Getting to Know Spencer Paxson with Pinkbike

Spencer Paxson’s weakness? Fresh homemade bread. His favorite trails? Anywhere in the Cascadia Zone.

As we’ve come to expect with Spencer, his answers to Pinkbike’s Getting to Know interview questions are full of great tidbits – lots of comments that answer the question indirectly and get at some much bigger topics. It’s a great read!

Head over to Pinkbike for the full interview, and since Spencer brought it up, we’ve posted the Process Challenge video below.

Kona Process 134 DL “An Obvious Winner” on Pinkbike’s “5 Trail Bikes Ridden and Rated”

Pitted against bikes that cost two-to-three times as much in Pinkbike‘s recent article, our Process 134 DL comes out “an obvious winner” for riders who like their trail rides on the descending side of the spectrum or maybe even with a side of chunk and a bit of airtime.

“There’s an obvious winner when it comes to trail rides that include any type of challenging descending: the Kona 134 DL, of course. She ain’t light, which is partly due to the 134 DL’s price point, but I’d rather have a chunky bike with sublime handling than a lighter weight one that has me on my tippy toes anytime things get serious. Sure, the black Kona isn’t made out of carbon fiber – although they’re likely working on a version that is – but it simply doesn’t matter how much a bike weighs or what it’s made out of when it’s this much fun to ride.” – Pinkbike

Read the full story at Pinkbike.


Pinkbike’s First Impressions of Our 2017 Operator – “inspires confidence if you’re willing to grab the bull by the horns”


“It wasn’t long before squaring up corners and dropping the back end into compressions became the name of the game as I looked for bonus fun on the trails. Breaking loose proved difficult, with a combination of the conditions and the bike’s ability to track tending to keep it on rails. The suspension set as it was demanded higher speeds and harder hits — add to this the stout frame, especially through the rear, and you’ve got a bike that begins to show its downhill World Cup influence. The frame is not as forgiving as others, but the result is something that inspires confidence if you’re willing to grab the bull by the horns.”

Pinkbike‘s AJ Barlas has just published his First Ride review from our 2017 Operator launch at Retallack, BC. He quickly got up to speed on the new platform and clearly enjoyed his time with us in the damp Kootenay mountains. Read the full article over at Pinkbike.