Kona Electric

E-Ute: Take it E-asy!

There’s no denying the freedom that a bicycle brings. Shortcuts, the wind in your hair, the feeling of speed – the joys are undeniable. With the advent of the cargo bike, adding the ability to carry heavy loads has added to the versatility and overall functionality of the world’s greatest machine. We’ve partnered with Bosch to add pedal-assisted power to our beloved Ute bike, creating what we think is a pretty excellent substitute for the automobile.

Say hello to the Electric Ute. With a Bosch Performance Line CX motor to provide just the right amount of pedal-assist, Kona cargo bags, and a rack that can carry some serious weight, the Electric Ute knows no bounds! To learn more about the Electric Ute and all of its nifty features, be sure to check out our Innovations page!


Carry your kids. Carry your dog. Your trip to the store is no longer a slog.

With the ability to mount most any kind of rack, there’s no limit to all the things you can stack.

Baskets of flowers and colors galore. Attach all the racks so you can carry even more!

Cover miles of roads with the heaviest of loads.

Commuting to work with all your gear. With pedal-assist far becomes near.

Mount your board, or even your bike. Mount just about anything you’d like!


So, ride up giant hills and all across town. Enjoy the ups as much as the downs. Your mind is the limit to what you can haul, so hop on the E-Ute and go have a ball!

Ready to carry all of your gear aboard the Electric Ute? Visit your local dealer today or check konaworld.com for purchasing options in your area.

All stills by Tim Zimmerman

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Kona Dew-E

For the avid commuter where no hill, no amount of rain, or no gust of wind is enough to stop you, we bring you the Dew-E. From our beloved Dew platform, the Dew-E is the ultimate commuting machine. Bright front and rear lights, fenders, and a Bosch motor make quick work of all conditions. Outfitted in quality Shimano components, the Dew-E is ready for the daily grind.


Kona Splice-E

Cruising has never been more fun. The Splice-E brings the joy of a pedal assist bike to familiar territory. Bosch power meets a Shimano Alivo drivetrain and Suntour suspension fork. Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, giving you total control while out on your next adventure, whether that’s bar hopping through town or out ripping around backwoods bike paths.