Process 165

Double Whammy! Shae’s BoB RoSS Process 165

Kona Ambassador Shae James likes to do things a little differently and regularly tweaks her bikes to make them juuuust right. Enter BoB RoSS, the multi-dimensional Process 165. Here’s Shae’s take on her unconventional dream build.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

“What the heck is that??” are the first words my new bike ever heard as I wheeled it out into the world for the first time. Words full of curiosity, but mostly bike lust. Not ‘What?’. But who?

This is BoB.

Short for Best of Both.

Bob is a Process 165 trail bike who, like a superhero, can quick change into a downhill bike.

But we’ll get to that later. Let’s take a closer look at Bob.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Bob has been upgraded to include a Sram GX Eagle drive train. While the cranks are the original NX arms, the rest of the drivetrain is GX.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

In addition to a new drive train, Bob has also received a set of Santa Cruz Reserve 37 Carbon Wheels with DT Swiss 350 Hubs. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. These big shoes are tied with two Maxxis Minion DHF tires 27.5 X 2.6.

With this set up, I’ll be able to ride anything, and everything, every day of the week.

Monday through FreeRide-Day.

Oh, it’s Sendy Saturday?

Now it’s time to meet Bob’s twin, ROSS.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Short for Rig of Super Steeze.

Ross is a Process 165 with a dual crown Marzocchi Bomber 58 that has been lowered to 190mm and locked into place with a Truvativ Descendant direct mount stem.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Kona handlebars and grips accompany the original Sram Code R that is still in place for Bob’s front brake, but Ross gets the upgrade of Sram Code RSC brakes for the front, and rear.

The final touch, is unclipping the KS Lev Integra, and sliding the cable into the belly of a Kona seat post topped with a Chromag Overture Brandon Semenuk Seat.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Now those matchy green Kona Wah Wah pedals are really calling for your feet.

If all of this wasn’t enticing enough, the cross over from Bob to Ross, takes about the same time as changing a set of brake pads.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

But to me, this dream build was about more than just convenience and parts.

I wanted a bike that fit me, and my riding style. This bike is meant to be fast, but fun. To pedal around gates and hit the big stuff, yet be playful enough to encourage creativity and trickery.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

I’ve added my signature touch to really affirm the originality of this steed. A set of custom decal stickers in coral and dark green metal. The finishing touch is a personally designed head badge that has signed all of my bikes throughout the years.

To me, a dream build is the bike you’re riding in all of your day dream stunts.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

…Hmm? What was I saying?

From Snow to Dust

English translation below

Vom Schnee in den StaubEs ist Freitag und wir, Tim, Marten und ich sitzen im Auto auf dem Weg nach Schlanders (Vinschgau) um dort übers Wochenende Trails zu fahren. Nach 4,5h Fahrt laden wir unsere Räder und Gepäck bei „Michis Pension“ aus. Michi Schönthaler hat eine gemütliche Pension direkt gegenüber vom Bahnhof in Schlanders. Zudem bietet er Shuttleservices an. Das Bahnhofscafe wird auch von der Familie Schönthaler betrieben. Dort gibt’s Frühstück und mankann Mittags zwischen den Runs was essen oder Abends gemütlich zusammensitzen. Nach dem Frühstück shuttlet uns Michi zum Propain Trail, der einen wie eine Art Flowtrail zurück ins Tal nach Schlanders führt. Gut um sich an den extrem staubigen Untergrund zu gewöhnen. Nach diversen weiteren Trails um Latsch mit super Ausblick bleiben wir bis zum Sonnenntergang am Berg und nutzen die letzte Abfahrt um noch ein paar Bilder zu schiessen. Nach einer Pizza auf dem Heimweg von Latsch lassen wir den Abend in einer Bar in Schlanders ausklingen. Gut gefrühstückt stehen wir am nächsten Tag, entspannt hochgeshuttelt, am Start des Tchilli Trails. Der Trail fängt direkt mit Steinabsätzen an um im unteren Teil dann flowiger zu werden. Ein super Trail der mit dem Kona Process 165 ordentlich Laune macht. Zum Abschluss des Kurztrips lassen wir uns zum Holy Hansen Trail hochshutteln. Die letzten Meter fahren wir mit dem Rad, da hier zum teil noch Schnee liegt. Wir starten im Schnee und rutschen durch den Trail bis er in griffigen Boden übergeht und man durch die Kurven pressen kann. Nach 6km endet der Trail bei Göflan. Wirpedalieren von dort bis zu Michis Pension, trinken noch einen Kaffee und treten dann die Heimfahrtan. Bis bald Vinschgau.

Cheers Markus


From Snow to Dust

It’s Friday and we, Tim, Marten and I are sitting in the car on our way to Schlanders (Vinschgau) for a weekend of Trailriding. After a 4.5 hours drive, we unload our bikes and luggage at “Michis Pension”. Michi Schönthaler has a cozy guesthouse directly opposite the train station in Schlanders and he also offers shuttle service. The Bahnhofscaffee is also operated by the Schönthaler family. There’s breakfast and you can have lunch between the runs or eat together in the evening. After breakfast, Michi shuttles us to the Propain Trail, which leads you into the valley like a flow trail, which is good to get used to the extremely dusty ground. After several other trails around Latch with great views we stayed on the mountain until the sunset and took the last ride to shoot a few pictures. On the way home from Latsch we stopped for a pizza and end the evening in a bar in Schlanders. After a good breakfast and an easy shuttle up to the top, we relaxed at the start of the Tchilli Trail. The trail starts directly with rough stone steps in order to become more flowy in the lower part. It’s a great trail which makes for a lot fun when riding the Process 165. For the end of the short trip, we got shuttled up to the Holy Hansen Trail. The last few meters we had to climb by bike because there is still some snow. We started in the snow with a slip and slide through the trail until it turns into grippy soil and you can squeeze through the curves. After 6km of fun trail, it ends at Göflan. From there, we pedaled to Michi’s Pension, drink another coffee and start our drive back home. See you soon Vinschgau.

