Six Updated Roves For 2019


Wherever you may Rove… Is the perfect place to be. On-road, off-road, gravel, touring, bikepacking- the Rove is the bike of all drop bar trades. With six offerings in multiple wheel sizes, gearing configurations in both 1x and 2x and frame options in both steel and aluminum, you can truly get the Rove you’ve always dreamt of for whatever size adventure you’re planning and at whatever budget best suits your needs.

Rove LTD

“This bike has it all.” “How can it get any better?” “I’m speechless. It’s perfect.” It’s not uncommon to hear people talk about the Rove LTD in similar terms. Simply put, there’s nothing left out of this thoughtfully spec’d bike. Reynolds 853 steel is the chassis for SRAM Force 1 components, our full carbon flat mount CX race disc fork, and WTB ASYM i23 wheels.

“Whether weaving through lush, green ferns like a speeder bike on Endor, or sprinting it out on the pavement, the Rove LTD felt stable without being too muted, but still playful enough to wear the Kona badge.”

– Bike Rumor




We had fun designing the Rove NRB DL. With homage to its steel cousin, the NRB has creative geometry to allow for bigger tire clearance, and custom dropouts that are easily used with fenders. Size XS comes with smaller 40c tires. Nicely dressed with a Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain, a carbon fork and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, the NRB DL is a unique bike that is ready for anything.

Rove NRB

Sometimes we hit a crossroads where the pavement ends, and the dirt begins. Enter the Rove NRB. 650b wheels, a carbon flat mount disc fork, and mechanical disc brakes mean that transition from pavement to dirt is seamless. Couple those features with a SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain, and the Rove NRB is begging to take you away from your traditional route and into territories unexplored.

“This rig is a go nearly anywhere and ride nearly anything drop-bar rolling fun factory.”

– Peloton Magazine

Rove ST

For those that have a love affair with steel, the Rove ST will slide rightfully near the top of your “next to buy” list. New this year, the Rove ST runs on 650b wheels that are tubeless ready right out of the box. A SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain and flat mount disc fork round out what we consider to be a killer value.

Rove DL
When the ride requires speed, it’s important to pay attention to the little details. Fenders for bad weather and 9 speed gearing provide the comfort and range needed to access any kind of road in any kind of weather. The Rove DL is the answer to your road needs no matter when and where you ride.


The intention is in the name, as the Rove is the perfect bike to use as a wandering companion. Our most traditional drop bar offering, the Rove is willing to go the distance whether on pavement, dirt, or even gravel. Outfitted with Hayes mechanical disc brakes, and a wide range of gearing, the Rove is an affordable, road-ready steed.

“Kona hasn’t pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a gravel bike, but they’ve created a bike that is happy across a broad spectrum of riding and perhaps the beginning of the reinvention of the road bike market with a focus towards more versatile and adventurous experiences.”



Road CC Love the Kona Rove DL

Recently, the team at Road CC spent some time aboard the Kona Rove DL. They just posted this super in-depth look into the bike and breaks down the full frame spec, and overall ride of the bike. Their verdict? “Virtually all of the competition can be had for less money, but do you know what? I’d still happily pay the small premium for the Rove DL. It’s a complete package and I’d know every time I go out for a gravel blast on it or negotiate a commute in tricky weather conditions I’d have a little smug grin on my face.”

You can read the full review here.

Roving the Kootenays with Morgan and Stephanie

Rove Further Than Ever

Your rides are as varied as they come. Paved roads end and become gravel, gravel leads to doubletrack, and before you know it you’re ripping singletrack and forgetting you’re on a drop bar bike. And you love every moment of it.

Big tires and tried-and-true Rove geometry are at the heart of our new Rove LTD and Rove NRB. The Rove platform riders have loved for years as a commuter and a gravel adventurer has expanded to include new possibilities. The NRB and LTD are both spec’d with tubeless-ready 650x47c WTB Horizon tires, maintaining a similar outer diameter to a narrower 700c tire while adding the flotation and comfort of high volume.

Set up tubeless and at pressures you’d normally consider mountain bike territory, the 47c tires roll surprisingly quick on pavement, giving a ride quality that really steps outside the norm for bikes this fast. Stand up on the pedals and the efficient frames with full carbon forks do exactly what you ask of them, yet sit back and spin and you notice something’s different: road imperfections disappear underneath you while the miles disappear behind.

