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Ti Tuesday: Cam’s Leave-No-Stone-Unturned Ti Honzo

Leave no stone unturned. That’s the idea with Cam’s Ti Honzo. This bike has so many details that you’ll keep finding more the more you look. Cam’s story is also one that might resonate: selling a previous bike and immediately regretting it. Fortunately, Cam’s day to day at Joy Ride Bicycles in Lacey, WA keeps him in the loop, and he was able to atone for his past mistakes.

“A couple of years ago I sold my Steel Honzo for something that I thought ‘was a better bike’ and I’ve been regretting it ever since. Turns out there may not actually be a better bike than the Honzo, so when the stars aligned earlier this year and the prospects of affording a Ti frame became feasible it was a no brainer. While the initial build is focused on shreddy and durable, there is a ‘B’ build in the works for bikepacking so stay tuned for an update on the most versatile Honzo in the PNW.”

Scroll down to pore over the details on Cam’s Ti Honzo covered in Pacific Northwest loam. For more Ti Kona goodness, check out the Ti Tuesday archives and #TiTuesdaysWithKona on Instagram. If you’ve got a Ti Kona bike, please do get in touch!


Ti Tuesday: Ricardo’s Ti Honzo is Shred-Ready!

Pop quiz: how can you tell a rider is from BC? Well, the first thing you can do is look at the components they’ve chosen for their custom build. Chromag cockpit, check. Race Face, check. Maxxis Minion, check. Rockshox Pike and Reverb, check. Fork fender, check. NOBL carbon rims, check. One ripper of a Ti Honzo? Check.


Ricardo in Vernon, BC, sent through these photos of his sweet Ti Honzo build. Sure, you might choose different components if you built your own custom Honzo, but you can’t argue with this one!

Fork: Rockshox Pike RCT3 140mm
Wheels: NOBL rims on Hope hubs
Cockpit: Chromag BZA bar and stem, Chromag Trailmaster LTD saddle
Headset: Chris King
Brakes: Shimano XT
Shifter: Shimano XTR
Derailleur: Shimano XT
Cranks: RaceFace Turbine Cinch
Seatpost: Rockshox Reverb 150mm

Scroll down the detail shots on Ricardo’s shred-ready Ti Honzo. For more Ti Kona goodness, check out the Ti Tuesday archives and #TiTuesdaysWithKona on Instagram. If you’ve got a Ti Kona bike, please do get in touch!

Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-3 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-4 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-5 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-6 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-7 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-8 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-9 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-10 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-11 Ricardo-Smith-Ti-Honzo-12

Kona Ti Honzo Reviewed in Singletrack Magazine: “You’ll be giggling for hours…”

Singletrack Magazine has just published their review of the Ti Honzo on the web. Here are a few excerpts:

“Lovely titanium tubes… incredibly easy to get airborne… an incredible bike to ride downhill… you’ll be giggling for hours…”

Peruse a few photos below, read the full review on Singletrack HERE, and check out Singletrack’s subscription options HERE.




Ti Tuesday: Jeremy’s Ti Honzo – “Pure, Sleek, and Timeless”

Being a long time BMX rider, Jeremy was on the search for a fun and practical hardtail that would suit his riding style. His friend Simon at Passion Vélos in Trois-Rivieres, QC pointed him to the Honzo, and Jeremy’s imagination got moving. The Honzo’s short chainstays and progressive geometry appealed, but it was the raw finish on the Honzo frames that sealed the decision:

“Having stripped the paint from more BMX frames than I can remember over the years, the aesthetics of the Ti Honzo were very appealing to me. There’s something about raw metal that is just so pure, sleek and timeless.”


Jeremy built his Honzo with a Fox Float 34 fork and the new Fox Transfer dropper post, and kept things clean and simple with a Shimano XT 1×11 drivetrain. His BMX background is evident in the Eclat pedals and Sensus grips, and the Chromag cockpit is on point.

“This bike feels amazing. I’m stoked to see where its wheels take me over many years to come.”

Us too, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing.

Scroll down for the details on Jeremy’s Honzo, and for more tasty Ti action, check out the #TiTuesdaysWithKona tag on Instagram and our Ti Tuesdays archive HERE.

honzo0Blacked out Fox 34 Float.

honzo2Chromag up front.

honzo3-1Eclat Surge pedals – your BMXer is showing!

honzo5Fox Transfer dropper post.

honzo4Ti looks good from any angle.

honzo8Classic side shot.

