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Kona Dream Builds: Kim’s Game Changing Process 153

Kim submitted her cool looking 2016 Process 153 via the #KonaDreamBuilds hashtag on Instagram, the moment it appeared in the feed we knew it just had to be featured here on the cog. The green and blue themed build is not just about color, it’s about functionality and tuneability, and Kim has the DVO suspension dialed just right. But you have to admit the limited color does have a WOW factor.

I am a nuclear scientist by trade, but I would much rather be riding my bike anytime of the day. My husband built and maintains the website for The Broken Spoke here in Santa Fe (on the side of his normal 9-5 job), so we are often found hanging out there after work. We are both members of the rather informal Broken Spoke race team.

I wanted to try out enduro racing, but I also wanted a bike that was versatile, playful, and durable for hitting up the bike park. My previous “trail/enduro” bike was a Commencal Meta 5.5 that was one size too small (among other things). The 153 was a game-changer for me. As my skills progressed, I started changing out parts, and 2.5 years later, I now have a perfectly-dialed enduro machine.

The Magura brakes were one of my first upgrades – I love the modulation and the stopping power of the MT Trails. I then replaced the rear shock with a DVO Topaz for better fine-tune adjustments and better overall feel. As a lighter rider, changing the negative volume on the Topaz helped me to dial in the right balance.

I am a snob when it comes to engagement, so some Industry Nine hubs laced to Stans Flow rims were next. Thus far, the new MK3 Flow rims have been stout, without needing a true yet! Then I upgraded to the SRAM Eagle GX drivetrain to help with the steep terrain here in New Mexico. A little dash of green was added with the OneUp chainguide, a much needed device for riding the trails at Angel Fire and Glorieta.

Most recently, I replaced the fork with a DVO Diamond, not only because the green matched the bike decals so damn well, but also because I wanted a stiffer, more predictable fork. Again, as a lighter rider, the numerous adjustments allowed me to finally get the correct feel.

This bike crushes it. The geometry is ideal for the type of riding I do. I can’t see myself needing to upgrade for a long, long time…

Kona Dream Builds: Tim’s Custom Throwback Process 153 CR

Tim is a service tech at a bike shop in Colorado. He’s been riding/racing the Process lineup since it had 26″ wheels and this custom painted beauty is his fourth or fifth Process. He’s had it since late 2017.

“I REALLY like these bikes! The original paint job had sustained some wear and tear so when I separated my AC last fall, I figured a new finish might keep me off the bike.”

Tim’s extraordaniry paint job is clearly a homage to another era, an era when bikes weighed more and beer and gas were cheaper. “There is a remnant out there of us washed up millennials still trying to keep freeride alive. But seriously, the Process is the do-it-all for me. When you can only afford one bike, this is the ride that can take you places. “

Which Kona Clump rider is this graphic based on?

Why does Tim’s cable routing look so damn tidy? Well he runs his dropper post on the right hand side, allowing him to wrap the rear brake, shifter and dropper cables all together for one seriously tidy set-up. The front brake runs BMX style through the fork steerer completing the simple package.

While this Kona Dream Build is most definitely about the paint, Tim has still made a few changes to the bike. The SRAM XO/Descendant Eagle drivetrain has remained the same as have the Guide RSC brakes.

Tim has added MRP’s Ribbon Coil up front as well as swapping out the stock hubs for bullet proof Profile Racing ones.

Out back he’s kept things ColoRADo and installed MRP’s Hazard coil rear shock.

Kona Dream Builds: Scott Countryman’s Race Ready Process 153 CR DL

We caught up with Flagstaff, AZ-based Kona Global Enduro Rider Scott Countryman after Sea Otter and thought that his race-ready Process 153 CR/DL was a damn dreamy build and well worth sharing with you. Scott manages a full on race season while also working as a mechanic at Flagstaff Bike Revolution in Arizona. His build is a mixture of sponsor’s parts and parts that he knows will go the distance for a privateer racer on a limited budget. Check it out below.

Kicking things off with the drivetrain, Scott is running Shimano XT Di2 combined with MRP’s SXg guide for added chain retention.

Out back, the electronic XT Di2 keeps things shifting smoothly.

The Shimano Di2 cockpit.

Keeping things blue and S themed, Scott has opted for XT stoppers to slow things down.

ESI silicone grips hint at Scott’s XC roots, while the ANVL components equipped cockpit indicates Scott’s current enduro focus.

Grand Junction-based company MRP have been on a roll as of late with their forks, and the burly Ribbon keeps the front end exactly where it should be for Scott.