The high volume tires truly shine when the going gets rough. The lower pressures these tires are comfortable at makes for a natural transition to unsealed surfaces. Climbing and descending grip is improved, bumps in the road don’t feel quite as big. These characteristics can really open up a different kind of riding.

From pavement to singletrack and everywhere in between, the new Roves are a distinctly Kona take on a modern drop bar bike. We like to get rad and we hope you do too.

Roving the Kootenays with Morgan and Stephanie

Everyone has their own special place, and to Morgan and Stephanie of Found in the Mountains, that’s the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia’s West Kootenays. For two years, these two lived in a tiny cabin on Slocan Lake just outside of New Denver, and over that time they found that a bike that could handle all types of terrain was most suited to adventuring in the area.

We set Morgan and Stephanie up with a Rove LTD and a Rove NRB DL knowing they’d seek out some special spots as former residents of this natural and undammed glacial valley. Over a couple of days, they found blissful pavement with expansive views, rail trails along the lake and through the forest, and high mountains on forest service roads.

New Denver to Idaho Peak

Idaho Peak is a classic destination for visitors to the Slocan Valley, the narrow and winding forest road leading from valley bottom to Silver Ridge and a relatively easy mile-long hike to the peak. As a riding destination, Idaho is known for its mountain biking trails which allow riders to explore the remnants of the area’s silver mining history. Yet the rail trail from New Denver to Three Forks, the dirt road through Sandon – a bustling mining town of more than 5,000 at the turn of the century, and the 12 km climb to the saddle are the perfect stage for the new Roves.

Slocan Lake, Rosebery, and Cape Horn Bluffs

Down at lake level, the Slocan’s resource extraction history remains in the villages of New Denver and Silverton, with the old CPR rail line coming in from Nakusp to the north. The rail line now serves as a recreation corridor, and a great way to get away quickly. Across the lake, Valhalla Provincial Park is the only park in the province to protect three biogeoclimatic zones, from temperate rainforest at lake level all the way to rugged alpine peaks. Ride the lakeside, stop in for a sandwich, and head south to Cape Horn Bluffs for one of the most scenic roads in the province.

Rove Line Expansion

With the addition of three models with 650b wheels, the Rove line now comprises six models. The Rove enables you to expand your horizons and get just that little bit further out there. Head to the Rove platform page to check out all six models, and the Rove Innovation page for technical info and video.

Kona Rove ST … Jetzt mit Steckachsen und mehr Reifenfreiheit

Rove ST

Der ehrwürdige Stahlabenteurer ist zurück und bietet neben den geschmeidigen Fahreigenschaften von Stahlrahmen erlesene Komponenten mit riesigem Potenzial. In diesem Jahr bekommt das Rove ST ein CroMoly-Rahmenset mit Flat-Mount- und Steckachsenaufnahmen, sowie mehr Reifenfreiheit an den Kettenstreben, damit noch breitere Reifen reinpassen. Die großen alten Schotterreifen? Jupp. Umstellung auf großvolumige 650B Reifen? Gern. Das Rove ST behält seine SRAM Rival 1×11 Schaltung mit der großen Übersetzungsbandbreite, sowie die Tubeless-ready-Felgen und -Reifen. Wohin wird dich das Rove ST bringen? Das hängt ganz von dir ab.

Kona Rove ST… Now with Thru-Axles and More Tire Clearance

With new Kona models arriving in your local bike shop over the next couple of weeks, we’re doing a series of posts here on the Cog to introduce the new bikes. Keep an eye here all week for rad new bikes and updates to current models. Next up: the venerable steel Rove, further modernized…

Rove ST

Our venerable steel adventurer is back, offering that smooth steel ride and a great parts spec in a package with a whole lot of potential. This year the Rove ST gets flat mount disc brakes and thru-axles on its cromoly frame and fork, as well as more tire clearance at the chainstays to let you squeeze even more tire into it. Big ol’ gravel tires? Yep. High volume 650b conversion? Sure. The Rove ST keeps its wide-range SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain, and tubeless-ready wheels and tires. Where will the Rove ST take you? That’s up to your imagination.

