Red Bull Rampage

Rampage Question Time with Aggy

Graham Agassiz and his build crew and have been on Utah soil since Saturday, scoping and building their lines for Red Bull Rampage at the new 2018 zone. This year’s blank canvas has once again leveled the playing field and the new site is providing its own challenges. At twice the vert and with steeper terrain than the most recent venue, the building and planning required for this year’s Rampage are on another level. We pulled Aggy aside during some very rare downtime between digging, eating and sleeping and posed six big questions to him.

You’ve just arrived in Virgin for Rampage 2018. How does it feel to be back?
Being back in the desert here for Rampage I have mixed feelings. I know what I’m capable of doing but I’m having to constantly remind myself to just chill and try to keep it fun.

How is your shoulder feeling?
My shoulder is feeling ok, kind of how I’d expect it to feel after only a month. Day one of digging I went a little hard and still feeling it for sure.

How does the new venue look? Did any lines pop out at you right away as must-hit?
The new venue is really steep compared to the other venues and nearly twice the vert! With only seven days to build and test the line, It’s a massive undertaking. There are twice as many features and that’s twice the workload.

Who is on your dig team this year and why did you choose them?
My dig team this year is Colin Davis and Alex Volokhov. Colin is crusher, works on the trail crew up at Retallack Lodge, and Alex is still recovering from a broken collarbone but was feeling good enough to give us a hand.

What are the next couple of days looking like for you?
The next couple days consist of more sunsets and sunrises out in the desert, working from sun up to sun down. Sunday is a mandatory rest day and Monday practice starts, but not sure how much will be ready for testing by then.

What should your fans expect this year?
My fans shouldn’t expect the normal all or nothing runs I’m usually known for. I’m just out to put a something Fun together.

Photos courtesy of Alex Erickson/Dakine



Aggy Puts the Shovels to Dirt at Red Bull Rampage 2016

The 11th edition of Red Bull Rampage is going down in Virgin, Utah next Friday, October 14th, and Kona Gravity rider Graham Agassiz is on site getting his line prepped. The desert spectacle has been freshened up with a new event location and some different guidelines for riders. We caught up with Aggy as he began work on his new line with his builders Taylor Holsteadt and Ron Penney.


Kona: How’s the body? You took a big slam at Retallack a few weeks back, is everything 100% leading into Rampage?

Aggy: I’m going in as healthy as I can, sucks that I went down at Retallack last month, I’m still a little bruised but I’m just dealing with it at this point. My hand is also feeling pretty good, it definitely gets sore after picking away at the rock all day long, but yeah, I’m hanging in there.


Kona: There are lots of changes this year for Rampage. How are they working out – the fresh zone, the smaller build crew, and things like limits on sandbag use and so on?

Aggy: It’s actually going really well, having the fresh site was needed for sure, it’s really let us use our creative abilities to our advantage. That said we seem to have found ourselves in an interesting scenario again, we’ve got ourselves committed into a pretty gnarly entrance, but it looks rideable.

It’s real nice having a smaller crew out here with you and it makes us work together with other teams. I’m teaming up with James Doerfling on the upper section and with Kurt Sorge on everything down below, it’s good, everyone is just having a good time.


Kona: What’s the general vibe amongst competitors?

Aggy: The vibe has been really great, no complaints really, everyone except for a couple of people have been awesome. I think the majority of us get it, that we have to work together to do more and make things a lot safer, it’s just better if we team up on things. There’s only so much room up there and there is always the odd guy here and there that doesn’t want to work that way, but you just have to move on… Other that the vibes are high.

Kona: Other than the heavy entrance can you share anything else about your line?

Aggy: Besides the top, which is going to be one of the more standout bits of the line, just diving right into the face, once you clear out of the chute it heads onto a pretty big booter that the catch berm leads into. It then gets into the ridge and a bunch of step downs. There’s also a pretty big drop near the end that will be calling for something… I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do, but there is definitely going to be a lot of heavy hitting going on. I’m just super excited.


Kona: And have you decided what bike you’ll be riding?

Aggy: I pretty sure I’m going to be riding the new 27.5 Operator, Mathieu Dupelle is out at SRAM in Colorado working on the bike now. He’s sent me some pictures, I’m really stoked on how the build is looking, we are going to play around with different tires and spring rates once we get it out here. That bike is going to be a beast, I’m really just looking forward to getting on it and getting after it.

Follow along with Aggy’s build progress on his Instagram, and on the Kona Bikes Instagram, and tune in on Red Bull TV next Friday, October 14th.