Like many racers and riders out there looking for reliability and ease of service, Scott has opted for the super popular Wolf Tooth remote…

…paired with the KS Lev Integra seat post.

Scott also runs Ritchey’s Block Lock headset to prevent his bars from spinning and crossing the top tube in a crash.

California based company RideFast look after Scott’s wheel needs, the RideFast SPM 28 hole hubs are laced to the RideFast Hotline rims.

Tire wise, up front, Scott is running WTB’s burly Convict 2.5 TCS Tough casing tire, while out the back he’s rocking a custom cut WTB 2.25 fast rolling Trail Boss, also with WTB’s TCS Tough casing.

New Year New Bike?

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Le nouveau Kona Process G2 est là !

Le Kona Process est synonyme de progression et nous ne nous sommes pas reposés sur nos lauriers. Le Process G2 représente une évolution du vélo joueur et polyvalent qu’a toujours été le Process, avec une optimisation de la cinématique apportant des performances au pédalage largement supérieures, mais aussi des roulements plus grands pour une meilleure rigidité et un tout nouveau cadre en carbone ou en aluminium. La hauteur reste faible pour offrir un bon dégagement, les bases sont courtes, et nous avons augmenté la profondeur d’insertion de la tige de selle afin que les riders de toutes tailles puissent profiter de tiges de selle télescopiques de plus grand débattement. Avons-nous précisé que le Process G2 peut recevoir un porte-bidon ? Non ? Eh bien le Process peut recevoir un porte-bidon. Ouais, nous avons fait tout cela. Parce que nous vous aimons.



Un tout nouveau cadre carbone est au cœur du projet Process G2. Nous l’avons développé autour d’un amortisseur au standard métrique et en fixation trunion afin d’obtenir les performances recherchées au niveau du rendement et de pouvoir dégager suffisamment de place pour loger un porte-bidon à l’intérieur du triangle avant. Comme vous pouviez vous y attendre, les Process sont équipés de roulements à tous les points de pivot, y compris des roulements surdimensionnés de 20 mm sur les pivots principaux et sur la nouvelle biellette en 3 parties.

Le cadre carbone possède un passage des câbles en interne, avec une trappe d’accès comme sur les Hei Hei Trail, tandis que les cadres en aluminium utilisent un routage externe. Tous les modèles disposent de bases en aluminium pour une plus grande résistance. Nous avons travaillé dur pour améliorer les caractéristiques du cadre sans sacrifier ce qui a fait le succès du Process.

Video – Kona Process G2 : Histoire du développement et details techniques

Le chef de produit Kona Ian Schmitt nous plonge dans le développement et les details techniques du Process G2 :

Trois cadres, Deux tailles de roues, Sept nouveaux Process

Avec deux matériaux et deux tailles de roues couvrant trois plates-formes distinctes, le Process G2 offre une belle gamme de trail-bikes agressifs. Les Process 153 27.5 et 29 pouces partagent la même géométrie et les mêmes équipements. Le Process 165 est plus orienté descente, mais il grimpe étonnamment bien pour un vélo avec un tel débattement. Le Process 153 27.5 carbone et aluminium, le 153 29 et le 165 sont disponibles en kit cadres.


Process 153 27.5

Process 153 CR/DL 27.5

Process 153 CR 27.5

Process 153 AL/DL 27.5

Process 153 AL 27.5

Process 153 29

Process 153 AL/DL 29

Process 153 AL 29

Process 165 27.5

Process 165

Le tout nouveau Process G2 est disponible dès maintenant dans votre shop ou en ligne.

Pour tous les détails sur le nouveau Process, connectez-vous sur et découvrez toutes les caractéristiques du vélo sur la page dédiée.


Video – Process G2 : Sea to Sky with Rhys Verner

Pour le lancement du Process G2, le pro rider Kona Rhys Verner a eu la lourde tâche de pousser le vélo dans ses retranchements.

Découvrez le reportage photos complet et toute l’histoire du film Sea to Sky avec Rhys et le nouveau Process G2.

La Kona Process G2 está aquí!

Has esperado pacientemente. Nos gusta eso.

Estamos orgullosos de presentar la primera revisión completa a nuestra popular plata forma Process: la Process G2.

Esta bici tiene una larga historia de dominación de los descensos, y con este nuevo diseño, le agregamos modales para subir que son más comunes en bicis de menos recorrido. Sin mover palancas ni girar diales, solo pedalear eficientemente, y luego hacerse humo en la bajada.

