DCCX: Racing in the Nationals Capitol

Kerry: My wife, father in law, and the doggies headed north for the nations capitol on Thursday evening. We split up the drive with the RV and rolled into the venue to find Robert Marion and his big ol RV and trailer stuck in the parking area. We were appreciative that he went ahead and figured that out before we did. 

Being only eight miles from the national mall we hit a bike path and rolled into the capitol to be tourists. We checked out the National Monument, the Capitol building, and the Lincoln Memorial before heading back to the venue and calling it a night. 

Bill Shieken, one of the promoters of DCCX and founder of CXHairs, was gracious enough to host Becca. Emily and I decided to “camp” at the venue in the RV. RV life is far from roughing it, believe me. I wish I could stay in the RV all season. 

Day 1

Becca: I was pumped up after Charm City, finally breaking through a mental barrier I spent an entire year building up, brick by brick. I had never raced DCCX before, but this year I was excited to go to defend my lead in the PARKWAY CX TROPHY!!!!! The series was a 2 weekend 4 race series between Charm City and DCCX weekends based on cumulative time. Going into the weekend I was leading the series by 30 seconds or so ahead of Sunny Gilbert!

DCCX was a race weekend I was capable of winning, and the series was mine for taking. Finally, I was about to step up to Kerry Werner status. 

The course was flowy and pedally. There were roots and broken up pavement, but I wasn’t worried because I have learned to hop and float. The damp ground was watt-suckingly spongey, which made the straights slow and the corners rippable. A few of the corners were loose which just meant you had to stay alert and off your brakes. I had it all dialed. I even told Kerry I was feeling smooth – a good thing or a bad thing, who knows? 

Kerry: After some morning spins in Rock Creek Park we were all systems go. Now we just had to wait for the damn race to start. 3:15 for Becca and 4:15 for me.

Becca: Day 1 offered a prime for the 1st lap – the first rider across the line after lap 1 wins $250. At the gun Sunny Gilbert was ON IT, going after that prime and a 30 second lead over me. I Becca’d the start in a true Becca fashion, getting stuck behind a line of riders stuck behind a rider who could start but couldn’t turn. I am patient trying to pass, knowing my time would come. I catch Sunny at the line at the end of the 1st lap. 

She takes the prime but I take the lead – it wasn’t worth putting out an effort to burn a match when I had bigger things in mind. Like the big step of the 1st place podium spot. I take the lead and don’t look back. Sunny is chasing hard but I focus on my own race and my near 30-second lead until I get so confident I realize that I am about to win a bike race and I focus too hard. 

I know all I have to be is smooth, so I do the equivalent of waxing the day you need to show up in your bikini. You think you will be smooth but you will be red, blotchy, irritated, and just terrible. 

I stare into a loose corner and tell myself I will crash if I don’t let go of my brakes. So, I don’t let go of my brakes and I crash. I just slid out and hopped off, but I had to run up the next hill because of the gear I was in. Sunny closes the gap and I am caught. Each time I get a little lead I bobble again.

The next big bobble comes at the stairs as we approach the finish. I go to block her, thinking she is coming up on the inside and I hit a bump and end up riding my stem into the stairs. An impressive though not smooth dismount later keeps me in the running but I had unplugged a Di2 wire in the process. Shit. Shit shit shit. Which one was it? Can I shift? I find that I can. I think it was the front shifter but I didn’t need to shift that. No harm no foul. But I lost a split second just thinking of that. I was in the lead. I pass the pits and climb the hill to the finish straight. I know Sunny is back there. What do I do? I make THE mistake. I look back, sitting up a little wondering how to sprint. I should have kept pedaling. She closes the small gap and sits on my wheel. It is done. She comes around and outsprints me for the win. I overthought it at every turn. Making me crash. Making me bobble. Making me sit up. Making me not sprint to the level I know I can. 

I should have won that race. Sunny raced better than I did, was smoother, I know I know, but DAMMIT THAT RACE WAS MINE!!! 

Fear not, my friends. This was Saturday and there was a whole new race to be won on Sunday. And win it I shall. I was feeling fresh and optimistic on Sunday. The course was reversed with a few alterations. A few roots were tricky, but I was ready for them. 

Kerry: The temps were in the high 50º’s low 60º’s, perfect CX weather. There was some moisture on the ground and thus lots of traction, like hero dirt traction, almost too much traction. The slight uphills were a slog and a half!

As Becca mentioned the first lap show cased a $250 prime, Rapha money, so I was all set to go after that. I found my pedal straight away and got the whole shot.

I never looked back. Honestly, my biggest asset on that lap was hoping the barriers. I had everyone on the rivet before then but the soggy ground and slight climb after the barriers made hopping them and carrying momentum so efficient. 

I had a slight lead across the line and $250 more doll hairs in my pocket. So I kept pouring it on and they kept chasing. While I managed to increase my lead up to 25sec at max it would rollercoaster. I would have 15, then 10, then 20, then 10. So I had to stay on it and smooth. One slip up at the wrong time could have given those guys a carrot to chase. 

I was managing to ride the stairs, which wasn’t faster, due to the entry being a complete 180º uphill. But it was a crowd pleaser! So I kept the pace high that way I could afford a few extra seconds to ride stairs. 

