Shonky ST

Kona Dream Builds: Murray’s Shonky is a Weapon of Dirt Destruction

We’ve already seen one extremely rad Shonky build come out of UK dealer Harts Cyclery. Well now it’s official. With Murray‘s bike, Harts is now two for two. These guys definitely hit it out of the park with this classy Shonky ST.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Murray’s weapon of a bike has some seriously cool touches that add up to one crazy light dirt jumper/park bike. The whole thing weighs in at just 25lbs 8oz (11.56kg) and that might due to these Race Face SixC carbon cranks.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

The back end is slammed (would you have it any other way).

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Hope’s burly Pro 4 trials hub handles the single gear.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

More Hope matchiness up front with another Pro 4 hub. This one is bolted to a set of Rock Shox Pike DJ’s

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Keeping it UK, Murray has kept the Hope theme going with the rims and opted for a set of Hope Tech DH hoops. These are shod with Maxxis DTH tires front and rear.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Stopping is a classy affair and another spot where saving weight has kicked in. There are no parts bin stoppers here. Murray has opted for a SRAM Guide Ultimate (the one with the carbon lever) rear brake with a 140mm rotor.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

That’s enough brake line there for at least two bar spins or tailwhips. Looks like Murray is planning on getting zesty on this thing.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Oh look, more Race Face. The cockpit is running the Canadian brands legendary Atlas bar and stem combo.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Out back you will find even more weight savings courtesy of Race Face. The SDG I-beam saddle is attached to a cut down Race Face SixC carbon seat post.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

You can’t tell us that you aren’t going to dream about this serious whip tonight. I can’t think of a single thing I’d do differently (well maybe some Maxxis DTH’s instead of the Ikons). I’m salivating just typing this up.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG
Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Kona Dream Builds: Show and Shine, Jai Motherwell’s Timeless Shonky ST

The new Shonky ST hasn’t been out there in the wild all that long, and we’ve barely seen any make it to the Cog. Most recently we featured Danny Stewarts bike and there are some pretty cool team builds out there as well under Aggy, Connor, Caleb and Soren Farenholtz. But Jai Motherwell‘s Shonky ST, that we saw complete for the first time yesterday, well and truly takes the cake. I know your asking just how different can you even build a Shonky, it’s just a dirt jump hardtail. Well as you’ll see in this flawless build, it’s by using dedicated, trusted and straight up sexy components and opting for a less is more approach. Let’s dig in.

At one time Marzocchi owned the dirt jump fork market. Right now though, if your DJ build is not sporting a Pike DJ… Well, you better start saving.

Black on Black decals keeps things stealth. What’s that out of focus hub hiding in plain sight?

If you guessed some Profile Racing Elite hubs you’d be spot on. If you don’t know, Profile Racing is the Chris King of the BMX world, USA made, bomb proof and just a little bit pricey, but just like CK stuff, you’ll be handing these hubs down to your Grand Children. And you may notice its a non-disc hub… No chance of ever of adding a front brake to this wheel.

Oh yes! More Profile Racing sexiness. This time it’s their famous three-piece Elite Crankset. Profile racing produced their first 19mm 48 splined, Chromoly three piece race crank way back in 1979. Very little has changed all though the MTB version features a 22mm axle, and Jai is running a 170mm length crank.

Jai is sporting the Profile Racing Sabre Universal Spline Drive Sprocket in 28t. And hot damn that black chainring and polished crank look so damn good together!

Outback you’ll find a 12T cog…

…Attached to more Profile Racing goodness, this time though, the Elite hub will take a disc rotor. Both front and rear hubs are laced to Stans Flow MKIII rims and shod with S&M Speedball tires.

Jumping up to the cockpit you’ll find some Deity Black label bars with a 38mm rise and 750mm in width.

They are attached via Deity’s Cavity stem in 35mm length.

SRAM’s classic Elixir XO Trail handles braking duties.

Those sure look like Ti bolts to me.

Cane Creek’s long lasting and tough 110 headset ensures the bars stay spinning smooth.

Deity’s Pivotal Frisco DJ saddle keeps things tidy and low.

And it all finishes with a set of our new Kona Wah Wah II composite pedals.

Would you do anything different?