C33A1327Helen_Wyman_Belgium_cx Cycling website Total Women’s Cycling have just published a great story online that takes a look at 10 Women Who Prove Sagan Isn’t the Only Pro Cyclist with Personality, and our own Helen Wyman makes the list. Check out what they had to say below.

Helen Wyman has dominated the British cyclocross scene for almost a decade – she was National Champion every year from 2006 to 2015, except in 2013.

Of course, we’re not just focusing on performance here – and she’s done incredible things for women’s racing. She sits on the UCI Cyclocross commission and was influential in the introduction of better wages for women and a new junior class for girls. 

Wyman also races on the team that her husband Stefan manages – Matrix Pro Cycling. It was her diary of life as a domestic on the team at the Women’s Tour, published via Cycling News, which really sealed our quiet love affair.

C33A0519Helen_Wyman_Belgium_cxWyman’s writing exudes dry British humour, and shows both a dedication to her team mates, as well as an ability to have a laugh and poke fun at he own expense:

“As I have already told you in previous blogs I am the team worker and today they (my teammies) really decided to use me. Around 60km Lucy asked if I had any water, which knowing the feed was not far aware I duly gave up a bottle. I then proceeded to ride up to Laura where she instantly stated ‘oh you’ve got an energy left can I have that?’ Which she kindly swapped with her half drunk back washed water so I didn’t have to go entirely without. As I was making my way back through the peloton I spotted Elinor who then enquired if I had any spare food. Well there goes my spare waffle and gel. Turns out I am actually a one women confectionary machine!! Oh and I’m also now dehydrated and hungry.”

Of course there are serious moments, and she was sure to be thankful to everyone involved in the event – writing out a long list of Thank-Yous after the final race which showed a real gratitude to everyone involved in“creating the opportunity for us to showcase what an incredible bunch of athletes we have at the top of our sport“.

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