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Bicycling Magazine Reviews the Kona Private Jake: “More than a cyclocross bike…”

Bicycling Magazine has just published their review of our versatile and capable Private Jake. Just as we hoped it would, the Private Jake’s character as more than just a ‘cross bike shone through, and reviewer Hannah Weinberger found herself well beyond the race course with the bike.

“At $1,999, with the given spec, the Kona Private Jake is a decidedly affordable bike — especially if you aren’t planning to buy other bikes to supplement it. It’s capable and confidence-inspiring in techy terrain, and incredibly dependable between the course tape.”

“The Private Jake makes easy work of mountain bike trails, road rides, gravel paths, commutes, and (naturally) ‘cross courses. It took pushing the bike to the edge of what it can reasonably be expected to tackle to even see it flinch.”

Read the full review at Bicycling.


10,000 Kilometres on the Kona Private Jake with Wiggle’s Tim Wiggins

“With ten thousand kilometres on its wheels, the Kona Private Jake has proven to be one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden.”

This really does go above and beyond – a great testament to the versatility of our Jake series of cyclocross bikes. It doesn’t take 10,000 km to get to know the character of a bike. In fact, most bike reviewers would be content to put 1,000 km on a bike before writing it up. So, when Wiggle‘s Tim Wiggins chose to spend nine months doing all sorts of riding on our Private Jake, it says something.

Over those nine months, Tim has ridden the Private Jake for big single day efforts, long distance commuting with all the fun detours, and some impressive on-road bikepacking feats.

“There are some bikes that are useful, practical, and reliable; they perform faultlessly, and get the job done. There are some bikes that are loud, interesting, and bold; they draw comments from other riders, and make you feel like a fighter pilot when you’re riding them. There are some bikes that just make you smile; they feel perfect, and your ride feels like a ‘state of flow’. For me, the Kona Private Jake has ticked all of the above boxes.”

The Jake series has long been our workhorse, the bike riders choose to ride day in and day out, on the cross course or, as you can see with Tim’s experience, almost anything else you can imagine. Dig in on Tim’s writing on the Private Jake at the following links:

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1,900 km in 12 days on the Coasts and Cols tour


Spencer Paxson Takes His Private Jake to the Win at Woolley Cross

On October 8, the second stop of the 2016 Cascade Cyclocross Series saw 150 racers take on the soggy fields of the Northern State Recreation Area in Sedro Woolley, WA. Known for being a small town cyclocross production with a big heart, fun atmosphere, and great courses, the crew from Cascade Cross and Team Racepace developed a truly Belgian-level challenging track through old dilapidated barns, sweeping views of the Cascade foothills, and lots of deep mud.


Kona Endurance Team rider Spencer Paxson piloted his mud-devouring Private Jake to a commanding victory. “It’s hard to ask for more in a local race series where the community is so great, and where I can have an outlet to keep my skills sharp in the off season,” says Paxson, who regularly focuses on mountain bike events during the spring and summer.

“It may be a local series, but the population of resident elite-level athletes in Bellingham and Seattle makes every weekend a good, challenging race. Not to mention that the courses are wildly entertaining and challenging… in a good way! It’s also great to have friends come out and race – I can vouch for several friends who have now done their first ‘cross race because of the support that Kona provides at the races. It’s great to see more people catch the ‘cross bug.”

Indeed, Kona Bicycles has been flying the flag high at the series by providing neutral support and free Private Jake demo bikes.


Paxson has been building steam on his cyclocross campaign, with a 3rd and 2nd place finish at the last two MFG Cyclocross Series events in Seattle, and now a win at the Cascade Cross Series. Up next is the penultimate round of the hotly contested MFG Series in Tacoma, followed two weeks later by the MFG series finals “Woodland Park Grand Prix”. Meanwhile, the next stop on the Cascade Cross series takes place on November 5th in Ferndale, WA at the DeltaTech industrial park.

Thanks to Sarah Paxson for the photos. Follow Spencer on Instagram for racing updates and general nerdery.