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Hei Hei is named a Best “Downcountry” Bike

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Say what you want about the term “downcountry,” but like most weird things in the bike industry it’s taking off with a bit of fervor. Bike Magazine has come up with a list of bikes that they think suit the moniker well, and the Hei Hei CR DL made the cut! To clarify, downcountry is considered a bike that has some XC roots but is definitely badass enough to take on burlier terrain. We think that describes the Hei Hei lineup well, and we’re happy Bike Mag agrees!

“The Hei Hei is build to tackle serious miles efficiently, but also comfortably. Rather than beat you to death with ‘pedaling efficiency,’ the Hei Hei is made to take some of the brunt of trail chatter to save you energy on long epics or on rougher trails. Or both, if that’s your cup of tea.” -Bike Magazine

You can check out the full article here. Ready to hop on a Hei Hei? Find your next bike here!

Get a Grip!

Bike Magazine recently touted the Key Grip in their “Fresh Produce” section on their website saying, “The new Key Grips come in a myriad of colors to match your bike… and the rubber compound is slightly tacky, but not uncomfortably reminiscent of a dive-bar floor.” We think that’s a pretty good mix of grip and hygiene, and are really happy with the compound. Check out the complete blurb here, and be sure to pick up your favorite set of Key Grips from our webstore!


Bike Magazine reviews the Supreme Operator “It’s a bike that you could be confident rallying all season”

“It’s a bike that you could be confident rallying all season without giving it too much thought or concern.”

Bike Magazine’s resident downhiller Anthony Smith spent all summer aboard our 27.5 Operator platform, his review has just gone live online at Anthony praises the bike for its simplicity and states that “It’s an easy bike to throw a leg over and feel at home on right away whether you’re a seasoned racer or wild park rat.”

You can check out the review on here. For 2018 the Operator’s have switched to a trunion mounted shock out back,  you can check out the newly updated bikes here.

Bike Magazine (Heart) the Steel Honzo “I often found myself going fast into rock gardens only to remember at the last second that I was on a hardtail.”

“Defiant of its weight, the frame’s stiff rear end makes it feel sportier than most chromoly hardtails, and more precise, too.”

Jonathan Weber at Bike Magazine built up one of our seminal steel Honzo’s a few months back, has candid review dropped in Bike Magazine recently, to say he gets this bike is an understatement.

Hit the link here or the image below to read the full review.

Hei Hei Trail Included in The Best of the 2017 Bike Magazine Bible List

Bike Magazine has just posted up their editors picks that form The Best of the 2017 Bike Magazine Bible story and our newest full carbon 140mm trail bike, the Hei Hei Trail made the cut. Picked by legendary MTB journalist and longtime Bike magazine contributor Mike Ferrentino, the Hei Hei Trail surprised Mike in a very good way. In fact he loved it so much he absconded from the Bike Magazine Bible Test Sessions with the bike, we haven’t heard from him since and he’s not answering his emails!

Every year at this shindig, I end up having to re-evaluate my biases. This year, as with the previous two, I ended up liking something that was totally not what I expected to like. The crow-pie this year came in the form of the Kona Hei Hei Trail DL. It’s a light, snappy, very sweet-handling bike that scoots uphill with more alacrity than the stated travel would lead one to expect. Normally, I look at rear suspension that utilizes a flexstay to simplify the rear triangle and allow the linkage to still do its stuff as something best avoided. They usually tend to be less comfortable across a broad range of impacts than more sophisticated suspension. In this case, that may be true to an extent, but I didn’t care. Muttering something about short femurs, steep seat angles and Strava times, I loaded the bike into the back of my van at the end of Bible camp and headed west. – Mike Ferrentino

You can check out the full story here  and Mike’s original review from the Bible here. Below you’ll find a few photos of Mike at our launch last year on his very first ride on the Hei Hei Trail in Squamish, BC.





Connor Fearon on the Cover of Bike Magazine

Coming out of our 27.5 Operator test sessions at Retallack Lodge, Blake Jorgensen‘s photo of Kona Gravity rider Connor Fearon has been selected as the cover shot for the December 2016 issue of Bike Magazine.

Head to the Cog post to check out the whole photo set and watch the video from Retallack again, and head to Bike Mag to for a preview and to buy your copy of the December 2016 issue.


Bike Magazine on the Kona Hei Hei DL: “Astonishingly Fun.”

Another review of the Hei Hei DL and yet another affirmation that its progressive geometry and balanced pedaling platform is exceeding riders’ expectations. Bike Mag‘s Ryan Palmer tends to favor a 29er that shreds over one more focused on going uphill, but the Hei Hei DL solidly ticked both of those boxes for him.

“In a sport in which a new niche develops every 30 seconds, it comes as no surprise to see a new one emerging out of the cross-country bike category. This still-unnamed sub group is basically an XC platform with a pinch of all-natural trail flavoring. What also comes as no surprise is that Kona, of all brands, would be among the first few to help form this particular niche.”

Read the full review online or in high res PDF and head to Bike Mag to see their subscription options.


You can also view Bike Magazine’s first look at the Hei Hei DL in the video below:

Bike Magazine Reacts to Our New Operator and Hei Hei Trail from Retallack – “Showing off these two very different bikes back-to-back was genius”

Bike Magazine’s Anthony Smith joined us for our Operator and Hei Hei Trail launch at Retallack Lodge last month. While he was at first curious about our choice to launch a bike with the Hei Hei name at a place known for its technical terrain, his tune changed quickly once he got on the bike.

Head over to Bike Mag to read Anthony’s thoughts on the new bikes.

“Kona’s plan – intentional or not – of showing off these two very different bikes back-to-back was genius. After getting up to speed on the big bike, my misconceptions of what the little bike was capable of were left completely smashed.”



Bike Magazine Review 2016 Process 134 Supreme “If ever I have ridden a bike that felt like an extension of myself, this is the one.”

We love Bike Mag. And this month we love them more than usual as they have posted up this comprehensive 2016 Process 134 Supreme review. You can check out the review here (or by clicking on the image below). You can also pick up a digital copy of Bike right here and head to the work … boardroom (we know you read magazines on the throne).


Bike Magazine hearts The Kona Process. Again!

Wow. The folks over at Bike Magazine just can’t seem to get enough of our Process range of bikes. Vernon Felton, Bike’s web-editor and one of the main reviewers has just posted up his pick of products and tech developments that made 2015 and sitting right at the top of that list, the Process 153. Thanks Bike, we think the Process rocks too! Check below for Vernon’s words of wisdom or head to for the full post.

Kona Process 153

It’s not made of carbon. It’s not the lightest bike in its class. It doesn’t even have a particularly “rad” name. I couldn’t care less. Kona just killed it with this one. Hate me all you want for calling a $3,500 bike “affordable”, but when it comes to bikes that can truly perform at the highest levels for a couple seasons without some kind of thousand-dollar upgrade, well the pickings are mighty slim these days. The Process 153, however, ticks off all the boxes: quality frame, stellar geometry, great suspension, an excellenct dropper post, decent wheels and brakes and, here’s the kicker, the Process 153 is ridiculously fun to ride. Other companies have done the long top-tube, short chainstay formula in the past–plenty of companies, in fact–but Kona hit that geometry formula out of the park. You could spend more and get a lighter version, but the Process 153 motors up hills reasonably well and takes no prisoners on the way done.