Ti Tuesday: Mountain Bike Action Reivew the Ti Honzo “Riders seeking a fun and playful hardtail should look no further than the Honzo”

Some of you may remember that the crew at Mountain Bike Action took delivery of a Ti Honzo a few months ago. Well their March issue dropped this week and with it, their thoughts on possibly the most desirable Honzo we have ever produced. You can find their latest issue here or where good magazines are sold, alternatively you can click here to view the review as a PDF.



Ti Tuesday: Eddy’s Ti Honzo brawler

Ti Tuesday this week brings the winds of change. For the past few weeks we have focused on pavement orientated titanium beauties, but today we are changing that up and giving you the monster truck of hardtails, Eddy’s Ti Honzo to be precise.  Now don’t be fooled, this particular bike isn’t brand new (although it’s a new 2016 model), Eddy’s been riding and testing this work of art for a while now, and despite being ridden daily, after every ride, it looks this clean. I’d expect that to be a trait most Ti owners share. eddy_honzo_titues-2704 Okay the bike. As you can see from main picture no expense has been spared in this build, from the SRAM XX1 drive train though to the carbon WTB hoops Eddy’s Ti Honzo is the perfect mix of function and bling. On a side note why can’t all cable guides be that rad!

eddy_honzo_titues-2703 A 74.5 degree seat tube is one of the only numbers on the Honzo that differs from its full suspension Process 111 cousin (the Process features a 74 degree seat angle). The head tubes angles are the same at 68 and the reach again is the same at 460mm on a size large. And like the Process range of bikes, the Honzo features massive standover clearance and as you can see, just the right amount of Titanium (in all the right places).

eddy_honzo_titues-2708 Although with no linkage to get in the way and that super funky curved seat tube, the Ti Honzo pulls off ultra short 415mm rear stays with ease.

eddy_honzo_titues-2713 I Probably should have broached this earlier in the #tituesdayswithkona series. What does 3-2.5 Titanium actually mean? Well 3-2.5 Titanium is an incredibly strong and lightweight metal consisting of 3 percent aluminum, 2.5 percent vanadium, and 94.5 percent pure titanium. It’s characterized by excellent fatigue life, lightweight property consistency, form-ability as well as corrosion resistance.

eddy_honzo_titues-2714The drivetrain that started it all off, SRAM’s XX1. There is not much left to be said about this, I mean it changed the way we ride. Oh and by looking at that 28t direct mount SRAM ring Eddy is running, you’d be correct in guessing he lives where the climbs are steep and the desents are well and truly earned.eddy_honzo_titues-2712 Gears not your thing? Just like the steel Honzo the Ti version comes complete with sliding dropouts should you want to enter that single speed pain cave.


eddy_honzo_titues-2727 Tried and true SRAM Guide RSC brakes slow things down and SRAM’s new centerline rear rotors eliminate that pesky squeal. Unlike the 2016 alloy Honzo (which features 148 x 12) the Ti model sticks with a 142×12 rear axle configuration.

eddy_honzo_titues-2711 The always reliable Maxxis Minion EXO DHF is wrapped around WTB’s latest carbon 29″ hoops, the Ci24’s (that would be C for carbon and i24 for an internal rim width of 24mm).eddy_honzo_titues-2733 Chromag’s carbon BZA bar holds things down in the cockpit. Its 800mm width and 15mm rise are all held in place by a matching 35mm bar clamp Chromag BZA stem. It most certainly is business time.

A straight 44mm head tube keeps things classy up front.
eddy_honzo_titues-2731 I just can’t get enough of that cable routing.


Ti-Kona-2723The Ti Honzo has tire clearance for days.

eddy_honzo_titues-2738I didn’t even know Hope made headsets? Well they do and Eddy has them on his bike. Stainless ball bearings and a bunch of seals will keep these puppies running smooth all winter long.

eddy_honzo_titues-2737 Eddy put a Pike on it.

eddy_honzo_titues-2705Titanium Kona owners seem to share a few things in common. A love for King cages is one of them. Oh I Almost forgot to mention the Ti Honzo is stealth dropper compatible.

eddy_honzo_titues-2736There you have it. Eddy’s Ti Honzo and now my dream bike. Production models of these works of art are literally on their way to our distributors now and will be at dealers very soon. Numbers are limited, so if you like what you see here you best get a pre-order in with your local Kona dealer soon. In the mean time you can find even more info on the Ti Honzo here.