos about a recent trip to Utah that is having her pining for warm, summer days. You can check out the full story wtih some beautiful photos here.

Miranda Miller’s Winter Musings

While everyone knows Miranda Miller is an ace on the bike, did you know she’s also very creative? Both of her parents have worked in the arts and she likes to dabble with drawing and creating in her spare time. Miranda caught wind of our first theme for our ambassadors and wanted to contribute her own submission to Winter.

She created a series of drawings and Haikus that describe what winter means to her. Click here to see the below graphic in full size.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG