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My Kona – Matt Shelton

Matt Shelton is quintessentially Kona. A veteran employee, Shelton is both a friendly face and an incredibly hard worker. He’s revered as a hard worker both inside and outside of the office. When not shuffling through warranty claims, dealing with small parts orders, or running the Kona Ride Online, he’s one of Bellingham’s most respected trail builders. His handy work helps keep Bellingham’s amazing trails running smoothly all year long.

My Kona – Scott Mackay

Scott Mackay is most definitely a product of his environment. Growing up at the base of Mt. Seymour on Vancouver’s famed North Shore, riding and skiing has been a part of his daily routine for as long as he can remember. For Kona dealers and colleagues that have the privilege to ride with Scott on his home trails – or any trails for that matter – they are served a master class of bike handling and style with a side of humility. Scott lets his riding do the talking and we think you’ll agree…

My Kona: Joe Hamilton

The My Kona series is back. This time we’re featuring one of our inside sales representatives, Bellingham’s Joe Hamilton. Joe has worked with Kona for the past five years. When not at work or riding, he’s a member of local rock band Cousin Marvin. Check out the video of Joe on the all-new Satori DL, set to the soundtrack of one of Cousin Marvin’s original songs!


You can check out more from the My Kona series on our Vimeo page.

Erik Tonkin – My Kona

While Erik Tonkin doesn’t technically “work” for Kona, the guy is undoubtedly part of our family. He’s raced cross for us, he’s discovered and mentored some of our most legendary cross country and CX racers and he’s been heavily involved in the testing and development of our bikes. When you throw into the mix that his bike shop, Sellwood Cycles, is a Portland institution, and the fact that he’s still, racing, scouting and deeply involved in the Portland scene, we think that featuring him in our staff series of My Kona videos is perfectly fitting.

Corn Cross race footage provided by: Drew Coleman

My Kona: Jake and the Zone LTD

My Kona: Jake and the Zone LTD

Jake Heilbron is one of Kona’s co-founders, a lover of bikes, and a year-round commuter to our Vancouver, BC offices – a two-hour round trip.

As a former road racer, Jake is committed to riding drop bar bikes for training and transportation. Over the years he’s ridden everything from the original titanium Haole in 1990, the cromoly Haole that followed, the original carbon Zone, the elusive Kona Kona, and, of course, lots and lots of Jake cyclocross bikes. While he takes them off when the weather truly improves, Jake’s bike wears fenders more often than not.

Being a year-round rider, what Jake seeks in a high performance commuting bike aligns with the needs of a discerning rider’s all day road bike. Jake’s commuting bike for the past year was actually a prototype in disguise: while it was made of titanium and said Esatto on the top tube, this bike was the test mule for the all new Zone LTD with updated endurance geometry, flat mount disc brakes, and thru-axles at both ends of the bike.

With geometry finalized, modern features confirmed, and all-year details settled, we opened a mold for the carbon successor to Jake’s test mule. Shortly thereafter, the Zone LTD frame samples arrived, and Jake waited patiently for one of the first working versions of the new SRAM Red eTap HRD group. The rest of the component selection, as you’ll see below, leaves nothing to be desired.

Earlier this summer, while Kona’s Finland-based in-house filmmaker Joonas Vinnari was in Vancouver for a visit, we headed out for a lunch ride with Jake and the Zone LTD. Our destination was Stanley Park, a popular ride loop for serious road cyclists and weekend warriors alike. Jake was keen to discuss the history of the Zone, the achievements of the new frame, and, of course, to get out for a ride.

Because that’s what the Zone LTD is about: having the ideal tool for the job, knowing why it is such, and riding it year round.

Get in Your Zone

Boundaries were made to be pushed, and the Zone LTD pushes them all.

By utilizing the newest and best technology available – like custom Dedacciai carbon, SRAM eTap HRD, flat mount disc brakes and thru-axles, the Zone LTD is already in a class of its own. Add a geometry and ride story with input from three Kona legends who know how a road bike should perform, and it all comes together to make the most comprehensive and complete carbon bike we’ve ever made.

From the SRAM Red eTap HRD electronic drivetrain with hydraulic discs to the Easton EC90 cockpit to the Mavic All Road Pro wheels wrapped in Challenge Paris-Roubaix open tubulars, we spared no expense so you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Each and every piece has been selected to create the ultimate endurance road bike. The Zone LTD holds nothing back.

The Zone LTD is available in three colorways, chosen by Kona’s owners. Jake chose red, co-founder Dan Gerhard chose orange, and Kona Europe’s head honcho Jimbo Holmstrom chose green.

After you peruse the detail photos below, find out more about the Zone LTD on

Zone LTD. We spared no expense so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Garry Davoren – My Kona

Bike shop owner, whiskey drinker, trail builder, sponsor, husband, friend, skate park designer, fat bike advocate. You can pick any of these to describe long time Kona friend Garry Davoren.

Garry’s passion for fat tires – and more importantly, for cycling as a whole – is unequaled. Whether it’s supporting up and coming Irish riders, maintaining local trails, or exploring the boggy and rugged hills of Connemara on his prototype Wo, Garry approaches everything in life with the same 110%.

He’s also on a not-so-subtle mission to convert the world to the virtues of the fattest tires available. If you didn’t know you needed a fat bike, a day with Garry will have you genuinely questioning how you might find space in your garage for a Wo or Wozo.

This My Kona video, the first one featuring someone not directly working for Kona, really captures the essence of Garry Davoren. He’s just a kid in a giant fat bike candy store.

My Kona – Angi Weston

Angi Weston is all about bikes: she’s a sales rep out of our Bellingham office and spends her weekends as a professional mountain bike coach focusing on women’s skills clinics. She’s a shredder, but more than that, an enabler of others to push their own riding and to become more comfortable riding technical terrain.

As a growth-minded teacher and mentor, Angi sees the challenges we face with mountain biking as positive practice for challenging situations elsewhere in life:

“The world needs more people, especially women and girls, who have more faith in their abilities on a bike, and in life.” – Angi Weston

Ah yes, Angi truly is a rider, finding those parallels so she can continue to think about bikes just a little bit longer.





My Kona – Trevor Porter

Allow myself to introduce… Myself.

Kona is a company packed with amazing and talented people. People with families, people with cool interests and as you probably guessed, a whole bunch of people that ride.

We want you to meet these people face to face, to get to know them and have a look behind behind the scenes and to see what makes everyone here tick. The best way to do that? Throw a party, dump your keys in a bowl at the door and don a name tag.

After a bit of an internal discussion it was decided it would be best if we just opted for the name tag part of that equation and kicked the bowl of keys to the curb. Instead, we’d like you to join us at a virtual mixer. The My Kona video mixer.

To kick things off in our new My Kona series of videos we’d like to introduce you to Trevor Porter. Trevor works out of our Canadian office. Like most of us at Kona he handles a few different responsibilities. Trevor is the sales rep for British Columbia, works in the Kona Product Group and takes care of Canadian SuperGrass riders. But he can tell you all that (and more) in person.