The last lap I got a little nervous. On CX courses it’s really easy to judge how much time you are putting on someone, maintaining on someone, or losing on someone based on where you see them on an adjacent part of the course every lap. On the last lap Travis put an attack on Eric and started reeling me in. I had 30 seconds and then he was coming closer and closer. By the end of the lap it was only 10sec. 

With Saturdays win I was looking forward to some family time. My parents came into town for the race and Emily’s mom had an Airbnb near the venue that they were staying at. So my dad brought his pots and pans, sharp knives, and pa sourced foods to concoct a stew that warmed the bones after a chilly evening. 

We invited Eric and his crew over. Bruce came and jumped in the photo edit cave for a bit before joining in on the conversation. It was a good time. Then because it’s my dad’s birthday next week he baked himself a cake and we all ate it and sang happy birthday to him! 

Day 2

Becca: My start was better, Sunny’s wasn’t as good. Maybe it is because the prime was moved to lap 3, maybe she was feeling yesterday. Maybe everyone else’s was just better? She was in the lead but took an early slide-out that set her back. MUAHAHAHA VICTORY SHALL BE MINE! 

I was on the front from then on and didn’t look back. Arley was on my wheel up until that lap 3 prime, which I took then found myself with a good gap. I kept my head down and kept up a smooth and fast race. Everything was going flawlessly until the 2nd half of the 4th lap, and I flat. Rear wheel was completely flat, I must have hit a rough patch of pavement too hard, I know right where it happened. I was hopping roots through turns quite elegantly, but there was a section of abandoned pavement that was too long to hop and it was sort of a pick-your-way-gingerly type of thing. Well. I must have gone full Pumpkin Spice and hit the rear wheel. 

The announcers didn’t see the flat and said Sunny closed the gap. She caught me by the time I hit the pits. I rode that flat well, but I lost 16 seconds in that over quarter lap because of it. I pitted. Sunny got up to 20 seconds or so on me, and I saw my win go out the window, and I was just chasing the oblivion trying to keep the gap under 30 seconds for the win. Then, somehow, she was so close. SO CLOSE people were telling me three seconds. I WAS GOING TO WIN A BIKE RACE! I was so excited I hopped off my bike and threw it to the ground (I slid out in the loose downhill corner before the stairs. Same problem as the day before. Old habits die hard).

Okay, so the win was gone after that. But, I still had second and the series. Until I stood up and realized my boas on my left shoe were completely open, shoe was falling off and I had banged my rear derailleur and sent it into crash mode. I was stuck in my 11 tooth cog. I had to run up a slight hill because I couldn’t push the gear. I had to stop because my shoe was coming off. I bent over to tighten my boa and wouldn’t you know if I didn’t get passed. Crap. 3rd place. I realize I can still shift my front chainrings so I shift down into the little ring but I am still in my 11. Good thing I have been practicing for being overgeared my WHOLE FREAKING CAREER and was able to keep 3rd against a charging Arley. And. As soon as I cross the line. I hear it. I have kept the series win by 4 seconds. $1000 by 4 seconds. 

I am happy with the series win and reflecting back, it is awesome to keep hearing from all of the spectators what a show Sunny and I put on. So really, we did our jobs. I did my job. Sometimes a loss in a hard-fought battle is more noble than a win that is taken so easily (cough cough Kerry). The fitness is coming around. The confidence is high. The handling is every improving. The pieces are coming together. The podiums will continue, the wins will come, and the spectators will be forever impressed by the performances we women put on out there.

Kerry: The course was basically in reverse on day 2. The biggest change was the wind! It was howling all night. In fact, Kerm and I even took about five tents down at the venue so people would show up and find their $1000 10X10’s in a state of “pick up sticks”.

The course was even more hard packed than yesterday so I strapped on the files, pulled on my Hawaiian Jakroo warm-up pants, Timmermade puffy, and headed to the line. 

There was another Rapha prime, but on lap three. So after getting the holeshot I settled into the group. Eric Thompson, Travis Livermon, and I quickly established the front three and on lap two I sent an attack to secure that $$. I came across the line another $250 richer and also 15 seconds richer. So again I kept at it. 

Due to the wind, my gap continued to grow. Eric and Travis didn’t want to take up the pace making and waste energy out in the wind. They were too evenly matched. So I set a new goal, don’t get off the bike!

The approach on the stairs was much straighter and the stairs were actually not any slower to ride or run. Combining that with hopping the barriers and I was set to never let my feet touch the ground. Remember the game “the ground is lava” when you were a kid… Yeah.

With the crowd behind me I was having fun. I came across the line for the 3rd DCCX weekend sweep in a row and the Parkway CX trophy. Combine those wins with the Rapha primes and I was $2340 richer! That is better than sweeping a C1 weekend. Sorry I am not sorry you other suckers didn’t show up. Becca and I don’t mind. 

Stay tuned, the next weekends include Cinci, Pan Ams, NoHo, and Supercross.


