The chair lift to Spicak hill is going to start its operation on Saturday, 11 June at 9:0 am. On this day and at the same time, the KONA bike park will open as well.

This year like the last year, the opening day has prepared for your great rides in the bike park and cultural events as well.
The trails have been improved with some jumps, drops and rebuilt parts and all trails have undergone pre-season maintenance.
The new Air&Stone trail is awaiting the first bikers. It has been built in the lower part of the hill, where the giant stones have been connected with north shores. In general, this trail section is considered medium to difficult.

Traditionally, the first Gaspi Simpleride Bike camp is going to take place at this first weekend of operation. So, if you want to improve your bike-riding style or to try something unusual that will raise your adrenaline levels, you can try free ride bike under the guidance of experienced bikers. The Simpleride bike school at Spicak is open throughout the whole season and so, if you will feel like that you can come to visit s any time till the end of September.

At the end of the first biking day, we are inviting you to an Open Air concert. To warm-up, DJ ZELVIN is going to play some Vinyls.

At 9:30 pm, the girl band PISSYCAT is going to start the live concert, followed with somewhat rougher STATUS PRAESENTS band. The concert is FREE. We are looking forward to all bikers and non-bikers.