Light Concerns

Words and photos by ambassador Seb DeMeris, who has a pretty big quiver of Konas! Our second theme for the ambassador program was “Light.” To see all of the “Winter” submissions, please click here.

Light is what is missing during the winter when the days are short and dark. It’s then something I need to take with me every morning to be visible when I ride to the university. And I need to put them on the bike again when I go home at the end of the day.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light in the day during spring becomes longer, which means more time to ride!

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

And shape too!

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light and heat during summer can be avoided by riding in the fresh air of the woods.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light in autumn is something we have to enjoy until the rainy, snowy and dark months of winter.

Light and shades in the forest is something I could stare at all day long.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG
Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light is what my Process 153 wasn’t at the end of this enduro race  (by the way I hope it’s the last time I’ll have to run to finish a special ahah) .

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light can come from a bonefire after a ride, and mean goodtime with friends.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light mean beautiful landscape in the morning and in the evening.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light is something you can look for when you’re in the fog.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light is what I would have need to continue that way. It sometimes limits the possibilities.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Light on a trail can sometimes be magic, and forces us to stop, have look and enjoy the present!

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Days and light become longer, let’s enjoy this on bike !

Ray’s Women’s Weekend

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Shae James.

Nothing says bike privilege like living in the PNW, and winter is the greatest example. We get really snowed out from riding for only about a month out of the year. The other couple of months of winter? It’s miserable, but not impossible. It can be wet, it can be cold, but nothing that could fully get in the way of cracking at least one smile during a ride. Because that’s all it takes to mark a ride worth it.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

That being said, have you ever had an epic pow day on your bike? Can you see it? Six inches of cold, fresh snow for you to shralp and slip and grip. A trail you’ve ridden before, becomes full of endless possibilities. The smooth, white finish on the trail lets you forget the obstacles lurking underneath. A confidence gets built up with every move, until a slide of your wheel reminds you just how ridiculous this is. Whose idea was this, anyway? You’re a genius.

The high of my snow day lasts a couple weeks. As I slowly come down from it, I try to maintain the boost with a temporary hit of ski days and sledding on our homemade trike sled. As the trails become unrideable, I start to think if only there was a place that was impervious to weather. A place you could ride all year long, unaffected, and progress in the bike world’s slowest months. Turns out, that place exists in Cleveland, Ohio. And thanks to Ray’s Women’s Weekend and Radical Roots MTB, I had an invite. So, I headed to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

It’s hard to put Ray’s MTB into words, other than it’s really frickin cool. They somehow have encapsulated the skate rink vibe, the skate park vibe, and the mountain bike vibe into one cohesive package. It’s old school, but it’s new school. It’s sketchy, but it’s dialed.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Coming out of the woods, and into the woodwork, it took me some time to adjust. But once I got acclimated, I had so much fun riding this place. I learned more than I thought possible in one weekend event, about bikes, myself, and my riding. Part of this is credited to the actual park, but the other part is definitely because of Ray’s Women’s Weekend. I had the unique first timer experience of attending Ray’s W.W. as both a student, and an assistant coach. I was quickly adopted by the amazing coaches into their tight knit circle of hilarity and professionalism. These women are an inspiration. They are decorated athletes that really love teaching their discipline. I was amazed at how well organized the event was, and also how much there was to learn. I wish I had been able to attend more classes, but with a full work load of assisting, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to jump in on any classes at all. Covering all my bases, I took a jumping class, a foam pit class, a cornering lesson, and had a very humbling intro to BMX. By the end, I was impressed. This event is definitely geared towards learning, and it shows in the progression of its disciples.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Heading back to the upper left, life gets busy and the sun comes out. Unfortunately, the leftover snow is relentless. It lingers well past any form of welcome. Before you worry, I’ve got another trick up my sleeve. Eager to apply what I’ve learned to dirt, I head to a friend’s front yard. Known to many as The Bike Ranch, my friend Steve lets me cruise around his hard work. Between the comfort of a fire pit, and the effort of riding laps, the cold can’t catch you in here. Even though the remnants of snow is lurking just a few feet outside the invisible walls of the Ranch. As long as you keep riding, you’ll beat it. So, keep riding.

Private Winter

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Tim Wiggins

For me, the winter is all about limits… finding and pushing the limits of what, when, and how far I can ride.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

My winter bike of choice is the Kona Private Jake. The 2016 vintage frame has just ticked over an incredible 20,000 kilometres (12,500 miles) to date. There is barely an original component on it; they have all been worn into the ground through years of use in all manner of weather and trail conditions. It is still a joy to ride.

The KPJ keeps rolling, and it keeps me pushing the ride limits…

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Heavy Snowfall = Private Trail Wilderness.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Foot Deep Mud = Natural Facepack.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Storm Force 10 Winds = Fight into them. Fly home.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Keep riding. Whatever the winter weather. #KonaAmbassadors

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Miranda Miller’s Winter Musings

While everyone knows Miranda Miller is an ace on the bike, did you know she’s also very creative? Both of her parents have worked in the arts and she likes to dabble with drawing and creating in her spare time. Miranda caught wind of our first theme for our ambassadors and wanted to contribute her own submission to Winter.

