2 thoughts on “Tanuki Deluxe Reviewed in Enduro Tribe Magazine (French)

  1. Danny Gomme says:

    Hi I’m looking to upgrade to a full sus and I like the look of the kona tanuki deluxe. I’ve read alot about it but people are not rating it although alot of magazines are rating it good. Not sure what to do. I love the frame and the price is cheap.
    Hope to here from u soon. Thanxs

  2. Rich harris says:

    It’s a great ride. 130mm travel, strong frame, long warranty. I have the base model with upgrades to
    Lighter cassette, hollow tech deore LX cranks/ bottom bracket. I put wider bars (700 mm) and shorter stem (70 not 85mm). Ardents swapped for conti rubber queen up front and baron out back. Will be upping spec of brakes. Upgraded rear shock to fox float R. Big upgrade will be forks but so impressed with rock shox tora, single air, stiff and 130mm – they take 3-4 ft drops like its nothing. Saddle is now a WTB rocket V much more comfortable. Dropper post will also go to making it my dream bike when wife stops checking my bank statements lol.

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