Keep an eye here on the Cog and on for new models arriving at Kona dealers every day!

Peloton Magazine says “the Kona Rove NRB defies expectations…”

“What do you do if you’re given an open-ended brief to make whatever drop-bar bike you want? If you’re a Kona Bikes’ product manager, you embrace your company’s quirky Pacific Northwest, off-beaten-path spirit and go for broke.”

Bryan Yates from Peloton Magazine joined us at our drop bar launch in Squamish a few weeks back, and got a chance to ride our new Rove NRB DL. We must agree that the Rove NRB defies expectations!

Read on at Peloton.

Sag Hallo zum Kona Rove NRB und Rove NRB DL!

Erweiterung der Kona Rove Linie

Allterrain- und Mehrzweck-Bike: Das neue Rove ist Konas Interpretation von einem modernen Alltags-Randonneur. Zwei nagelneue Rahmen bilden die Grundlage für die Erweiterung der Rove Linie: Das Flaggschiff Rove LTD weist einen Reynolds 853 Stahlrahmen auf, während das Rove NRB und NRB DL über einen leichtgewichtigen 6061 Aluminiumrahmen verfügen. Alle drei Modelle sind mit einer Vollcarbongabel mit Flat-Mount-Aufnahme für Scheibenbremsen und großvolumigen 650B-Reifen ausgestattet.

Dank WTBs neuer Serie großvolumiger Tubeless-ready-Reifen in Größe 650B fährt das Rove weiter als jemals zuvor und bewahrt zugleich seine Schnelligkeit auf glattem Untergrund. Das Rove war immer schon sowohl schnell auf dem Asphalt als auch zupackend auf vielen anderen Oberflächen, und die Ausrüstung mit Laufrädern und Reifen in 650B erweitert diese Möglichkeiten zusätzlich.


Hast du dich schon mal gefragt, was einen modernen Randonneur ausmacht? Wenn du uns fragst, wäre es schnell auf dem Asphalt, müsste aber auch auf vielen anderen Terrains überzeugen. Steckachsen, Hydraulikbremsen und Platz für große Reifen. Das Rove NRB DL ist unsere Interpretation eines modernen Alltags-Randonneurs – unverkennbar Kona.

Rove NRB

Das Rove NRB ist die Weiterentwicklung des Bikes, das ein Gravelbike war, bevor es diese Kategorie überhaupt gab. Wir haben ein nagelneues Rahmenset einschließlich Flat-Mount- und Steckachsaufnahmen mit den legendären Kona Fahreigenschaften kombiniert und so einen modernen Randonneur geschaffen, der wieder einmal alle Grenzen überwindet.


Say Hello to the Kona Rove NRB and Rove NRB DL!

With new Kona models arriving in your local bike shop over the next couple of weeks, we’re doing a series of posts here on the Cog to introduce the new bikes. Keep an eye here all week for rad new bikes and updates to current models. Next up: The all new Rove NRB and Rove NRB DL.

Rove Line Expansion

Multi-surface, multi-purpose: the new Rove is Kona’s take on a modern, all-day drop bar bike. Two all-new frames set the stage for the Rove line’s expansion: The flagship Rove LTD features a Reynolds 853 steel frame, while the Rove NRB and Rove NRB DL feature a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. All three new models are paired with a full carbon, flat mount disc brake fork and high volume 650b tires.

Making use of WTB’s new range of tubeless-ready high volume 650b tires, the Rove can now go further than ever before while maintaining its quickness on smooth surfaces. The Rove has always been quick on the pavement yet capable on a variety of surfaces, and the move to high volume 650b wheels and tires extends that capability yet again.


Consider a simple question: what does a modern road bike look like? If you ask us, it would be quick on the pavement but completely capable of putting in time on a variety of surfaces. Thru-axles, hydraulic brakes, and room for big tires. The Rove NRB DL is a distinctly Kona take on the modern all-day road bike.

Rove NRB

The Rove NRB is the evolution of the bike that was doing gravel before it became a buzzword. An all new frame and fork with thru-axles and flat mount disc brakes combine with the legendary Kona ride to make a modern drop bar bike that pushes the limits once again.

Keep an eye here on the Cog and on for new models arriving at Kona dealers every day!