Las Kona Process son un sinónimo de progresión, y no nos hemos puesto a descansar sobre los laureles. Process G2 representa una evolución de la plataforma que cambió las reglas del  juego, con un diseño de suspensión renovado y mayor desempeño al pedalear, rodamientos más grandes, y un cuadro totalmente nuevo en carbono o aluminio. El despeje vertical permanece muy grande, las vainas siguen siendo cortas, y hemos incrementado la inserción de la tija para que pilotos de todos los tamaños puedan usar tijas telescópicas de mayor recorrido. ¿Ya les dijimos que ahora pueden montar un bidón dentro del cuadro? ¿No? Pues bien, le incorporamos eso, ahora tienen espacio para montar un bidón. Lo hicimos porque te queremos.

Un cuadro de carbono, completamente nuevo, es el corazón del proyecto Process G2. Empleamos un amortiguador trasero métrico de muñón montado verticalmente para lograr las características que buscábamos al mismo tiempo que conseguimos el espacio para montar un bidón dentro del triángulo delantero. Tal como esperarías de nosotros, hemos equipado a las Process con rodamientos en todos sus pivotes, con medida de 20mm internos en el pivote principal y los de la bieleta, y los ejes los hemos construido con un sistema de 3 piezas que se traban entre ellas.

El cuadro de Carbono tiene el mismo tipo de cableado interno y puerto de acceso al cableado que introdujimos el año pasado con la plataforma Hei Hei Trail, mientras que los cuadros de aluminio se equipan con cableado externo. Todos los modelos tienen vainas de aluminio para asegurar la máxima durabilidad. Hemos trabajado duro para mejorar las características al andar de esta plataforma sin sacrificar la durabilidad y agilidad por la cual se ha vuelto famosa la plataforma Process.

Vídeo – Kona Process G2 – Historia de su desarrollo y Detalles Técnicos

Ian Schmitt, Product Manager de Kona, nos hace participes de la historia detrás de la Process G2 y nos muestra detalles técnicos.

Tres Cuadros, Dos Tamaños de Rueda, Siete Nuevas Process

Con dos materiales y dos tamaños de rueda repartidos en diferentes plataformas, la gama Process G2 comprende un amplio abanico de opciones en cuanto a bicis agresivas para sendero. La Process 153 27,5” y 29” comparten tallaje y geometría. La Process 165 está màs enfocada en descender, aunque su desempeño escalando no deja de sorprender para una plataforma con tanto recorrido. Vendemos la Process 153 27,5” en carbono y la 153 29” y la Process 165 como Cuadro.

Process 153 27.5

Process 153 CR/DL 27.5

Process 153 CR 27.5

Process 153 AL/DL 27.5

Process 153 AL 27.5

Process 153 29

Process 153 AL/DL 29

Process 153 AL 29

Process 165 27.5

Process 165

La Process G2 nueva está disponible en tu dealer Kona más cercano o en el Kona Ride Online

Para mayores detalles, anda a y busca la página de innovación para ver los detalles técnicos


Video – Process G2: Sea to Sky con Rhys Verner

El miembro del Kona pro Team, y nativo del área Sea to Sky, Rhys Werner, junto con la nueva Process, son el binomio ideal. Juntos escalan eficientemente y descienden en armonía

Haz Click aquí para ver la galería de fotos y la historia detrás de la sesión Sea to Sky

Elliot Smith – A Boy With a Coin

Kona’s Caleb Smith lives in Squamish with his wife and three kids. Elliot is the eldest of the Smith kids at 14, soon to overtake his (very tall) dad in height – but as you’ll see with this video he’s no doubt already left him in the dust on the trails.

The perks of having a dad in the bike world who’s pretty handy behind the lens, Elliot gets to shred a Process 153 on Squamish’s rough and rugged trails, and to plan and film a pro-caliber video at 14 years old.

So, in their spare time over the past year or so, Elliot and Caleb set out to film, all based around Iron & Wine’s A Boy With a Coin. The concept, perfectly executed. Nice work Elliot (and Dad). Enjoy!

Kona Process 153DL makes the Prestigious Dirt 100 List

Back in November 2014 the Process 153DL made the 2015 Dirt 100 product list, Dirt Magazine’s annual list of the best products and innovations within the mountain bike industry. Well they have just started posting up all the individual items on their website and we thought “what the hell”, whats wrong with a little reminding that the Process 153DL is one of the raddest bikes on the planet. Check out what they had to say a second time round below or click the photo to head to the Dirt website. (more…)