She created a series of drawings and Haikus that describe what winter means to her. Click here to see the below graphic in full size.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Announcing the Kona Ambassadors!

The time has finally arrived! After thoroughly combing through more than 650 applications from countries all around the world we’re excited to finally announce our Kona Ambassadors! We’ve hand-selected 35 people that embody the Kona spirit. They’re adventurers, die-hard cyclists, movers and shakers. They’re athletes, artists, advocates, and stewards of their local communities. They’re organizing rides, literally painting the town with color, pushing boundaries, bringing new people into the sport, and riding far and wide. They’re trail directors, scientists, teachers, stylists, chefs and more! We covered every base that we could to represent as many of you as possible. Their mission? Bring amazingly unique and creative content to you!

Please say hello to your 2019 Kona Ambassadors!

Alexander Kangas // Sweden

Alex Luise  // San Vitale, Italy

B’yauling Toni // Saskatoon, Canada

Barry McWilliams  // Berlin, Germany

Becky Gardner  // Salida, Colorado

Brooklyn Bell // Bellingham, Washington

Carlos Langelann // Barcelona, Spain

Clara Cendoya Ibanez // Madrid, Spain

Cole Pellerin // Saskatoon, Canada

Colt Fetters // Durango Colorado

Delia Massey // Issaquah, Washington

Erkki Punttila // Helsinki, Finland

Euan Camlin // Edinburgh, Scotland

Graham Beaumont // Cumbria, United Kingdom

Gretchen Leggitt // Bellingham, Washington

Josh Lowe // East Sussex, United Kingdom

Kate Meyer // Bend, Oregon

Kris Herstns // Sint Niklaas, Belgium

Leah Maunsell // Cork, Ireland

Lita Monaghan // Fircrest, Washington

Markus Zieher // Aalen, Germany

Molly Joyce // Flagstaff, Arizona

Molly Sugar // Portland, Oregon

Riley Seebeck // Issaquah, Washington

Ryan Gardner // Oakland, California

Ryan Lindsay Bartz // Always on the move!

Ryan McEvoy // Knoxville, Tennessee

Sandra Beaubien // Ottawa, Canada

Sebastian De Meris // Segny, France

Shae James // Bellingham, Washington

Simoni Medici // Montecchio Emilia, Italy

Stephen Pope // Middlebury, Vermont

Tim Wiggins // Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Trevor Browne // Montreal, Canada

Tudor Gillham // Cardiff, Wales


The ambassadors will be regular contributors to the Cog and our social media. Stay tuned for their work… coming soon!

The 2019 Kona Ambassador Program

At Kona, we’re all about the long sweet ride. We enjoy big climbs and bigger descents. We love to bikepack as much as we love our urban commutes to work. We believe riding shouldn’t be all about racing the clock, but also about the smaller details of a ride: the company you’re with, the perfect autumn weather, perfect dirt, perfect trails, or that feeling when you’re with someone who “gets it” for the very first time

We’re starting something new for 2019 and we need your help. The Kona Ambassador program will feature advocates and athletes from around the world. We’re looking for people to spread the Kona groove in their own unique way. Whether you’re a night-riding aficionado, creating cool/wacky local events, a grom that is turning heads, leading weekly group rides, building creative trails or someone who is riding their bike from LA to New York, we want to hear from you!

My Kona - Scott Mackay


What we’re looking for:
*Riders from varying disciplines of biking – mountain, gravel, party-biking, cyclocross, touring, bikepacking, etc. Maybe you sing while you ride. That counts too!
*People who have the ability to create interesting content. This could be artwork, photos, videos, editorial/written pieces, or whatever creative outlet you choose!
*People who are stoked on Kona and want to help us promote the fun lifestyle we’ve built for our athletes, friends, and employees.

What’s in it for you?
Well, we’d like to think a lot of things. We’ll hook you up with deals on bikes and other Kona stuff, supply you with some sweet Kona gear, help with creative direction and development on your projects and more!

How it works:
Every two months you’ll receive a suggested theme or topic to focus on. We’ll be asking you to go create something around that theme or topic to help us tell fun stories throughout the year. For instance, if it’s winter the topic may be “snow.” January may be “a new year.” July could be “slip n’ slide.” We have no idea what the themes will be but we want to keep it fun and creative! We’ll share your stories across our social platforms and website with each new theme.

Ali and Hannah getting after it for the Disco Process shoot.

If one or all of the above applies to you and you are someone who wants a kickass deal on your next bike, you should apply! We aren’t looking for anything specific. In fact, we’re looking for what makes YOU unique and what you’ve done to create a cool little niche in your biking world.

Erkki Punttila cruising through Finland s Lemmenjoki national park aboard his Kona Unit X.

To apply, please send an email to and answer the following questions:
• What makes you unique in the biking world?
• What is it about Kona that you love and want to share with others?
• What kind of content are you able to create on your own?
• As a member of the Kona Ambassadors, what kind of support would you like from Kona?
• A cyclist you admire most, and why.


We will be choosing members of the Ambassador Project before the end of the year. Deadline for entry is October 31st!