Keeping it Real – Spencer Wins at Woodland

In the not-so-quiet corner of the world that is the Seattle cyclocross scene, the Woodland Park Grand Prix is regarded by many as the prestige cyclocross event. It’s the race to hit, and the party to be in. As such, 948 racers and many more fans made their way to the popular venue in the heart of town this past Sunday afternoon to experience a day at the races.  As the perennial finale to the MFG Cyclocross Series since 2008, Woodland Park buzzes with an extra level of energy, extra cowbell, extra Nutella on the waffles, and extra bubbles in the foam party. In the Elite Men’s division, this year saw the series overall title on the line with a tight battle between Kona team rider Spencer Paxson and curly-bar sensation Steve Fisher.  The “Woodland Park Bout” was fast and tight, but not so much that there wasn’t time for a little revelry on the SSCXWC-esque “Slip-n-Slide” bonus line mid-race. Spencer went on to win the day aboard his Super Jake. Read on for a few of the highlight moments. 

Dennis Crane

A little bit prestige cyclocross, a little bit SSCXWC shenanigans, the infamous Seattle Hodala Crew put on a serious party on the back end of the course with a Slip-n-Slide A-Line, where riders had the choice of vaulting over a pile of wood palettes and sliding down the hill through a wave of foam. “This is sort of a metaphor for my career as a cyclist”, said Spencer, speaking of the foam party line mid-race. “Fast and fun…we may look all serious in our coordinated spandex suits, but it doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to getting loose and having a good time in the process. Top racing moment right here.  Thanks, Hodala Crew!

Dennis Crane

What’s a race without a bit of fun hype before the race to highlight the tight duel between the two Bellingham riders Fisher and Paxson? The Series Overall was on the line going into the 6th and final round of the MFG Series, with Spencer trailing in second by a scant four points.  Fisher, a graduate of Kona’s prestigious Rad Racing Northwest program, is an accomplished North American professional road racer and ‘cross racer, known for a sharp sprint, serious power, and savvy tactics. He and Spencer had dueled all season, with “The Fish” taking several sprint finishes by a hair. As for Spencer, he says, “my edge is actually on the runs, or when it gets really gnarly and cold.” With mild conditions slated for Sunday, the stage was set for an exciting race.  With a tight points bracket, Spencer would have to win, with “The Fish” in 4th place or worse, in order to take the series.  While a win for Spencer was in the cards, a low finish for Fisher was unlikely. Regardless, it was gentlemanly, high-class, gloves off racing from the gun!

Dennis Crane

Grabbing the holeshot off the start line, Spencer sports the new pink-on-black-on-blue and the new Super Jake. Conditions were tacky and fast on Sunday. “With high speeds, the margin for getting out ahead is tighter, so the start was pretty hot,” noted Spencer.

Dennis Crane

A tight and exciting duel all day between Spencer and rival Steve Fisher, along with 2013 Masters World Champ and Seattle legend Russel Stevenson. Spencer would emerge victorious with a decisive last-lap attack on a steep run-up around 600-meters before the finish.

Dennis Crane

Tech notes from Spencer: “I’m running a 54cm Super Jake frame with a 90mm, -17deg stem and 44cm bars, 2×11 Shimano Ultegra Drivetrain, 172.5mm cranks and XTR 11-40 cassette in the back (40t limited out). For tires today I ran the WTB Riddler 37c at 24psi and 25psi front and rear, respectively. For reference, my system weight is approximately 170lbs/77kg (rider and bike combined). Conditions were fast and tacky with only a bit of need for some bite in the high-speed corners, which made this tread profile and supple tubeless feel a good option.”

Spencer took the win on the day, and Fisher would retain the series lead by a couple points.

With the traditional North American cyclocross season winding down in most parts of the US (for Europeans, it’s just getting rolling, and will go until February!), riders are either preparing to give the bikes a rest, or keep up with their local series, and maybe even thinking about plans for the next season already. In Washington, there is still a State Championship on the line, as well as other series to wrap up, including the Seattle Cyclocross Revolution and Northwest Cyclocross Cup, and Bellingham’s Cascade Cross Series which will go into December and January. The cyclocross scene, while already hot in the Northwest, is sure to heat up even more as the 2019 Cyclocross National Championships approach – taking place in Tacoma, Washington. When asked about future plans for a deeper pursuit of ‘cross, Spencer alludes to considering a “long game” for ‘Cross Nat’s, but for now, time for a beer.

Dennis Crane

Helen Wyman and the Kona Super Jake Find the Podium in Belgium

Helen Wyman is off to a strong start this season after a broken collarbone dashed her hopes of staying at the top of the European cyclocross pack last year. Riding the new Super Jake, Helen’s picked up her first podium back on European soil after the 2017-2018 World Cup season got started in the US.

Scroll down for Helen’s report from Neerpelt and Gieten, and her quick 1-minute CX Diaries videos from those races.

“A big weekend of racing to get the body back into the European season, I took on two events in Belgium and Holland.  Neerpelt UCI C2, and the first round of the Superprestige series.  I’m happy with the performance and results and it’s always really nice to be on the podium.  Next weekend is another two-race weekend with both events in Belgium this time as we return to the DVV series.”  – Helen Wyman

Wir stellen vor: das nagelneue Kona Jake

Vielseitige, rennerprobte Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross, Pendeln, Abenteuer auf Feldwegen – das Jake ist eines der vielseitigsten Bikes der Kona Modellpalette. Das Jake hat hier bei Kona bereits eine lange Geschichte – zwanzig Jahre, um genau zu sein. Es begann zwar als renntauglicher Cyclocrosser, wurde von seinen Nutzern jedoch schon bald als exzellenter Allrounder betrachtet.

