The Kona Magic Link Video

At Kona, we’re resolute in our quest to make mountain bikes do more. When it comes to rear suspension, we’ve spent the last three years refining a system that considers the demands of climbing and the rigors of descending and puts it into one amazing platform that adjusts to rider and trail forces on the fly. While Magic Link is a fairly simple system, it is revolutionary in the bike world. And as we know, uprisings take some explanation. To clearly explain and display all of the Magic Link’s amazing ride capabilities, we’ve joined forces with Freeride Entertainment and Juicy Studios to produce this visually stunning 2min video.

Check it out and pass it on.
Ride the Revolution.

Kona’s Magic Link from Christopher Halcrow on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “The Kona Magic Link Video

  1. IceCube says:

    This looks really promissing

  2. KonaShred24 says:

    thats sick!!!!!!!!!… they should put those in their slopestyle bikes so when you go down hills your bike will stay level and when coming up ramps it will keep up speed, and have plush landings.

  3. Mcduderson says:

    Good vid! That does a great job of explaining the system.

  4. marty says:

    Excellent video!
    Exactly what the website needs to better explain the technology.
    Nice going.

  5. Goatski says:

    It’s awesome! Been riding the 2010 Coilair Deluxe and the travel feels deep & plush, yet stays stiff on the climbs unless you stand up to & really hammer out of the saddle. I’ve been riding all the same climbs I used to do with my 28 lb. 6″ x 6″ without a huge increase in effort… and when it’s time to descend, it’s quite the machine.

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