Cheers Markus



Marten Hageney (instagram / @hageufa)

Markus Zieher (instagram / @markuszieher)

Processing the French Alps – Jordan Regnier and Alexander Kangas ride Tignes/Val D’ Isere

Ah, the French Alps. The land of good cheese and great wine. It also happens to be home to two high alpine bike parks that are the perfect proving ground for the all-new Kona Process. This past September, Kona Super Grassroots riders Jordan Regnier and Alexander Kangas ventured to Tignes and Val D’ Isere bike parks where lift tickets are free (no joke) and caught the perfect weather and autumn light making for gorgeous, and rather treacherous big mountain descents. Regnier’s weapon of choice is the Process 165, the perfect bike park, all around ass-kicking machine, while Kangas opted for the Process 153 AL/DL 29er, proving that big wheels love big descents.

Kona videographer Joonas Vinnari and photographer Caleb Smith were on hand to catch all of the action.

Jordan Reginer

Alexander Kangas

The Process line features seven new models that progress our goal to build a bike that not only descends confidently but also climbs exceptionally well. Be sure to check out the full Innovation story for complete details. The Process is available in carbon and aluminum and both 27.5 and 29″ wheels, ensuring a bike for every rider and a bike for every budget.

Process 153 AL/DL 29

Process 165 

La Kona Process G2 está aquí!

Has esperado pacientemente. Nos gusta eso.

Estamos orgullosos de presentar la primera revisión completa a nuestra popular plata forma Process: la Process G2.

Esta bici tiene una larga historia de dominación de los descensos, y con este nuevo diseño, le agregamos modales para subir que son más comunes en bicis de menos recorrido. Sin mover palancas ni girar diales, solo pedalear eficientemente, y luego hacerse humo en la bajada.

Las Kona Process son un sinónimo de progresión, y no nos hemos puesto a descansar sobre los laureles. Process G2 representa una evolución de la plataforma que cambió las reglas del  juego, con un diseño de suspensión renovado y mayor desempeño al pedalear, rodamientos más grandes, y un cuadro totalmente nuevo en carbono o aluminio. El despeje vertical permanece muy grande, las vainas siguen siendo cortas, y hemos incrementado la inserción de la tija para que pilotos de todos los tamaños puedan usar tijas telescópicas de mayor recorrido. ¿Ya les dijimos que ahora pueden montar un bidón dentro del cuadro? ¿No? Pues bien, le incorporamos eso, ahora tienen espacio para montar un bidón. Lo hicimos porque te queremos.

Un cuadro de carbono, completamente nuevo, es el corazón del proyecto Process G2. Empleamos un amortiguador trasero métrico de muñón montado verticalmente para lograr las características que buscábamos al mismo tiempo que conseguimos el espacio para montar un bidón dentro del triángulo delantero. Tal como esperarías de nosotros, hemos equipado a las Process con rodamientos en todos sus pivotes, con medida de 20mm internos en el pivote principal y los de la bieleta, y los ejes los hemos construido con un sistema de 3 piezas que se traban entre ellas.

El cuadro de Carbono tiene el mismo tipo de cableado interno y puerto de acceso al cableado que introdujimos el año pasado con la plataforma Hei Hei Trail, mientras que los cuadros de aluminio se equipan con cableado externo. Todos los modelos tienen vainas de aluminio para asegurar la máxima durabilidad. Hemos trabajado duro para mejorar las características al andar de esta plataforma sin sacrificar la durabilidad y agilidad por la cual se ha vuelto famosa la plataforma Process.

Vídeo – Kona Process G2 – Historia de su desarrollo y Detalles Técnicos

Ian Schmitt, Product Manager de Kona, nos hace participes de la historia detrás de la Process G2 y nos muestra detalles técnicos.

Tres Cuadros, Dos Tamaños de Rueda, Siete Nuevas Process

Con dos materiales y dos tamaños de rueda repartidos en diferentes plataformas, la gama Process G2 comprende un amplio abanico de opciones en cuanto a bicis agresivas para sendero. La Process 153 27,5” y 29” comparten tallaje y geometría. La Process 165 está màs enfocada en descender, aunque su desempeño escalando no deja de sorprender para una plataforma con tanto recorrido. Vendemos la Process 153 27,5” en carbono y la 153 29” y la Process 165 como Cuadro.

Process 153 27.5

Process 153 CR/DL 27.5

Process 153 CR 27.5

Process 153 AL/DL 27.5

Process 153 AL 27.5

Process 153 29

Process 153 AL/DL 29

Process 153 AL 29

Process 165 27.5

Process 165

La Process G2 nueva está disponible en tu dealer Kona más cercano o en el Kona Ride Online

Para mayores detalles, anda a y busca la página de innovación para ver los detalles técnicos


Video – Process G2: Sea to Sky con Rhys Verner

El miembro del Kona pro Team, y nativo del área Sea to Sky, Rhys Werner, junto con la nueva Process, son el binomio ideal. Juntos escalan eficientemente y descienden en armonía

Haz Click aquí para ver la galería de fotos y la historia detrás de la sesión Sea to Sky