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Say Hello to the 2019 Sutra and Sutra LTD!

What happens when you put a mountain bike, road bike, and touring bike in a blender and hit go? The Sutra. The legendary drop bar bike returns for 2019. Call it the drop bar bike for mountain bikers, or the Beast up to all burdens, but the Sutra is definitely one thing: badass. 700c wheels make it fast rolling. Beefier tires make rough terrain disappear, and there’s just something really special about the feel of a steel frame in motion. The Sutra and Sutra LTD offer style, an incredible ride, and amazing handling in one gorgeous package.


The Sutra is many things. It’s gorgeous. It’s stylish. It’s incredibly versatile, and it comes ready for the long haul. Our Kona Cromoly steel frame is outfitted by a Brooks saddle, cork bar tape, BarCon end shifters, a Shimano Deore 3×9 drivetrain to give you maximum gearing, and smooth-rolling 700c WTB wheels. It’s quite the looker right out of the box, and it’s ready for your biggest adventure. What more could you want?



Sutra LTD

Once upon a time a bunch of mountain bikers dreamed up something wild: a drop bar bike that felt like a mountain bike and rode like a mountain bike. It was made of steel for that added bump absorption, had powerful SRAM Rival 1 hydraulic disc brakes and 1x drivetrain. It had a wider bar with a 16-degree flare that made for more aggressive descending. The Sutra LTD came to reality in all of its dreamy glory and is an absolute riot on-road or off. Review the Sutra

“‘The Kona Sutra LTD is a drop-bar bike “designed by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers.’ As simple as that statement may sound, the result is one of the most versatile, category-shattering rigs in the mainstream bike market.” – Logan Watts,

Recently the riders from spent a few months aboard the Sutra LTD. Riders and writers Logan Watts and Ryan Sigsbey weigh in on just what makes the Sutra so unique, from it’s tire clearance, frame thickness and overall geometry. From pavement to gravel to singletrack the bike was tested around Pisgah’s dark winding forests. The net result? Watts ended up buying a Sutra LTD, and we think that’s as good of a review as we could ever hope for.

Check out their very thorough review here.


Bike Packing Tip: Making Your Own Handlebar Harness

Bikepacking isn’t new, but it’s certainly growing in popularity. We’ve shared our love of bikepacking with our Not Too Far From Home Videos and the with the launch of our Remote eBike.  If you’ve been considering dabbling in bikepacking, one of the more creative aspects to consider is how you’re going to carry all of your gear. A while back Bicycle Times Magazine posted a really clever DIY handlebar harness for your gear. They used a Hei Hei Trail DL in their write-up, but we offer a ton of bikes that are awesome for bikepacking. Check out the link to learn howto make your very own handlebar harness with only a couple dollars and a few supplies.


Considering venturing out on a bikepacking adventure? Be sure to check out the Unit, Unit X, Rove LTD, Big Honzo, Remote, or a Sutra LTD.

The Kona Sutra Ltd makes Bike Packing’s Gear of the Year

The nice folks over at have posted up there 2017 Bike Packing Gear of The Year Awards and the Kona Sutra LTD made the shortlist for the Top 5 Bike Packing Bikes. This is what they had this to say.

“While the Kona Sutra LTD we are testing is, in fact, the 2018 model, it’s been available for a few months now, and it’s impressed us enough to make a top five spot. The Sutra LTD is without a doubt a drop-bar bike built for off-road adventure. In addition to its ability to clear 29×2.1” tires, and a smorgasbord of bottle and rack mounts, its almost unmatched in the mainstream bike market for its mountain-bike like character. Read the press release here and stay tuned for a detailed review.” Gives the Sutra a First Ride spent time aboard the Kona Sutra LTD and discovered the real reason this bike is so special. “I think this is a bike you can have fun on. To romanticise a little, perhaps it’s a bike that goes to the roots of what biking can be, put together by people who aren’t trying to make something that “makes sense”, but something that they want to ride and use themselves,” writes Benedict Pfender.

Check out the rest of their impressions here.

Carica le borse e parti con le nuove Kona Sutra e Sutra LTD

Kona Sutra e Sutra LTD: classiche e innovative bici fìda viaggio d’acciaio

Ebbene sì, la grande Sutra. La nostra affidabile viaggiatrice e sua sorella l’affamata-di-fango ti permetteranno le avventure che stavi pianificando da anni. Sia la Sutra che la Sutra LTD hanno un telaio in cromoly affidabile e che garantisce pedalate piacevoli e componenti scelti per garantire la durevolezza. La sola cosa che resta da scegliere è dove andrai con la tua macchina-da-avventure.


Quando un Mountain biker immagina una bici da viaggio il risultato è la Sutra LTD. Gruppo SRAM Rival 1 ad ampia escursione e freni idraulici insieme a ruote e copertoni tubeless ready. Quest’anno la Sutra LTD ha perni passanti e freni flat mount per stare sulla cresta dell’onda, così come le versioni precedenti. La Sutra LTD chiede solo di essere portata lontano, con o senza bagaglio.


