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Bike Magazine Reviews the 2019 Wozo “Leave it to Kona to disrupt the status quo”

“The chassis feels simultaneously unflappable and yet still gets bounced around in the endearing way that hardtails do. And in the end, that’s what makes the Wozo so good for a rider who’s used to modern trail bikes: it feels normal, and that’s how it should be ridden.”

At the beginning of winter, we sent Bike Mag reviewer Jonathan Weber the latest iteration of our Kona Wozo fat bike. Bike describe the Wozo as the “Progeny of a coked-up tour-bus fling between the Wo and the Honzo” and they aren’t wrong (well maybe about the coke). The Wozo’s fun and modern trail bike geometry set it apart from other fat bikes out there and that is not a point that’s lost in this review.

You can check it out in full here on Bike Magazines website.

Kona Hei Hei Trail CR Makes Bike Magazine’s “Best Carbon Bikes Under $4,000” List

“If you’re looking for a rock-solid frame from a company with a pedigree for bomb-proof bikes, but also want something snappy and responsive on the climbs (or for boosting side-hits), the Hei Hei Trail offers a heck of a value for the money.” 

Bike Mag has just published their Best Carbon Bikes Under $4,000 list on their website and unsurprisingly Hei Hei Trail CR made the cut. It was runner-up in the Mid Travel: Best Carbon Mountain Bikes Under $4,000 category. It’s not the first time Bike Mag have shown the Hei Hei Trail love, Mike Ferrintiono gave it a rave review as part of the 2017 Bible of Bike Tests. You can check out everything they had to say on Bike Mag’s website here


Bike Magazine reviews the Supreme Operator “It’s a bike that you could be confident rallying all season”

“It’s a bike that you could be confident rallying all season without giving it too much thought or concern.”

Bike Magazine’s resident downhiller Anthony Smith spent all summer aboard our 27.5 Operator platform, his review has just gone live online at Anthony praises the bike for its simplicity and states that “It’s an easy bike to throw a leg over and feel at home on right away whether you’re a seasoned racer or wild park rat.”

You can check out the review on here. For 2018 the Operator’s have switched to a trunion mounted shock out back,  you can check out the newly updated bikes here.

Three Kona Bikes on Bike Magazine’s 10 Best Hardtails Under $2000

If there has ever been an accolade for our MTB Hardtail and Honzo ranges, this is it: three bikes in a list of 10, with great notes from Bike Magazine on the value of Kona’s trail-ready, yet affordable mountain bikes.

“Another Kona? Yeah. Another. Three Konas made this 10-bike list because they’re smartly specced values and have modern geometry. We scoured the internet looking for an alternative from another brand that could top the Big Honzo at the $1,700 price point, but couldn’t find anything. So here it is, another killer Kona.”

All of these bikes are in stock now and available to order through your local dealer or Kona Ride Online. Read on at Bike Mag!

Cinder Cone

Big Honzo

Honzo AL/DR

Bike Mag Bible Video Review of the 2017 Kona Hei Hei Trail DL – “One of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden…”

Bike Mag has just published their 2017 Bible of Bike Tests review of our 140mm, 27.5″ wheel Hei Hei Trail DL, including the always-informative three-way debate. Both Mike Ferrentino and Brice Minnigh were taken with the Hei Hei Trail’s capabilities, to the point that Mike doesn’t want to give us the bike back.

“Testers spent their time arguing over who would get to ride it next. For backcountry fiends or for trail riders looking for snap and acceleration first and foremost, this is your bike.” – Bike Mag

“I’d buy it in a heartbeat – it’s one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden. Are you listening Kona? Gimme that bike.” – Mike Ferrentino

Scroll down for a few detail photos from the review, or click here to read the PDF.