Hei Hei Trail

Bike Mag Bible Video Review of the 2017 Kona Hei Hei Trail DL – “One of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden…”

Bike Mag has just published their 2017 Bible of Bike Tests review of our 140mm, 27.5″ wheel Hei Hei Trail DL, including the always-informative three-way debate. Both Mike Ferrentino and Brice Minnigh were taken with the Hei Hei Trail’s capabilities, to the point that Mike doesn’t want to give us the bike back.

“Testers spent their time arguing over who would get to ride it next. For backcountry fiends or for trail riders looking for snap and acceleration first and foremost, this is your bike.” – Bike Mag

“I’d buy it in a heartbeat – it’s one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden. Are you listening Kona? Gimme that bike.” – Mike Ferrentino

Scroll down for a few detail photos from the review, or click here to read the PDF.





“An Absolute Hoot” – NSMB.com on the 2017 Hei Hei Trail and 27.5 Operator

NSMB.com‘s Tim Coleman joined us for our 2017 Operator and Hei Hei Trail launch at Retallack in late September. Tim is an experienced downhill racer and as a result his reviews often look for the traits that make a bike suitable for timed runs. He’s also extremely detail-oriented, as you can tell by the quotes below:

“The Hei Hei Trail has less travel and is not as aggressive as the bikes I normally ride. I’m always on the hunt for more travel, a longer wheelbase, and coil sprung everything. In many ways, the Hei Hei Trail is the antithesis of the bikes I gravitate towards. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the rowdy Retallack trails on a pinner trail bike. I was very wrong.”


“The new Operator DL 27.5 is living proof that you don’t need the fanciest bike on the planet to have an absolute giggle on the trail. The Operator begged to be smashed in to corners, do power wheelies out, and generally cavort around the mountain with a stupid grin plastered all over your face.

While I personally would like a longer bike, with longer chain stays, I think the geometry choice Kona has made is smart. It might not be 17 feet long, or optimised for the nastiest World Cup DH tracks, but how many of us can truly ride bikes that long? For the vast majority of us that just want to do skids in the bike park with our mates, the Operator is an absolute hoot.”


Head over to NSMB.com to read Tim’s thoughts on the 2017 Operator and on the 2017 Hei Hei Trail.

Bike Magazine Reacts to Our New Operator and Hei Hei Trail from Retallack – “Showing off these two very different bikes back-to-back was genius”

Bike Magazine’s Anthony Smith joined us for our Operator and Hei Hei Trail launch at Retallack Lodge last month. While he was at first curious about our choice to launch a bike with the Hei Hei name at a place known for its technical terrain, his tune changed quickly once he got on the bike.

Head over to Bike Mag to read Anthony’s thoughts on the new bikes.

“Kona’s plan – intentional or not – of showing off these two very different bikes back-to-back was genius. After getting up to speed on the big bike, my misconceptions of what the little bike was capable of were left completely smashed.”



Bike Radar Hits the Highlights from Kona’s 2017 European Launch – “Kona goes after the trail market in a big way.”

Bike Radar joined us at our 2017 European product launch in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis, Austria. The British media outlet is familiar with our history, but they were most keen on our Honzo line and the new Hei Hei series. Head over to Bike Radar to read their thoughts on the 2017 line.

“Kona is one of the most iconic mountain bike brands in the world, with its history stretching back decades. Over the years it has created legendary bikes, such as the Stinky DH bikes, and while Kona still has a strong gravity line-up, it’s also pretty handy when it comes to trail and XC bikes.”