La Sutra è la nostra classica bici da viaggio in acciaio con tutte le accortezze di cui hai bisogno per mettere a punto il viaggio della tua vita. La sella Brooks B17 e il gruppo Shimano Deore sono affiancati da freni a disco Hayes, che ti metteranno subito a tuo agio, e dai copertoni da turismo Schwalbe Marathon Mondial. Che sia un fine settimana fuori città o un’estate sulle strade, la Sutra è il tuo biglietto per la libertà.

Carguemos y Volemos con las nuevas Kona Sutra y Sutra LTD

Kona Sutra y Sutra LTD: Bicicletas de cicloturismo Clásicas y Vanguardistas


Sutra LTD

Una Sutra LTD lo que resulta luego de que a un ciclista de montaña se le pide que describa una bici de cicloturismo. La transmisión SRAM Rival 1x de rango extendido se complementa con frenos de disco hidráulicos y ruedas y neumáticos tubeless ready. La Sutra LTD de este año recibe ejes pasantes y anclaje flat mount para sus frenos para mantenerse adelante de la ola, tal como lo hicieron sus recordados antepasados. La Sutra LTD realmente pide ser llevada lejos, con o sin carga.


La Sutra es nuestra clásica bici de cicloturismo en acero, con todas las características que necesitarás en tu viaje soñado. El sillín Brooks B17 y transmisión Shimano Deore se complementan con frenos de disco Hayes que inspiran confianza y neumáticos Schwalbe Marathon Mondial de cicloturismo. Ya sea en esa salida de fin de semana, o en ese verano en la carretera, la Sutra es tu billete a la libertad.

Keep an eye here on the Cog throughout this week for more new Kona models!

Aufladen und Abfahren mit dem neuen Kona Sutra und Sutra LTD

Kona Sutra und Sutra LTD: Klassische und vorausdenkende Stahl-Tourenbikes

Ah ja, das ehrwürdige Sutra. Unser bewährter Weltenbummler und sein geländehungriger Zwilling machen die Abenteuer möglich, die du schon seit Jahren planst. Sowohl das Sutra als auch das Sutra LTD sind mit Blick auf Langlebigkeit mit einem widerstandsfähigen und geschmeidig fahrenden CroMoly-Rahmen sowie dauerfesten Komponenten ausgestattet. Stellt sich nur noch die Frage, wohin du dein Abenteuermobil führst.

Sutra LTD

Das Sutra LTD kommt dabei heraus, wenn sich ein Mountainbiker ein Tourenbike vorstellt. Der SRAM Rival 1-fach Antrieb und hydraulische Scheibenbremsen werden durch Tubeless-ready-Laufräder und -Reifen ergänzt. Das Sutra LTD dieses Modelljahres bekommt Steckachsen und Flat-Mount-Scheibenbremsen, um weiterhin voranzufahren – wie seine hochgeschätzten Vorgänger. Das Sutra LTD bettelt nur darum, in die Ferne gefahren zu werden, mit oder ohne Gepäck.


Das Sutra ist unser klassisches Stahl-Tourenbike, mit der vollen Ausstattung, die du für deine Traumtour benötigst. Der Brooks B17 Sattel und die Shimano Deore Schaltung werden ergänzt durch zupackende Hayes Scheibenbremsen und Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tourenreifen. Ganz gleich, ob es um das Wochenende auf dem Land oder den Sommer auf großer Fahrt geht – das Sutra ist dein Ticket in die Freiheit.


Load Up and Head Out with the New Kona Sutra and Sutra LTD

With new Kona models arriving in your local bike shop over the next couple of weeks, we’re doing a series of posts here on the Cog to introduce the new bikes. Keep an eye here all week for rad new bikes and updates to current models. First up, the Sutra and Sutra LTD…

Kona Sutra and Sutra LTD: Classic and Forward-Thinking Steel Touring Bikes

Ah yes, the venerable Sutra. Our proven world tourer and its dirt-hungry sibling are enablers of the adventures you’ve been scheming on for years. Both the Sutra and Sutra LTD feature a durable and smooth-riding cromoly frame and a component set selected with the long term in mind. The only question that remains, is where you’ll be taking your adventuremobile.

Sutra LTD

The Sutra LTD is what happens when a mountain biker imagines a touring bike. SRAM Rival wide-range 1x drivetrain and hydraulic discs are complemented by tubeless-ready wheels and tires. This year’s Sutra LTD gets thru-axles and flat mount disc brakes to stay ahead of the wave, just like its well-revered predecessors. The Sutra LTD simply begs to be ridden afar, with or without baggage.


The Sutra is our classic steel touring bike, with all the accoutrements you’ll need to set out on your dream trip. The Brooks B17 saddle and Shimano Deore drivetrain are complemented by the confidence-inspiring Hayes disc brakes and Schwalbe Marathon Mondial touring tires. Whether it’s a weekend out of town or a summer on the open road, the Sutra is your ticket to freedom.

Keep an eye here on the Cog throughout this week for more new Kona models!

Nadia Richer arborera fièrement son Kona Sutra LTD aux French Divide cet été!