Von Grund auf überarbeitet

In diesem Jahr wurde das Jake von Grund auf überarbeitet mit neuen Carbon- und Aluminiumrahmen, einer Vollcarbongabel, Shimano E-Thru Steckachsen und hydraulischen Scheibenbremsen mit Flat-Mount-Aufnahmen an allen drei Modellen der Produktlinie.

Kona Product Manager Joe Brown über die brandneue Kona Jake Serie

Drei neue Jake Modelle

Entstanden aus den Schlammfurchen und Sandgruben des Cyclocross-Weltcups, erobert die Jake Serie mit ihrem brandneuen Carbonrahmenset ganz neues Territorium. Seit zwei Jahrzehnten wissen Querfeldein-Fahrer, dass das Jake kein Durchschnittsbike ist, denn es bietet die unverkennbaren Kona Fahreigenschaften. Das diesjährige Jake ist insgesamt leichter, an den entscheidenden Stellen steifer und hat doch das Fahrverhalten beibehalten, das es zu dem Weltklasse-Crossbike gemacht hat, das auf Schotterpisten ebenso zuhause ist wie beim Grundlagentraining.

Super Jake

Mit diesem Bike musst du direkt zum Rennen. Ein nagelneues Vollcarbon-Rahmenset mit Flat-Mount-Aufnahmen, Steckachsen vorne und hinten sowie Schutzblechaufnahmen bilden den Grundstein der diesjährigen Jake Serie und das Super Jake ist die Crème de la Crème mit SRAM Force 1-fach Antrieb, hydraulischen Scheibenbremsen und Clement Tubeless-ready-Laufrädern und -Reifen. Es spielt keine Rolle, ob du beim Cross-Rennen aufs Podium willst oder das Ganztages-Abenteuer auf Schotter suchst: Mit dem Super Jake schaffst du beides.

Super Jake Ausstattung

  • Rahmenmaterial: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Laufräder: Clement Ushuaia Laufradsatz, Tubeless-ready
  • Gabel: Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100×12 mm
  • Kurbelsatz: SRAM Force 1 X-Sync
  • Schaltung: SRAM Force 1×11-fach
  • Cockpit: Kona Road Light Lenker, Kona Road Deluxe Vorbau und Kona Cork Lenkerband
  • Bremsen: SRAM Force 1 HRD
  • Reifen: Clement MXP Tubeless-ready 700x33c
  • Sattel: WTB SL8 Pro

Major Jake

Unser brandneues CX Carbonrahmenset mit Flat-Mount- und Steckachsaufnahmen vorn und hinten ist die Weiterentwicklung der Jake Serie und vereint unsere ganze Erfahrung aus den Schlammfurchen und Sandgruben des Cyclocross-Weltcups. Hinzu kommen eine Shimano 105 2×11 Schaltgruppe mit hydraulischen Bremsen ebenso wie WTB Felgen und Clement Reifen. Major Jake. Erst fährst du damit Rennen und dann das ganze Jahr.

Major Jake Ausstattung

  • Rahmenmaterial: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Laufräder: WTB i19 Asym
  • Gabel: Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100×12 mm
  • Kurbelsatz: Shimano RS500
  • Schaltung: Shimano 105 11-fach
  • Cockpit: Kona Road Light Lenker, Kona Road Deluxe Vorbau und Kona Cork Lenkerband
  • Bremsen: Shimano 105 Flat-Mount Hydraulikbremsen
  • Reifen: Clement MXP Tubeless-ready 700x33c
  • Sattel: WTB SL8 Pro

Jake the Snake

Das Jake the Snake war lange Zeit unser Arbeitspferd: sonntags Rennen – montags Pendeln. Dieses Jahr bekommt das Jake ein brandneues Rahmenset mit Flat-Mount- und Steckachsaufnahmen sowie eine interne Zugverlegung. Das alles modernisiert Konas renntaugliches Allterrain-Bike, während Gepäckträger- und Schutzblechaufnahmen die Alltagstauglichkeit aufrechterhalten, für die das Jake so bekannt ist.

Jake the Snake Ausstattung

  • Rahmenmaterial: Kona Race Light 6061 Aluminium, konifiziert
  • Laufräder: WTB STP i19
  • Gabel: Kona Carbon Cross
  • Kurbelsatz: Shimano
  • Schaltung: Shimano Tiagra 10-fach
  • Cockpit: Kona Road Lenker und Vorbau, Kona Cork Lenkerband
  • Bremsen: Shimano Flat-Mount Hydraulikbremsen
  • Reifen: Clement MXP 700x33c
  • Sattel: WTB Volt Sport

„Cross/Roads“ mit Kerry Werner

Kona Pro-Cyclocross-Fahrer Kerry Werner weiß, dass das „Cross“ immer kommt. Seine alltäglichen Trainingsfahrten sieht er als Chance, an die Spitze zu kommen. Schau dir das Video unten und alle Fotos vom Cross/Roads Shooting hier an.

Kerry Werner zeigt die Vielseitigkeit des neuen Major Jake in Cross/Roads.

Alle Details der neuen Jakes findest du auf Konaworld.com und die technischen Details auf der Neuheitenseite.

