Shred 24

Max Shreds the…Shred

Remember that feeling of freedom when you were a kid on your bike? Your little world expanded from your driveway to your street to your entire neighborhood. If you were curious enough to explore off-road you probably had adventures skidding through the fallen leaves, smashing through puddles, and jumping whatever was in your path. If you’re like us, you still do all of this on all of your current rides too. At Kona, we want to help your kids find their freedom in the woods. Our 2018 kids’ bikes ensure the groms are riding bikes that are as tough as they are and built with quality in mind. All kids bikes are spec’d with single ring drivetrains and suspension bikes feature an adjustable air spring fork. Max gets the exploring thing. Check out his quest to find his freedom in the woods aboard the Kona Shred 24.



Kona’s Kids’ Bikes Get Big Updates for 2018

The Kona Ride for Kids

What would you say if we told you that you could drop 3 pounds off the weight of your bike? We assume you’d say “yes please!” Now, imagine it’s your kid’s bike. And that we’ve done it. That’s right, for 2018, the Hula and Makena have both dropped more than three pounds, and that’s just one of the great stories for this year’s Kona Kids’ bikes.

Hula and Makena

The Hula and Makena are our reliable and fun little rippers. This year we’ve made some changes and both of these bikes are now a whopping 1.4kg (3 pounds) lighter. We replaced suspension forks with lightweight aluminum Project Two forks – and both bikes also now feature single ring drivetrains, a theme you’ll find on all of our Kids’ bikes for 2018.

Both Hula and Makena are available in two colorways for 2018:

Makena in Matt Black & Grey

Makena in Gloss Pink & Light Blue

Hula in Matt Olive

Hula in Gloss Magenta & Blue

Shred 20 and Shred 24

Moving along in the Kids’ lineup, our Shred 20 and Shred 24 have also lost weight this year, thanks to the move to an air-adjustable suspension fork. The Spinner Grind Air fork found on both of these bikes lets you dial in the spring rate just for your little ripper, making them adaptable to riders of all sizes and weights. As with all of our other other Kids’ bikes, the Shred make use of a single ring drivetrain, putting all the shifting in one hand for ease of use.

Shred 20 in Matt Blue w/ Black Decals

Shred 24 in Matt Orange w/ Black Decals

Stinky 24

The culmination of these ideals incorporated into our Kids’ bikes this year is the Stinky 24, with dual suspension and a parts kit that lets younger riders take on bigger challenges on the trail. The Stinky 24 also gets adjustable air suspension front and rear, and a wide range Shimano Deore clutched 1x drivetrain. With Maxxis High Roller tires and Shimano hydraulic brakes, the Stinky 24 is the gateway to life on the trails.

Stinky 24 in Matt Green w/ Black & Green Decals

Get the full scoop on our 2018 Kids’ bikes on the Kids’ Innovation page, and check out all the models on