Rove LTD

Kona Dream Builds: The Bearded Bike Packer’s Fully Loaded Rove LTD

The Rove Ltd and Sutra Ltd bikes are big-time staff favorite bikes here at Kona. I mean they are built to OUR dream spec basically. So we really, really love seeing just how customers make them their own. Zach Wist AKA The Bearded Bike Packer, has changed pretty much every component on his stock Rove Ltd,  as he’s built his own Kona Dream Build, I think that rear mech might be original? We reached out to Zach to see what he had to say about the bike and his motivation for building it.

Inspiration for this build was absolute flexibility, with where I can ride while taking advantage of multiple cycling disciplines. The Rove LTD is everything I need to succeed in commuting, bike touring and bike packing, and is completely capable for cyclocross and blasting through single-track. I come from a predominantly mountain biking background, to keep happy on the road, I also want to be able to leave it!

The Rove LTD is a steel frame with a carbon fork, so I decided I would keep the two very polar components as part of the theme. A steel frame with carbon everywhere else for weight savings and to help minimize chatter. While I’m on the subject of chatter, this is a grand opportunity to talk about 650B road. It’s amazing. My forty mile commute days have become completely ironed out. There are areas on my commute where I used to grin and grip, now they’ve become much more tolerable, in fact, they aren’t even a problem anymore. The higher volume tires allow me to roll over every imperfection without feeling much at the bars.

I chose FSA products because the US office is based out of Mukilteo, WA and I have a thing about supporting as local as I can get. Their components are top notch and their customer service is stellar, Kona is based just up the road as well.

FSA’s New AGX (Adventure Gravel Cross) line falls under the road category. With that comes the new FSA K-Wing AGX handlebar which is incredibly ergonomic. It’s full carbon with a slight flare in the drops, perfect for managing the bike on single-track mountain bike trails.

From head to toe:
FSA K-Wing AGX handlebar w/ FSA powergrip tape
FSA K-Force Stem
FSA SL-K Wheelset
FSA SL-K Modular road crank, hacked with the 34T FSA Afterburner modular chainring
FSA K-Force Light Chain
FSA K-Force Light seatpost
Brooks B17 Imperial Saddle
WTB Byway tires
Crank Brothers Candy Pedals

Luggage and extras:
Ortlieb Handlebar bag w/ accessory bag
Ortlieb frame bag
Ortlieb Seatpost bag
Ellum Bagworks Hitchhiker Stem bag
Planet Bike fenders, because PNW.
Two Fish stap-on bottle cages w/steel bottles

Bike Packing Tip: Making Your Own Handlebar Harness

Bikepacking isn’t new, but it’s certainly growing in popularity. We’ve shared our love of bikepacking with our Not Too Far From Home Videos and the with the launch of our Remote eBike.  If you’ve been considering dabbling in bikepacking, one of the more creative aspects to consider is how you’re going to carry all of your gear. A while back Bicycle Times Magazine posted a really clever DIY handlebar harness for your gear. They used a Hei Hei Trail DL in their write-up, but we offer a ton of bikes that are awesome for bikepacking. Check out the link to learn howto make your very own handlebar harness with only a couple dollars and a few supplies.


Considering venturing out on a bikepacking adventure? Be sure to check out the Unit, Unit X, Rove LTD, Big Honzo, Remote, or a Sutra LTD.

Roving the Kootenays with Morgan and Stephanie

Rove Further Than Ever

Your rides are as varied as they come. Paved roads end and become gravel, gravel leads to doubletrack, and before you know it you’re ripping singletrack and forgetting you’re on a drop bar bike. And you love every moment of it.

Big tires and tried-and-true Rove geometry are at the heart of our new Rove LTD and Rove NRB. The Rove platform riders have loved for years as a commuter and a gravel adventurer has expanded to include new possibilities. The NRB and LTD are both spec’d with tubeless-ready 650x47c WTB Horizon tires, maintaining a similar outer diameter to a narrower 700c tire while adding the flotation and comfort of high volume.