Kerry Werner’s World Cup Waterloo Sizzler

After Jingle Cross Doug and I were graciously invited to spend Monday-Wednesday in Chicago, hanging at the Tenspeed Hero Studio. Luke, of Tenspeed Hero showed us a rad time. We ate a good deal of great food (including the meat sweats at Publican, highly recommend the charcuterie) and saw a lot of the sights!

I also kicked off my modeling career and I am currently accepting agent applications…


We left the Chicago skyline in the review and headed to the Trek HQ in Waterloo, WI on Thursday. After setting up at the venue I got a quickie sunset spin in followed by dinner at the host house.

Friday was a C2 at 3:30pm, undeniably the hottest part of the day. I had an unfavorable start and pitted halfway through the first lap. The course was so hard and bumpy my chain was bouncing everywhere, which coupled with the sprinting caused my front derailleur to twist.

I was further back than I wanted to be at this point and thus put some efforts in to bet me back up to a group fighting for 8th. This, however, was a mistake.

The explosive efforts in the heat took the same toll on me as previous experiences at altitude had. I was in the red early and quickly found myself going backwards with nothing much I could do but soft pedal. The heat, which was already causing elevated heart rate, should have cued me to change my racing style towards more conservative and consistency. However, I was peeved with my start and didn’t want to miss the early gaps so I made it happen all at once, which pushed me over the edge. I found that out about 3 laps in.

I was chuffed, new word I learned from Helen and the Brits which means frustrated, to DNF on my own accord. Though, after I started going backwards I immediately shifted focus to Sunday afternoon making more sense to save it for the world cup rather than finish for pride’s sake.

Doug and I headed home to a dinner of burgers and roasted veggies, provided by our hosts, can’t thank Peter and Connie enough. I even managed to beat Doug in pool though he put many more W’s on his record. So the day wasn’t a complete disappointment.

Saturday I got out on the World Cup course, which was much better than Friday’s C2 setup. A few more off camber sections, a mandatory run up, and some tricky nose wheelie turny bits!

I tried to minimize time outside so after riding we planned a big multi team movie night. Kingsman 2 came out so we invited a bunch of people and went to a swank movie theater with plush leather recliner seats, push button food/drink service, and air conditioning, for only $11!

Sunday I was feeling good and ready to rock. We took a lot of icy precautions, stuffed many panty hose with ice to put inside the skin suit for warm up and race time. Lots of ice cold water for pouring everywhere. Sitting in the start grid it looked like we were at a water park! Everyone doing their best to stay cool in the sweltering sun, hiding under umbrellas and passing around cold water to pour on ourselves.

I managed to sneak past a crash at the start and found myself come through the first lap in the mid 20’s. I worked my way up slowly and eventually was in 18, rallying with Stephen Hyde and creeping up on Tobin, Americans uniting for Euro domination.

However, about half way through I lost some traction on a corner that lead into the pit entrance. I corrected and didn’t unclip but this put my trajectory wider on the exit and I hooked the pit entrance pole with my bars. I should have ran backwards on course to enter the pit and get a new bike, my bars were “turnt!”. However, something about racing and always going forward caused the though to never cross my mind. I did a half a lap with my bars pointed at 2 o’clock until I got a new bike.

I would like to take this time to apologize to Stephen. He was on my wheel during this slip up and crashed as well. He managed to claw back into the group and even finished at the front of it. If only I would have pitted…

I lost some spots doing this and found myself in the midst of shattered souls and those determined to keep on fighting. Fragmented groups of 2 or so hanging on by the skin of their teeth rather than the big group of 5 or 6 I was in, which was focused on top 20 placing.

I held it together mentally and didn’t continue to go backwards. So I finished 26th. Not too shabby but I was confident I could have finished better, which nagged the back of my mind.

The last two World Cup weekends were awesome. It’s always great to have the world’s best come over and put on a clinic. I am also happy with where my fitness and psyche is coming out of it. Really looking forward to next weekend in Thompson, CT at the KMC Cross Fest where temps are expected to be high’s in the high 60’s! About time, still no rain though. But it is a start.

As always big thanks to Dougems for keeping things running

CX Diaries: Kona Pro Helen Wyman to Produce Short Video Series All Season Long

Words by Helen Wyman.

CX Diaries are my way of bringing you closer to the action as I take on the 2017/18 season. Cyclocross is one of the most accessible forms of cycle sport, but you can’t always be events, so I want you to be able to see the true ups and downs of racing through a professional season in USA and Europe.

This season I’ll be taking on the world’s best riders in the UCI World Cup series as well as key events throughout Europe. Aiming to return to the top 10 of the ranking, my video diaries will be an honest account of my race season and I through them I will give you race updates, technical features and an insight into the life of a pro racer.

After a low-key kick off in Eeklo, Belgium, the season gets serious quickly with back-to-back World Cups in the USA. My race in Eeklo was curtailed with a corner 3 crash. That’s racing, but it was a frustrating start and meant a solo ride for me from nearly 2 minutes down. I rode back into the top 20, before packing the equipment up and taking off for the USA only a few hours later.

The USA campaign kicked off with a UCI C1 event in Iowa City, where I finished 4th, and recorded the first CX Diary, quickly followed up by the second:

Riding the newly released Super Jake, I’m looking to gain progressive results throughout the season, as I put the 2016-17 season of crashes and injuries behind me. I’ll be based in Oudenaarde, Belgium, during the main part of the season, with the European World Cups taking me to Denmark, Germany, Holland, France and of course the CX heartland of Belgium. Czech Republic is the venue for the European Championships, in early November as we build towards the World Championships in January.

