Vital MTB Reviews the Process CR DL 29 “We cannot stress just how well this bike corners”

“We cannot stress just how well this bike corners, and we found ourselves seeking trails that had plenty of opportunities to lay the bike on edge, rather than just hauling straight down the fall line.”

I wont lie, we have been waiting with bated breath for VitalMTB’s review of the new carbon Process CR DL 29. So you can imagine how stoked we were today when Squamish based Vital MTB reviewer Joel Harwood finally published their Process review. The consensus? They love it!

“We admire Kona’s conviction to stay true to themselves. With all the pressure to constantly innovate, they have refined what they know well in order to make yet another great performer. The Process 153 CR/DL 29 is among the most entertaining bikes we have ridden to date and has a playful feel that few companies have achieved.”

Head to VitaltMTB.com now to read the in-depth review in full!

The Kona Ride 2019 Launch

Three years ago Kona started something big in Squamish: the Kona Ride. It’s our annual pilgrimage to the land of poutine and rock slabs, and also where we reveal our full lineup of bikes to hundreds of Kona dealers. This year we had a massive turnout from all around North America as well as Australia, Japan, and South America. While you’ve undoubtedly seen some of our exciting new bikes, we still have a few fun secrets up our sleeves. Luckily for the dealers, they got to cruise around on all of the new goods!


The mornings began with announcements and presentations. Here, owner Jake Heilbron presents Australian dealer Tim Bennett of Kalamunda bikes with the award for longest distance traveled to Squamish.

Lacy Kemp presented the 2019 product overview, marketing presentation, and brand presentation to a full house.


After the morning presentations dealers then went on full product walk-throughs with product managers. Here, PM Ian Schmitt walks everyone through a large portion of our mountain bikes.

Trevor Porter answers a question about the Libre.

Mark Allison takes the dealers through the Rove lineup.

After meetings with sales managers and product managers, it was time to ride the new bikes!

The road to Satori!

Jake gets ready to ride one of his namesake bikes, a Major Jake.


Clearly, no fun was had.

More of this not having any fun business…

Drop bars on singletrack! That’s the Kona way!

After the daily rides we all gathered back at the Executive Suites for fun and games with Kona staff and dealers.

“Bear fights and rad trails! Events like the launch are great for dealers. You get to ride bikes, talk to the folks that designed them, meet other dealers, put faces with names, and so on. From a money standpoint companies that feel that we are important enough to invite us to such events get our dollars. It’s cool to be treated the same as big box dealers with no soul.” –Andy, New River Bikes


Thanks to everyone who came out from all corners of the globe. We wouldn’t be where we are without each and every one of you.

Any bikes in this post pique your interest? Stay tuned to Konaworld and the Cog over the next six weeks as we continue to reveal all the 2019 bikes!


All photos by Paul Kelly

Elliot Smith – A Boy With a Coin

Kona’s Caleb Smith lives in Squamish with his wife and three kids. Elliot is the eldest of the Smith kids at 14, soon to overtake his (very tall) dad in height – but as you’ll see with this video he’s no doubt already left him in the dust on the trails.

The perks of having a dad in the bike world who’s pretty handy behind the lens, Elliot gets to shred a Process 153 on Squamish’s rough and rugged trails, and to plan and film a pro-caliber video at 14 years old.

So, in their spare time over the past year or so, Elliot and Caleb set out to film, all based around Iron & Wine’s A Boy With a Coin. The concept, perfectly executed. Nice work Elliot (and Dad). Enjoy!