Kona 2019

All 2019 Bikes are Now On KonaWorld.com

All 2019 bikes are officially on Konaworld.com! No matter the type of bike you’re looking for we’ve got you covered.

Big epic gravel adventure planned? Perhaps a Libre is the bike for you!

Ohhh that paint!

Looking for a new KOM or QOM on the local singletrack? Maybe a Hei Hei CR DL is juuuust what you need.

Hei Hei! That’s a pretty nice lookin’ ride!

Ready to put on your big kid pants and try those gnarlier trails? The line of Process bikes has proven their worth on technical terrain all over the world!

Looking for the perfect commuter? Dew we ever have a bike for you!

If you’ve never tried an electric bike, we can’t emphasize enough how much fun they are. Cargo, mountain, or urban – we’ve got it all!

Ditch the car with the Electric Ute

Dirt jumping? Check.

Riding your bike from coast to coast? One Rove, coming up!

Can’t decide if you like mountain biking or road biking more? There’s a Sutra LTD just waiting for you!

Ready to dominate your cyclocross races? We have this line of bikes called Jakes… they’ve been known to take their riders to the tops of the podiums…

What’s that? Your kids are little rippers and also looking for a bike? Have you seen what can be done on the Process 24 or any of our other kids’ bikes?

You’re kind of new to mountain biking and you’re just trying to dip your toes in the water before you go full-commit? Yep. We’ve got bikes for that too.

Only interested in chairlifts, shuttles, and big descents? We get you.

2018 Whister Crankworx

And, we know some of you are still big fans of steel. How could we ever forget? We have the Big Honzo ST, Honzo ST, Units, Steel Roves, Sutras and more! So much steel!

Don’t be shy! Jump into Konaworld.com. See what other riders are doing on the Kona Cog. Get inspired! Most of all, GO RIDE YOUR BIKES!


Say Hello to the 2019 Honzos!

The 2019 Honzos have arrived. It’s the hardtail that redefined hardtails.

Throw all of mountain biking’s buzzwords in a blender and you get Honzo: capable, lively, playful, nimble, badass- you get the point. It’s not untrue to say the Honzo started something big. It’s been a head-turner from day one because it’s been radically different since its inception. It’s the hardtail that redefined how we design all of our bikes and has become the gold standard for hardtails. It’s our desert island bike. With three different frame materials and builds for different budgets, there’s a Honzo for everyone.

Honzo CR




The Honzo CR is for the discerning customer who knows exactly what they want in a bike. Kona’s Carbon Trail frame is light and stiff and rides predictably. A 120mm RockShox RC Revelation Fork, SRAM Level T brakes, a KS Lev dropper, and Maxxis rubber create quite the compelling package in this super fun trail bike.



Honzo DL


The Honzo DL is the bike for people that are looking to get serious about their riding. It’s pure mountain bike geometry in a sweet hardtail package. Just enough suspension to keep things moving along on the trail, but nimble, fast and easy to throw around, the Honzo is a total dream for the person looking for something playful.




The Honzo is the bike that redefined Kona’s goal to push the limits and do something radically different. From biking to work to getting creative in the bike park the Honzo inspires serious fun. A 120mm RockShox Recon fork, SRAM NX 11 speed drivetrain, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes equal the perfect blend of fun and fast.


We previously announced our birthday bike which is our 2019 Honzo ST. But… just in case you missed it, here it is!

For all of the hot new 2019 bikes, be sure to check out Konaworld.com!

The 2019 Cinder Cone and Kahuna are here!

For 2019 the Kahuna and Cinder Cone are the perfect bikes for riders ready to hop onto a bike with a more aggressive spec. With the Cinder Cone running a 27.5″ wheel and the Kahuna sporting a 29″ wheel, there’s a perfect bike for everyone.

Cinder Cone

Point the Cinder Cone towards singletrack and get ready for a fun ride! With a SRAM 1x drivetrain, tubeless ready rims, a Rockshox air sprung fork, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes,and 27.5” wheels, the Cinder Cone is ready to roll over obstacles with ease.




You’re an informed buyer. You know exactly what you want in a bike, but you don’t want to break the bank. The Kahuna is your jam. Featuring a 1x SRAM NX drivetrain, Rockshox suspension, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and fast-rolling, tubeless-ready WTB 29” rims, this bike is the complete package.



Hey Kids! It’s Honzo Time!

New for 2019 we’re bringing the classic Honzo to the kids! We know how many parents love to rip around on their hardtails so we thought it’d be twice the fun to share the joy with your kiddos! Our Honzo 20″ and 24″ bikes feature air spring suspension forks, hydraulic disc brakes,  and Shimano 1x drivetrains making them the ultimate Honzo starter package!

Honzo 24

For the ripper kid ready to up their hardtail game, we introduce the Honzo 24. Double walled wheels provide durability and stiffness for bigger hits. An air sprung 65mm travel fork provides supple suspension while hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful stopping. The Honzo 24 brings the Kona legend to the kids!




Honzo 20

The Honzo put hardtails back on the map. Maybe you have one and you absolutely love it. The Honzo 20 is the gateway bike to getting the groms addicted to hardtail magic. With a Shimano 1x drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an air sprung suspension fork the Honzo 20 is one ripping little machine!



The Honzo ST 30th Birthday Bike is Here!

Happy Birthday to us. We’re celebrating by releasing a limited number of one of our favorite bikes, the Honzo ST. Why do we love it so much? Simply put, it just absolutely shreds. We’ve made our steel birthday bike special by adding a super unique mirror-finish paint job, special limited edition numbered decals (only 201 are being made!), a custom 30th birthday saddle, and a custom 30th birthday head tube badge. We’re not afraid to admit it: this bike is gorgeous. We’ve also built the bike with modular dropouts, so you can go full custom with it, or run it as we spec it, with a 120mm RockShox Revelation RC fork, SRAM NX 1×11 speed drivetrain, and SRAM Level T brakes.


Will you be one of the lucky owners of our new Birthday Bikes? Head on over to Konaworld.com for more info. Ready to buy? Be sure to visit your local dealer!