Keep up with the CX Diaries series on Helen’s Vimeo page.

CX Magazine Rides the All New Kona Jake: “A worthy successor in the company’s long history of cyclocross bikes…”

Andrew Yee from Cyclocross Magazine joined us for our drop bar launch in Squamish last month. With the all new Jake series out in the wild, we’re happy to share Andrew’s in-depth look at our completely revamped cyclocross platform.

“Kona has kept the Jake line simple: an elegant, race-worthy three-bike line-up that is a worthy successor in the company’s long history of cyclocross bikes.”

There’s a ton of information in this article: geometry considerations and comparisons, spec talk and ride impressions, and a huge gallery with images of all three Jake models. Head on over to CX Magazine to check it out!

Journalists and the Kona Endurance Team gather to ride new 2018 cyclocross bikes. 2018 Kona Jake cyclocross bikes. © Cyclocross Magazine


Nous vous présentons le tout nouveau Kona Jake

Des vélos de cyclo-cross polyvalents et prêts pour la course

Compétition de cyclo-cross, vélotaf, bikepacking, le Jake est l’un des vélos les plus versatiles de la gamme Kona depuis son introduction au catalogue il y a 20 ans. Tout a commencé avec un vélo dédié à la compétition en cyclo-cross mais qui est rapidement devenu pour un véritable vélo à tout faire.

Une refonte en profondeur

Cette année le Jake a été complètement redessiné avec de nouveaux cadres en carbone et en aluminium, une fourche en carbone, des axes Shimano “thru-axles” et des freins à disques hydrauliques “Flat Mount” sur toute la gamme.

Joe Brown, chef de produit Kona à propos de la nouvelle gamme Kona Jake

Trois nouveaux modèles

Née dans les ornières boueuses et les tranchées sablonneuses de la Coupe du monde cyclo-cross, la série Jake de cette année redistribue les cartes avec un tout nouvel ensemble cadre / fourche en carbone. Cela fait deux décennies que les coureurs apprécient le Kona Jake et qu’ils savent que ce n’est pas n’importe quel vélo de cyclo-cross. Pour 2018, le Jake est plus léger, plus rigide et conserve l’essence de ce qui en a fait un vélo de classe mondiale, apprécié par tous ceux qui l’ont roulé.

Super Jake

Le Super Jake est fait pour la course. Un tout nouveau cadre et une fourche en carbone avec fixation d’étriers de frein Flat Mount, axes Shimano thru-axles avant et arrière et fixations pour garde-boue. Voilà les éléments communs à la famille Jake de cette année. Le Super Jake est au sommet de la gamme, équipé d’une transmission SRAM Force 1x, de freins à disque hydrauliques, de roues et pneus Clement tubeless-ready. Que vous visiez la première marche du podium ou que vous rouliez simplement pour le plaisir, le Super Jake sera votre allié.

Spécifications Super Jake :

  • Cadre : Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Roues : Clement Ushuaia Wheelset Tubeless Ready
  • Fourche : Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100x12mm
  • Pédalier : SRAM Force 1 X-Sync
  • Transmission : SRAM Force 1 11spd
  • Poste de pilotage : Kona Road Light bar, Kona Road Deluxe stem and Kona Cork Tape
  • Freins : SRAM Force 1 HRD
  • Pneus : Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Selle : WTB SL8 Pro


Major Jake

Notre tout nouveau cadre et fourche avec fixation de freins à disques Flat Mount et axes Shimano thru-axles à l’avant et à l’arrière est l’évolution du Jake, né dans les ornières boueuses et les tranchées sablonneuses de la Coupe du Monde de cyclo-cross. Un groupe Shimano 105 2×11, des freins hydrauliques et une paire de jantes WTB montées avec des pneus Clement tubeless-ready. Major Jake : taillé pour la course, parfait pour tous les jours.

tubeless-ready. Major Jake : taillé pour la course, parfait pour tous les jours.

Spécifications Major Jake :

  • Cadre : Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Roues : WTB i19 Asym
  • Fourche : Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100x12mm
  • Pédalier : Shimano RS500
  • Transmission : Shimano 105 11spd
  • Poste de pilotage : Kona Road Light bar, Kona Road Deluxe stem and Kona Cork Tape
  • Freins : Shimano 105 hydraulic flat mount
  • Pneus : Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Selle : WTB SL8 Pro


Jake the Snake

Le Jake The Snake a longtemps été le vélo de cyclo-cross à tout faire : course le dimanche et vélotaf le lundi. Cette année le Jake reçoit un tout nouveau cadre aluminium avec passage des câbles en interne, une nouvelle fourche carbone et les axes avant et arrière thru-axles. Une touche de modernité pour un vélo intemporel, alors que les fixations pour garde-boue et porte-bagages sont toujours présents, conférant au Jake sa polyvalence légendaire.

