Wah Wah II

Vital MTB Reviews all new Wah Wah II Pedals “The Wah Wah is back!”

“The original Wah Wah made quite a name for itself in the flat pedal world, so Kona had to make sure to do it justice when updating it. Mission accomplished – the Wah Wah 2 is a modern flat pedal which offers excellent grip and a positive feel in a suitably wide and thin package. A combination of bearings and bushings offer a solution for good longevity while keeping the overall profile slim, and the rear-loading pins are easy to replace if need be. The Wah Wah is back!” 

After spending a few months on our new composite Wah Wah pedal (review here) we thought it best to send Johan at VitalMTB a pair of the aluminum version to see how they measured up. Well, after a few months riding, the verdict (and the review) is in and it seems just like their little composite brothers the all-new Wah Wah II pedal has won yet another fan.

Check out the full review here.

Comparing the alloy Wah Wah 2 to the winners in our flat pedal Face Off, we’d give it between an 8 and a 9 in the “grip” score, leaving the pedal in a position to challenge for a spot on the podium thanks to a strong performance when it comes to weight, physical dimensions, and longevity.

You can purchase the pedals directly from our web stores here (USA/International) and here(Canada) or hit up your local Kona dealer.


Vital MTB post their Initial Impressions of the Wah Wah II PP “The result is very good grip in all conditions with a nice, locked-in feel”

“We’ve had the pedal out on several different types of rides already, with the same good results whether it’s charging a rock garden or hitting a drop.”

“The result is very good grip in all conditions with a nice, locked-in feel”

Vital MTB reviewer and flat pedal super fan Johan Hjord took delivery of a set of our new Wah Wah II composite pedals a few weeks back. His initial impressions are now posted up on Vital’s site and we think you’ll agree with us that he’s pretty happy with them. You can check out the full post on Vital MTB  here, and if you already know you need the new Wah Wah II PP in your life you can head here and buy a pair from the comfort of your couch or you could hit up your local Kona dealer and buy them instore.