Multiuso, per ogni terreno: le nuove Kona Rove e Rove DL

Rove e Rove DL

La Rove è la nostra linea di bici col manubrio a piega che sia adatta tutti i terreni e tutti gli usi. Gravel, randonee, commuting o bikepacking, tutto quello che voi avete fatto con la serie Rove ha fatto in modo che noi di Kona trovassimo il suo esatto posizionamento. La Rove vi permette di espandere i tuoi orizzonti e vi chiede solo di andare un po’ più lontano.

Quella che l’anno scorso conoscevate come Rove AL adesso è raddoppiata in due modelli: la Rove e la Rove DL. Piega stradale, freni a disco e specifiche dei componenti che garantiscano lunga durata e utilità. Ognuna disponibile in due colori. Vacci al lavoro tutta la settimana e organizza una gara di cross nel weekend! Perché no?

Presenteremo nuove bici della linea Rove nelle prossime settimane, quindi controlla il Blog Cog o!

Rove DL

La Rove è diventata subito un classico nella linea Kona dal primo momento in cui è stata presentata. Che fosse una commuter o una gravel o qualunque cosa nel mezzo si possa immaginare, ciò che le persone hanno fatto con le loro Rove ha scolpito una nicchia qui da noi alla Kona.  Può sembrare un cliché definire la Rove DL una bici versatile, ma è ciò che voi avete creato.



La Rove è la Kona tuttofare essenziale con piega stradale. Posizione comoda e geometria stabile, la possibilità di montare portapacchi e parafanghi e specifiche non insensate rendono la Rove una grande scelta per il commuting, le avventure del fine settimana o  occasionali gare di cross e gravel.



Das neue Kona Rove LTD: Reynolds 853 Stahl und 650B Laufräder


Das Flaggschiff

Das Rove LTD ist das Flaggschiff unseres erweiterten Rove Line-ups. Der Reynolds 853-Rahmen ist für die neue Generation der voluminösen 650B Reifen ausgelegt und bietet Shimano E-Thru Steckachsen vorne und hinten. Das Rove LTD, wie auch seine neuen Geschwister, das Rove RRB und das Rove NRB DL, verfügen über ein konisches Steuerrohr und eine Vollcarbongabel mit Flat-Mount-Aufnahme für Scheibenbremsen. Diese Bikes sind wirklich Konas Interpretation von einem modernen Alltags-Randonneur.

Rove LTD

Das Rove LTD bekommt eine SRAM Force 1 Schaltung mit großer Übersetzungsbandbreite, Carbonkurbeln und hydraulische Bremsen. Die WTB KOM i25 TCS Felgen sind mit Tubeless-ready WTB Horizon TCS 650x47c Reifen besohlt und drehen um SRAM S900 Steckachsennaben. Eine kompromisslose Maschine, die an ein Custombike grenzt. Ob du nun Langstrecken-Touren mit Schotterpassagen planst oder nur das Gefühl von Stahl und großen Reifen genießen willst – nach diesem Bike willst du nichts mehr.



The New Kona Rove LTD: Reynolds 853 Steel and 650B Wheels

With new Kona models arriving in your local bike shop over the next couple of weeks, we’re doing a series of posts here on the Cog to introduce the new bikes. Keep an eye here all week for rad new bikes and updates to current models. Next up: the all new Reynolds 853 Rove LTD…

The Pinnacle

The Rove LTD is the pinnacle of our expanded Rove lineup. The Reynolds 853 frame is designed around the new generation of high volume 650b tires, with Shimano E-thru axles at both ends of the bike. The Rove LTD, along with its new siblings the Rove NRB and Rove NRB DL, features a tapered head tube and full carbon flat mount disc fork. These bikes truly are Kona’s take on a modern all day drop bar bike.

Rove LTD

The Rove LTD gets a wide range SRAM Force 1 drivetrain with a Force carbon crank and hydraulic brakes. WTB KOM i25 TCS rims are shod with tubeless-ready WTB Horizon TCS 650x47c tires, and laced to SRAM S900 thru-axle hubs. It’s a no-holds-barred build that verges on custom. Whether you’ve got long distance gravel events in your sights, or just enjoy the feel of steel and big tires, this is one bike that won’t leave you wanting more.

Keep an eye here on the Cog throughout this week for more new Kona models!