Spécifications Jake the Snake :

  • Cadre : Kona Race Light 6061 Aluminum Butted
  • Roues : WTB STP i19
  • Fourche : Kona Carbon Cross
  • Pédalier : Shimano
  • Transmission : Shimano Tiagra 10spd
  • Poste de pilotage : Kona Road bar and stem, Kona Cork Tape
  • Freins : Shimano Hydraulic flat mount
  • Pneus : Clement MXP 700x33c
  • Selle : WTB Volt Sport


Cross/Roads with Kerry Werner

Le coureur pro Kona Kerry Werner est un athlète insatiable, il voit chaque entraînement comme une occasion de se dépasser. Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous et découvrez l’album photo du tournage en cliquant ici.

Kerry Werner met en lumière la polyvalence du nouveau Major Jake dans Cross/Roads.

Rendez-vous sur Konaworld.com, pour connaitre tous les détails des nouveaux Jake et sur cette page pour les caractéristiques techniques.

Le nuove Kona Jake

Biciclette da ciclocross, versatili e nate per correre

Per correre tra i sentieri, per gli spostamenti urbani, per le avventure a contatto con la natura. La Jake è una delle biciclette più versatili di tutta la produzione Kona. La Jake ha un lunghissimo pedigree qui in Kona – venti anni per l’esattezza. Nacque come una ciclocross da competizione ma fu subito identificata, da quelli che la utilizzarono, come una eccellente bici tuttofare.

Ground-Up Redesign

Le Jake di quest’anno sono state completamente riprogettate da cima a fondo, con nuovi telai sia in carbonio che in alluminio, una forcella in carbonio, perni passanti Shimano e freni a disco idraulici flat mount su tutti e tre i modelli di quest’anno.

Il Product Manager di Kona Joe Brown ci descrive la nuova serie Jake

Tre nuovi modelli di Jake

Nata dalle trincee fangose e i fossi di sabbia della coppa del mondo di ciclocross, la serie Jake di quest’anno esplora nuovi territori con un telaio e una forcella in carbonio tutti nuovi. Per venti anni gli agonisti hanno riconosciuto che la Jake non è una bici CX qualunque, con l’inconfondibile feeling Kona scolpito dentro. Quest’anno la Jake è più leggera, più rigida nei punti giusti, e mantiene ancora quella sensazione che l’ha resa una bici di classe mondiale che si sente a casa su interminabili strade bianche o macinando chilometri.

Super Jake

Una bici da portare direttamente sui terreni di gara. Un telaio e una forcella full carbon completamente rinnovati,  freni a disco flat mount, perno passante anteriore e posteriore e predisposizione per il montaggio dei parafanghi sono la base su cui sono state pensate le Jake di quest’anno. E la Super Jake è la punta di diamante con il suo gruppo SRAM Force 1x, freni idraulici, ruote e pneumatici tubless-ready Clement. Se la tua meta è il podio della prossima ciclocoss o la 24-ore su terreni sterrati, la Super Jake ti ci porterà.

Specifiche della Super Jake

  • Materiale del telaio: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Ruote: Clement Ushuaia Wheelset Tubeless Ready
  • Forcella: Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100x12mm
  • Guarnitura: SRAM Force 1 X-Sync
  • Cambio: SRAM Force 1 11spd
  • Manubrio: Kona Road Light bar, attacco manubrio Kona Road Deluxe e Nastro manubrio Kona Cork
  • Freni: SRAM Force 1 HRD
  • Pneumatici: Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Sella: WTB SL8 Pro

Major Jake

Il nostro nuovo telaio ciclocross in carbonio, con freni a disco flat mount e perni passanti anteriori e posteriori è l’evoluzione della tradizione Jake nei fossi fangosi e nelle buche di sabbia della CX World Cup. Il gruppo Shimano 105 2×11 con freni idraulici ed I cerchi WTB tubless ready con copertoni Clement completano il tutto. Major Jake. Portala a correre e pedalala tutto l’anno.

Specifiche della Major Jake

  • Materiale del telaio: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Ruote: WTB i19 Asym
  • Forcella: Kona Full Carbon Flat Mount CX Race Disc 100x12mm
  • Guarnitura: Shimano RS500
  • Cambio: Shimano 105 11spd
  • Manubrio: Kona Road Light bar, Kona Road Deluxe stem e Kona Cork Tape
  • Freni: Shimano 105 idraulici flat mount
  • Pneumatici: Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Sella: WTB SL8 Pro

Jake the Snake

La Jake the Snake è stata per anni la nostra ciclocross tuttofare, alle corse la domenica e per gli spostamenti quotidiani per il resto della settimana. Quest’anno la Jake ha telaio e forcella nuovi di zecca e freni a disco flat mount, perni passanti avanti e dietro, passaggio cavi interno. Questo conferisce un tocco di innovazione alla nostra Kona pronta a correre su tutte le superfici. Le predisposizioni per il portapacchi e per i parafanghi ne assicurano la versatilità per l’utilizzo quotidiano per il quale la Jake è famosa.

Specifiche della Jake the Snake

  • Materiale del telaio: Kona Race Light 6061 Aluminum Butted
  • Ruote: WTB STP i19
  • Forcella: Kona Carbon Cross
  • Guarnitura: Shimano
  • Cambio: Shimano Tiagra 10spd
  • Manubrio: Kona Road bar e stem, Kona Cork Tape
  • Freni: Shimano Hydraulic flat mount
  • Pneumatici: Clement MXP 700x33c
  • Sella: WTB Volt Sport

Lungo i sentieri del Ciclocross con Kerry Werner

Kerry Werner, professionista del ciclocross della scuderia Kona, sa che il ‘cross è sempre dietro l’angolo. Lui considera i suoi allenamenti quotidiani come una occasione di divertimento. Guarda il video, e goditi il servizio fotografico completo

Per tutti I dettagli sulle nuove Jakes, visita il sito Konaworld.com, e cerca I dettagli tecnici alla pagina Innovation page.


