The New Class Warfare Over Bicycles

Don Cherry and Rob Ford twist it backwards. The elitists are pro-car politicians, slowing up a better life for the working class. In Vancouver the pro-car crowd criticizes the Hornby bike lane by claiming to stand up for small business. In Toronto, after being sworn in as new mayor, Rob Ford declares an end to the “war on cars.” He plans to block a light-rail line and to abolish a $60 vehicle registration fee. Don Cherry congratulates him for rising up against the “elite” and slams “bike-riding pinkos” who supposedly once ran the city.

In Montréal a new political party that won office a year ago in the Plateau Mont-Royal borough begins to widen sidewalks, add bike paths and close some streets to traffic. For doing so, critics accuse them of engaging in class warfare.

Hit the photo for the full story from the Tyee and Yves Engler.

One thought on “The New Class Warfare Over Bicycles

  1. Colin says:

    This sounds alot like what Scott Walker is doing as governor of Wisconsin. He blocked a 25 million dollar high speed rail project that would have made 5k jobs and would have made Milwaukee and Madison a hub for a potentially national system. So now that Wisconsin wont have it the money is going to be sent to other states. And here I thought our state motto was “Forward”. oops.

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