Kona Ride Online

KRO SPECIAL! Buy a Process 153 29 AL, Get a FREE Set of Wah Wah 2 Composite Pedals!

We’ve just launched a new special on the Kona Ride Online! We’re giving away a set of our beloved Wah Wah 2 composite pedals with the purchase of a 2018 Process 153 AL 29! The Kona Ride Online is the easiest way to get this awesome big wheeled badass to your doorstep. Simple point, click, shop, and voila- your bike is delivered to your local dealer (with free shipping!), built for you, and ready to ride right out of the store!

For more information, head on over to the KRO!

New Year New Bike?

Happy New Year, Kona friends! We hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family and that time moved slowly for you. With a new year, we often see changeover or a refreshing of all kinds of things. We have resolutions, goals, and expunging the old and bringing in the new. With that thought in mind, we are offering you a great deal on 2017 Konas. Vist Kona Ride Online and find a huge selection of 2017 bikes are 20% off. If you’ve been wavering on getting a new bike, now is the perfect time to update your ride!

This is just a small sampling of some of the great deals you’ll find:

Process 153: Regularly $3299, on sale for $2799

Dew: Regularly $499, on sale for $399

Dew Deluxe: Regularly $849, on sale for $699


Hei Hei Deluxe: Regularly $4699, on sale for $3899


Be sure to check out Kona Ride Online for a complete view of everything on sale now.

Kids’ Bikes Special!

Remember the absolute joy of receiving a new bike as a kid? Actually, who are we kidding? It’s still one of the greatest feelings ever.

Well, just in time for Santa to do his thing, we’ve marked down all of our 2017 kids’ bikes by 15%!  With Kona Ride Online it’s easier than ever to get your child’s bike shipped, assembled and ready to ride. We’ll even pay for your shipping and assembly.  Want to be sure the bike is ready in time for a December 25th surprise? Be sure to place your order by December 13th!

Click here for USA orders.

Click here for Canadian orders.

Happy shopping and we’ll see you on the trails!



Never Ride Your Bike with Tools Again: “Kona Ride Online’s Virtual Reality flat repair is incredible!”

Kona Bicycle Company is pleased to announce a cycling industry first with the introduction of a new virtual reality function for Kona riders. With the introduction of the Kona Ride Online Virtual Reality Helmet™, riders will never need to carry tools or spares again.

This innovation follows the growing success of the Kona Ride Online program that allows bike riders to buy their new Kona bike from the comfort of their home and to pick up the bike at the Kona dealer of their choice in North America.

“Kona Ride Online’s Virtual Reality flat repair is incredible!”KROVRH™ Beta Testers

The KROVRH™ emergency flat repair service is available to any bike rider who buys a Kona bike through the Kona Ride Online program. KRO service technicians are standing by on a 24/7 basis with downloadable tire levers, patch kits, and inner tubes of all sizes whenever Kona riders need rapid online help.

Kona riders simply need to buy the KROVRH™ on the KonaWorld webstore and then they will be able to LiveChat with the online Kona Ride Online technician to enable a rapid repair and return to their bike ride.

Virtual Reality Flat Repair will be available around the clock on all eight continents with the exception of the Falkland Islands, Vanuatu and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

For more information, contact KTrout@konaworld.com.


Shop Kona from Anywhere with the Kona Ride Online

The Kona Ride Online allows you to purchase Kona bikes from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your local Kona dealer for assembly. As of January 2017, the Kona Ride Online is officially up and running throughout North America, with separate sites for Kona Ride Online USA and Kona Ride Online Canada.


With Kona Ride Online, you can browse and compare in-stock Kona bikes, purchase your bike directly online, and choose which Kona dealer you’d like to work with to get your bike set up. Our sizing page will help determine what bike size is right for you based on your measurements, and includes a form to fill out if you need help.


Questions about the differences between models may be answered using the Kona Ride Online comparison tool. Of course, at any time during the sizing and selection process, you’re welcome to contact Kona Ride Online personnel for assistance.


The Process of Kona Ride Online
  • When you confirm your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Kona that your order has been received and the bike is available to ship to the Kona dealer of your choice. Shipping, assembly and handling are included, except for bicycles priced under $1000, which have an additional $50 freight charge.
  • In some cases, your Kona dealer will have the correct bike, size and color in stock and will be able to prepare your bike for pick up within 2 business days. Otherwise, the bike will be shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order by ground freight. Delivery by ground freight to the Kona dealer of your choice typically takes 2-5 business days.
  • Once they receive it, the Kona dealer will professionally assemble the bike for pickup within 2 business days. Throughout this process, Kona Ride Online staff will be in touch with you to keep you informed of the progress of the shipment and assembly. Your Kona dealer will also be in touch with you in case you wish to add any accessories or make any modifications to your Kona bike.
  • When you pick up your Kona bike, your Kona dealer will inform you about safely operating and maintaining the bicycle before you head off on your first ride. Please remember to collect the owner’s manual and touch-up paint and to register your warranty online. You can extend the warranty of the frame for the lifetime of the original owner if you register within 3 months of purchasing the bike.
  • Bikes will be shipped from Ferndale, WA for US customers and from Vancouver, BC for Canadian customers. Airfreight and home delivery options aren’t available at this time. The sales tax applicable to the state or province where you pick up your Kona will be added to the total purchase price.
  • Please be certain of your final purchasing decision, as there’s a 20% re-stocking fee to cover the cost of re-packing and returning the bike to Kona. This decision must be made before riding the bike as we only accept returns in a pristine, unridden condition.
A Note About Availability

Kona Ride Online shows available stock in our warehouse, not stock from your local bike shop. This means your local Kona dealer may actually have the bike you’re looking for in stock. If there’s a Kona bike you’d like to buy and you don’t see it available on Kona Ride Online, don’t forget to check with your local dealer.