Presentamos la Nueva Kona Jake

Una CX Purasangre Versátil

Carreras de CX, aventuras en el monte, la Jake es una de las bicis más versátiles de la colección Kona. La Jake tiene un extenso prontuario aquí con nosotros, son 20 años para ser más exacto. Comenzó como una purasagre de carreras, pero fue rápidamente reconocida por los que la montaron, como una bici excelente bici multipropósito.

Rediseño desde Cero

Este año hemos rediseñado desde cero la gama Jake, con cuadros nuevos cuadros tanto en carbon como aluminio, y una horquilla totalmente nueva y totalmente en carbon, ejes pasantes Shimano E-Thru, y frenos hidráulicos flat mount en toda la línea.

Joe Brown, Product Manager de Kona, habla acerca la nueva Kona Jake

Tres Nuevos modelos Jake

Nacidas en las zanjas de barro y pozos de arena de la Copa del Mundo de ciclocross, las Jake de este año se abren paso con un cuadro y horquilla de carbono completamente nuevo. Por dos décadas los corredores han sabido que la Jake, con su inconfundible andar Kona, no es una bici de CX promedio. Este año la Jake se aligera por todos los frentes, se rigidiza donde tiene que ser más rígida, y sigue teniendo ese andar que la ha hecho una CXera de calibre mundial, igualmente a gusto machacando ripio como lo es agregando kilómetros a la bitácora de entrenamiento.


Super Jake

Esta es para llevarla directo a las carreras. Un cuadro y horquilla completamente nuevo, con anclajes para disco flat mount, ejes pasantes atrás y adelante, y ojales para guardafangos, eso es la fundación para la gama Jake de este año. La Super Jake es la guinda de la torta con una transmisión SRAM Force 1x y frenos de disco hidráulicos. Además trae ruedas y neumáticos tubeless ready Clement. Si tu mira está apuntando hacia el podio, o hacia un día completo en caminos agrestes, la Super Jake te hará dar en el blanco.

  • Material del Cuadro: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Ruedas: Clement Ushuaia tubeless ready
  • Horquilla Kona CX Race full carbon flat mount disc
  • Volante: SRAM Force 1 X-Sync
  • Transmisión: SRAM Force 1x11v
  • Controles: Manillar Kona Road Light, potencia Kona Road Deluxe, cinta Kona Cork
  • Frenos: SRAM Force 1 HRD
  • Neumáticos Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Sillín: WTB SL8 Pro


Major Jake

Nuestro nuevo cuadro y horquilla de carbono con anclajes para disco flat mount y ejes pasantes en ambos costados es la evolución de la gama Jake y su enorme pedigrí en las zanjas de barro y pozos de arena en la Copa del Mundo de CX. Un grupo Shimano 105 2x11v con frenos hidráulicos se une a un juego de ruedas tubeless ready WTB y neumáticos Clément. La Major Jake, llévala a correr, y usala todo el año.

  • Material del Cuadro: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Ruedas: WTB i19 Asym TCS
  • Horquilla Kona CX Race full carbon flat mount disc
  • Volante: Shimano RS500
  • Transmisión Shimano 105 2×11
  • Controles: Manillar Kona Road Light, potencia Kona Road Deluxe, cinta Kona Cork
  • Frenos: Shimano 105 Hidráulicos Flat Mount
  • Neumáticos: Clement MXP Tubeless Ready 700x33c
  • Sillín WTB SL8 Pro


Jake the Snake


La Jake the Snake lleva tiempo como nuestro caballito de batalla en el CX, cumpliendo con correrl el domingo y llevarte al trabajo el lunes. Este año la Jake llega con cuadro y horquilla completamente nuevo con ejes pasantes adelante y atrás, anclajes para caliper de freno flat mount y cableado interno, retoques modernos a esta Kona con potencial para carreras y salidas en todo tipo de condiciones. Los anclajes para guardafangos y portabultos le agregan la versatilidad para tareas cotidianas que han hecho tan famosa a la Jake

  • Material del Cuadro: Kona 6061 Butted Aluminum
  • Ruedas: WTB STP i19
  • Horquilla: Kona full carbon disc
  • Volante: Shimano
  • Transmisión: Shimano Tiagra 2x10v
  • Controles: Manillar Kona Road y cinta Kona Cork
  • Frenos: Shimano de disco hidráulicos Flat Mount
  • Neumáticos: Clement MXP 700x33c
  • Sillín: WTB Volt Sport



Cross/Roads con Kerry Werner

El corredor profesional de Ciclocross Kona, Kerry Werner nos muestra que el ´cross siempre es la alternativa. Él ve sus salidas a entrenar de cada día, como una

Kerry Werner muestra la versatilidad de la nueva Major Jake en Cross/Roads

Para ver todos los detalles de las nuevas Jake, anda a Konaworld.com y busca el video acerca de los detalles técnicos en la página de innovaciones.