Shred 20

Kona Dream Builds: Lauren’s Drool Worthy Hope Tech Dripping Shred 20

Lauren is a seven-year-old little ripper from Ireland. Her Dad, Colin, thought it would be a fun activity to build a custom bike for Lauren. They opted for a Kona Shred 20, and have fully kitted the bike with gorgeous purple anodized parts from Hope. Check out the build and some info from Colin on how and why they built this bike.



Kona: Why did you decide to do this build for Lauren?

Colin: Lauren was on a 16″ bike for over 3 years and was getting way too big for it. I was planning on getting her a bike for Christmas anyway. I’ve always wanted to put together a super high-end bike and working in a bike shop makes that task easier. When people see it and their jaws drop, they ask me, “Why? It’s only a kids bike,” and I get to say, “Why not? If you could, wouldn’t you?” That’s the main reason why we put this build together- because we could. That and I’m just a big kid myself and really wanted to do something cool like this. 

Kona: What made you choose the Shred 20?

Colin: We’re a Kona dealer at the MBW Bike shop so I know how good the bikes are. On top of that, with the air fork rather then coil makes it easier for me to tune the bike perfectly for Lauren because she’s super light. 


Kona This was her first time working on a bike, how did she do?

Colin: She had only ever helped me clean our bikes after a ride, so with no maintenance experience I really threw her in the deep end when I pulled the frame out of the box and said, “We’re going to build a bike together.” She was super excited and really enjoyed it, but I had to double check all the bolts just to be safe! I think I was more excited than she was. 


Kona: What made you select the Hope components?

Colin: We’ve worked with Hope on other builds so they were our first choice. You can’t get much better than the parts Hope produce, and with so many colour options it was a no-brainer. They loved the idea. We sent the measurements and in no time a box full of purple parts arrived in the shop. 

Kona: How long has Lauren been riding and what is her favorite kind of trails/paths to ride?

Colin: Lauren was only 1 when she was rolling around on her scooter so she has no problem balancing on anything with wheels. When she was 2 she got a balance bike and in no time was flying down hills and gravel pathways. When she was 4 she got her first pedal bike and within 5 minutes she was pedaling around like she had been on that bike for years. Lauren doesn’t care if she’s on pavement, gravel or dirt, as long as she’s on her bike she’s happy. 


Kona: What do you think her next bike will be?

Colin: I’ll probably move her up to a Shed 24″ but who knows? It’ll be another couple of years before she grows out of the Shred 20. I’d love to have her on a cool little 24″ full-sus for the trails (cough, cough, get on it Kona, cough, cough).

Kona: How much fun was this to work on with her?

Colin: It was really great. When we put the bike together she wanted to do everything and fit all the parts. The bigger bike with gears and suspension has really improved her riding so we’re having more fun on the trails together too. It took a few trips for us to get the shots we needed and she really enjoyed scouting for locations. I’ll definitely be working on more projects with her, any excuse to spend more time on our bikes together. 

If the bike itself wasn’t awesome enough, Lauren has been racing the local circuit. This week she finished first among all boys and girls in the under 8 age group. Way to go Lauren! Keep on shredding!


Kona’s Kids’ Bikes Get Big Updates for 2018

The Kona Ride for Kids

What would you say if we told you that you could drop 3 pounds off the weight of your bike? We assume you’d say “yes please!” Now, imagine it’s your kid’s bike. And that we’ve done it. That’s right, for 2018, the Hula and Makena have both dropped more than three pounds, and that’s just one of the great stories for this year’s Kona Kids’ bikes.

Hula and Makena

The Hula and Makena are our reliable and fun little rippers. This year we’ve made some changes and both of these bikes are now a whopping 1.4kg (3 pounds) lighter. We replaced suspension forks with lightweight aluminum Project Two forks – and both bikes also now feature single ring drivetrains, a theme you’ll find on all of our Kids’ bikes for 2018.

Both Hula and Makena are available in two colorways for 2018:

Makena in Matt Black & Grey

Makena in Gloss Pink & Light Blue

Hula in Matt Olive

Hula in Gloss Magenta & Blue

Shred 20 and Shred 24

Moving along in the Kids’ lineup, our Shred 20 and Shred 24 have also lost weight this year, thanks to the move to an air-adjustable suspension fork. The Spinner Grind Air fork found on both of these bikes lets you dial in the spring rate just for your little ripper, making them adaptable to riders of all sizes and weights. As with all of our other other Kids’ bikes, the Shred make use of a single ring drivetrain, putting all the shifting in one hand for ease of use.

Shred 20 in Matt Blue w/ Black Decals

Shred 24 in Matt Orange w/ Black Decals

Stinky 24

The culmination of these ideals incorporated into our Kids’ bikes this year is the Stinky 24, with dual suspension and a parts kit that lets younger riders take on bigger challenges on the trail. The Stinky 24 also gets adjustable air suspension front and rear, and a wide range Shimano Deore clutched 1x drivetrain. With Maxxis High Roller tires and Shimano hydraulic brakes, the Stinky 24 is the gateway to life on the trails.

Stinky 24 in Matt Green w/ Black & Green Decals

Get the full scoop on our 2018 Kids’ bikes on the Kids’ Innovation page, and check out all the models on

Concours de Dessins Kona: un Shred 20 à Gagner! (Francais)

Kona apporte son soutien aux Mercredis de Terrebonne! Tous les mercredis, les plus jeunes comme les élites se réunissent au Nord de Montréal pour s’affronter sur des parcours de cross country.

Même notre Gravity Team y participe! Si vous voulez rencontrer Connor Fearon en personne, vous savez où aller. Vous pourrez également retrouver le stand Kona sur cet évenement, alors enfourchez votre vélo-trotteur ou votre tout nouveau Honzo, et venez faire un tour!

Un concours de dessin est organisé pour les plus jeunes, toutes les semaines sur notre stand. A vos crayons! Venez réaliser votre plus beau dessin pour tentez de remporter un Shred 20! Nous choisirons le dessin le plus stylé et l’heureux gagnant sera désigné le neuf août prochain par le réprésentant Kona Québec, lors de la dernière étapes des Mercredis de Terrebonne.