Set up tubeless and at pressures you’d normally consider mountain bike territory, the 47c tires roll surprisingly quick on pavement, giving a ride quality that really steps outside the norm for bikes this fast. Stand up on the pedals and the efficient frames with full carbon forks do exactly what you ask of them, yet sit back and spin and you notice something’s different: road imperfections disappear underneath you while the miles disappear behind.

The high volume tires truly shine when the going gets rough. The lower pressures these tires are comfortable at makes for a natural transition to unsealed surfaces. Climbing and descending grip is improved, bumps in the road don’t feel quite as big. These characteristics can really open up a different kind of riding.

From pavement to singletrack and everywhere in between, the new Roves are a distinctly Kona take on a modern drop bar bike. We like to get rad and we hope you do too.

Roving the Kootenays with Morgan and Stephanie

Everyone has their own special place, and to Morgan and Stephanie of Found in the Mountains, that’s the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia’s West Kootenays. For two years, these two lived in a tiny cabin on Slocan Lake just outside of New Denver, and over that time they found that a bike that could handle all types of terrain was most suited to adventuring in the area.

We set Morgan and Stephanie up with a Rove LTD and a Rove NRB DL knowing they’d seek out some special spots as former residents of this natural and undammed glacial valley. Over a couple of days, they found blissful pavement with expansive views, rail trails along the lake and through the forest, and high mountains on forest service roads.

New Denver to Idaho Peak

Idaho Peak is a classic destination for visitors to the Slocan Valley, the narrow and winding forest road leading from valley bottom to Silver Ridge and a relatively easy mile-long hike to the peak. As a riding destination, Idaho is known for its mountain biking trails which allow riders to explore the remnants of the area’s silver mining history. Yet the rail trail from New Denver to Three Forks, the dirt road through Sandon – a bustling mining town of more than 5,000 at the turn of the century, and the 12 km climb to the saddle are the perfect stage for the new Roves.

Slocan Lake, Rosebery, and Cape Horn Bluffs

Down at lake level, the Slocan’s resource extraction history remains in the villages of New Denver and Silverton, with the old CPR rail line coming in from Nakusp to the north. The rail line now serves as a recreation corridor, and a great way to get away quickly. Across the lake, Valhalla Provincial Park is the only park in the province to protect three biogeoclimatic zones, from temperate rainforest at lake level all the way to rugged alpine peaks. Ride the lakeside, stop in for a sandwich, and head south to Cape Horn Bluffs for one of the most scenic roads in the province.

Rove Line Expansion

With the addition of three models with 650b wheels, the Rove line now comprises six models. The Rove enables you to expand your horizons and get just that little bit further out there. Head to the Rove platform page to check out all six models, and the Rove Innovation page for technical info and video.

Bike Rumor posts their Rove LTD First Impressions “It’s a bike that is distinctly Kona in its execution”

“The steel purists should love the LTD, but even those who don’t have a “steel is real” tattoo will be able to appreciate the ride quality.”

We had Zach from join us in Squamish recently for the launch of our new Rove LTD and Rove NRB models and his first impressions are online now. You can check them out in full here.

Das neue Kona Rove LTD: Reynolds 853 Stahl und 650B Laufräder


Das Flaggschiff

Das Rove LTD ist das Flaggschiff unseres erweiterten Rove Line-ups. Der Reynolds 853-Rahmen ist für die neue Generation der voluminösen 650B Reifen ausgelegt und bietet Shimano E-Thru Steckachsen vorne und hinten. Das Rove LTD, wie auch seine neuen Geschwister, das Rove RRB und das Rove NRB DL, verfügen über ein konisches Steuerrohr und eine Vollcarbongabel mit Flat-Mount-Aufnahme für Scheibenbremsen. Diese Bikes sind wirklich Konas Interpretation von einem modernen Alltags-Randonneur.

Rove LTD

Das Rove LTD bekommt eine SRAM Force 1 Schaltung mit großer Übersetzungsbandbreite, Carbonkurbeln und hydraulische Bremsen. Die WTB KOM i25 TCS Felgen sind mit Tubeless-ready WTB Horizon TCS 650x47c Reifen besohlt und drehen um SRAM S900 Steckachsennaben. Eine kompromisslose Maschine, die an ein Custombike grenzt. Ob du nun Langstrecken-Touren mit Schotterpassagen planst oder nur das Gefühl von Stahl und großen Reifen genießen willst – nach diesem Bike willst du nichts mehr.