Nadia, québécoise, a choisi un Sutra LTD pour s’envoler vers la France cet été afin de participer au French Divide. Après son passage à Radio-Canada, elle nous explique plus précisement ses ressentis sur sa future course et sur son nouveau vélo.


Le French Divide est une course de Gravel, de la Belgique jusqu’au Pays Basque. Le French Divide, c’est 30% de route, 70% de chemin et 100% de dépassement de soi.

« Le French Divide part de Belgique, ensuite nous avons 4 villes étapes. Le tracé du parcours n’est pas encore sorti. Nous ne savons pas encore à quoi nous attendre. Mais c’est ce que j’aime – je ne suis pas stressée à l’idée de passer la nuit dehors ou de manquer une douche, c’est l’aventure, ca apporte du piquant dans la course! »


Nadia aura 15 jours en août prochain pour parcourir 2100 kilomètres, ce qui représente environs 140 kilomètres par jour. Ce n’est pas la première fois que Nadia aura à se confronter à de longues distances comme celle du French Divide.

« J’ai depuis toujours été sur un deux roues, depuis mes années étudiantes où j’entreprenais des randonnées de cyclo-tourisme en Europe de plusieurs mois, en passant par les week-end où je pars en Raid pour faire de 80 à 100 kilomètres par jours, j’aime le vélo, et tant que je peux accrocher mes sacoche dessus, ca me va. Mais là c’est un autre défis : le temps est limité »



En effet, ce n’est pas une course comme les autres. Nadia sera munie d’un GPS tracker, et devra passer par des étapes. Mais son voyage se fera en complète autonomie.

« Je me prépare à partir seule sur la route. Avec 39km de dénivelés positifs, sur deux semaines seulement, c’est un très gros défi pour moi. Il faut être constante tous les jours, je n’aurai pas de répis. »


Nadia se prépare depuis de longs mois déjà avec son Sutra LTD.

« J’ai un coach sportif qui m’aide à me préparer. Ma vie est orientée vers ce défis. Depuis plusieurs mois, je travaille main dans la main avec mon Sutra LTD et je sens que mon volume et ma qualité d’entraînement se sont améliorés. Ca me pousse à aller encore plus loin! Au niveau du matériel, je pars avec le strict minimum, c’est à dire une bâche que je vais tendre sur mon vélo et un petit matelas de sol pour dormir. Je suis à la recherche de matériel léger, et mon Sutra LTD est parfait pour cela. »



Nadia à acheté son Sutra LTD à La Boutique Le Pédalier à Quebec, qui ont bien sû la renseigner.

« Je dois encore passer à la boutique Le Pédalier pour passer mes pneus en tubeless, pour avoir plus de confort. Ils ont bien sû me renseigner: j’avais déjà un vélo de route et de montagne, mais il me fallait un gravel, pour avoir la vitesse d’un vélo de route, mais à la fois avoir un vélo assez costaud pour entamer les sentiers et chemins forestiers. Pour le budget que j’avais, ils m’ont proposé un Sutra LTD. Et c’est un super vélo, j’en suis très contente. Il est très bien équipé, en plus d’être très beau. »

Sur ces photos, Nadia est partie lors d’un long week-end en Gaspésie, avec une moyenne de 100km par jours, pour essayer son vélo et son matériel.

 « Après avoir essayé le Sutra LTD sur de longues distances, je peux vous affirmer que c’est un super vélo. Le guidon est très confortable, et le rapport dérailleur-cassette est parfait. De plus, il se manie très bien une fois chargé. C’est le vélo idéal pour ce que j’entreprend. Enfin bref, il fait vraiment bien la job comme on dit au Québec!»


Winter Bikepacking with the Kona Sutra LTD and Unit

Words and photos by Morgan Taylor.

This past weekend being a long weekend here in BC, myself and some friends decided it would be a good idea to head out for our first overnight of the year. With overnight temperatures near freezing it was sure to be a cold wake up call, but the weather forecast was for sunny days, and we headed out with good spirits to meander the Sunshine Coast and hang out with good people.

I’ve recently put together a Sutra LTD, which happens to be the perfect size for my sweet polka dot Porcelain Rocket frame bag. Add the matching seat pack, a front rack with Monkey Wrench Cycles basket bag, my trusty Ortlieb panniers, and a set of full fenders, and the Sutra is quite the all-weather hauler!


My friend Pat was stoked to get out for the first fully loaded trip on his new bike, which happens to be the only European-model Unit on this side of the Atlantic. He’s outfitting the powder blue Unit for an extended trip on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this summer, with an 11-speed drivetrain on the way and a dialed bikepacking setup coming together piece by piece.


To see the rest of the portraits from this set, head over to The Radavist.


Peloton Magazine Reviews the 2017 Kona Sutra LTD – “The Sutra is such a capable bike it could be your only bike.”

Peloton Magazine has just published their 2017 Adventure Issue and it features a great review of our drop bar quiver killing Sutra LTD.

Reviewer Ryan Yee seemed rather enamored with the bike, claiming that “the Sutra is such a capable bike it could be your only bike” and “the Sutra LTD is a bike with a fun factor that’s off the charts.”

A high-resolution JPEG of Ryan’s full review is available here or by clicking on the image below.