The New Kona Rove LTD: Reynolds 853 Steel and 650B Wheels

With new Kona models arriving in your local bike shop over the next couple of weeks, we’re doing a series of posts here on the Cog to introduce the new bikes. Keep an eye here all week for rad new bikes and updates to current models. Next up: the all new Reynolds 853 Rove LTD…

The Pinnacle

The Rove LTD is the pinnacle of our expanded Rove lineup. The Reynolds 853 frame is designed around the new generation of high volume 650b tires, with Shimano E-thru axles at both ends of the bike. The Rove LTD, along with its new siblings the Rove NRB and Rove NRB DL, features a tapered head tube and full carbon flat mount disc fork. These bikes truly are Kona’s take on a modern all day drop bar bike.

Rove LTD

The Rove LTD gets a wide range SRAM Force 1 drivetrain with a Force carbon crank and hydraulic brakes. WTB KOM i25 TCS rims are shod with tubeless-ready WTB Horizon TCS 650x47c tires, and laced to SRAM S900 thru-axle hubs. It’s a no-holds-barred build that verges on custom. Whether you’ve got long distance gravel events in your sights, or just enjoy the feel of steel and big tires, this is one bike that won’t leave you wanting more.

Keep an eye here on the Cog throughout this week for more new Kona models!

La nuova Kona Rove LTD: Acciaio Reynolds 853 e ruote 650B


La Rove LTD è l’ammiraglia della nuova gamma Rove. Il telaio in acciaio Reynolds 853 è progettato intorno agli pneumatici di ultima generazione 650B, con perno passante Shimano E-Thru anteriore e posteriore. La Rove LTD, con le sue nuove sorelle Rove NRB e Rove NRB DL, ha una forcella in carbonio per freni a disco flat mount e tubo sterzo conico. Queste biciclette rappresentano perfettamente la visione di Kona per una moderna bici tuttofare con manubrio a piega.


Rove LTD

La Rove LTD ha un gruppo SRAM Force 1 con una ampia gamma di rapporti, una guarnitura in carbonio Force e freni idraulici. I cerchi WTB KOM i25 TCS sono equipaggiati con pneumatici WTB Horizon TCS 650x47c tubeless ready su mozzi SRAM S900. È una bici costruita senza limiti, quasi una custom. Sia che tua abbia in mente lunghi percorsi gravel o semplicemente goderti la sensazione dell’acciaio e dei copertoni di grande sezione, questa è una bici che non ti farà desiderare nulla di più.

La Nueva Kona Rove LTD: Acero Reynolds 853 y ruedas 650B

La Cúspide

La Kona Rove LTD es la cúspide de nuestra nueva y expandida gama Rove. El cuadro en Reynolds 853 está diseñado alrededor de una nueva generación de neumáticos de gran volumen aro de rodado 650B, y con ejes pasantes Shimano E-Thru adelante y atrás. La Rove LTD con sus hermanas, las Rove NRB y Rove NRB DL, viene con una pipa de dirección cónica y con horquilla full carbono con anclajes de freno Flat Mount. Estas bicis realmente son la forma Kona de hacer una bici con manillar de carretera.

Rove LTD

La Rove LTD recibe un grupo SRAM Force 1 con relaciones de marchas amplias, volante Force de carbono, y frenos hidráulicos. Sus llantas WTB KOM i25 TCS están envueltos en neumáticos WTB Horizon TCS 650x46c Tubeless Ready, y giran alrededor de bujes SRAM S900 eje pasante. en conjunto crean una receta hecha sin compromisos y que asemeja ser hecha de manera personalizada. Ya sea que tengas en mente eventos gravel de larga distancia, o que simplemente seas un amante del andar de un cuadro de acero y neumáticos grandes, esta es la bici que calmará todos tus deseos