The pressures of your job got you down, the boss trying to squeeze you for more hours, more work, and all for less money? Fantasizing about taking a year or more off from it all for the adventure of a lifetime?

How does getting paid to ride your bike in South America sound?

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking ( is the premier (and most famous) operator of downhill mountain bike tours in the Bolivian Andes.

We are mentioned and highly recommended in EVERY SINGLE DAMN guidebook to South America and Bolivia! We have been featured in more than 70 magazine and newspaper articles in publications around the world … not to mention five television programs and several movies!

Recent successes and greater-than-expected growth have encouraged us to expand our operations and bring forward several phases of our World Domination plans. To guarantee further rapid growth we want to pull together a kick-arse team of motivated, independent, proactive, flexible, resilient people for the end of the 2009 season and to take us through 2010.

We are looking for people with PERSONALITY, PATIENCE, SOCIAL SKILLS, plus a SENSE OF HUMOR and ADVENTURE… oh, and you have to be able to ride a mountain bike, have good mechanicing skills, be First Aid qualified, and have rope rescue skills. Having some basic Spanish language skills would give you an advantage, but it’s definitely not essential.

Note: Not So Secret Update: – Gravity has expanded to Peru! Guides who sign up to work in Bolivia now have the opportunity to do one or more 3-month stints guiding trails around Cuzco, Peru right next door to world-famous Machu Picchu. This doubles the number of trails you get to hit! Check out the rides on

Positions available, starting yesterday, include:

“Action Heroes” (3-4x Mountain Bike Guides): Nine months minimum commitment, positions available NOW. Yup, get paid to ride downhill 3-4 days a week (a 60km downhill ride with 3600m vertical descent). The hours are long, the majority of riding is down dirt roads with beginner riders

Also see this Gallery of images from the World’s most dangerous road. The pay won’t make you rich, but the adventure is real. Solid riding ability, an ability to calmly coach nervous beginners, a good sense of humor in the face of problems, a genuine enthusiasm for mountain biking, and a high tolerance for the idiosyncrasies of the great unwashed public, plus good trailside mechanicing, current first-aid and rope-rescue qualifications are all a must. Some Spanish language skills would help, plus a willingness to learn Spanglish.

“M” (1-2x Front Office Sales People): Nine months minimum commitment, positions available NOW. Yup, get paid poorly to sit in a small, cold office for 40+ hours a week and help backpackers and adventure travelers sign up for the ride of their lives. NEVER boring, always frenetic, requiring an organized mind and an ability to be 100% accurate with paperwork while swamped by hordes of over-excited travelers. Basic Spanish language skills would help immensely.

“Pinky” (1x Manager): Nine or more months commitment, position available NOW. Challenge your patience, persistence, organizational skills, and ingenuity helping to tame the daily chaos at Gravity Central, rushing around on secret missions that take 10x longer than you could ever imagine possible! Fantastic exposure to the realities of operating a successful, rapidly growing adventure tourism operation in a third world country with very different cultural appreciation for exotic concepts such as time, quality and customer service. Requires an individual with the Stamina of a Horse, the Multi-Tasking Ability of an Octopus, and the Cunning of a Kangaroo in a Minefield. Good to excellent Spanish language skills required. Duties include logistics coordination, including liaison with above-mentioned Guides and Office staff, as well as the Bolivian guides, drivers, suppliers, and assistants.

For the right individuals (or couples) Gravity is able to offer: reasonably priced housing in Bolivia’s Centre of Gravity including cable tv and internet, hook ups with deals from our sponsors (Kona Mountain Bikes, Hayes Brakes, Marzocchi, Dragon Optical, to name a few), enough pay that you can probably break-even, and maybe save a little, occasional opportunities to travel around Bolivia, regular opportunities to race (races like these, and ride on world-class trails like the ones in this video

and if you aren’t careful … more work than you can probably handle! What’s not included – your flight out here, travel/medical insurance while you are here, work-visa costs, and tools of the trade (guide bike, guiding tools, uniform, etc.).

If you are interested in any of the above openings, first read this….

1. The pay really is not great by international standards, its really only enough to break-even on… until about your 6th month, by which time you will be putting away a bit of money, and if you are reasonably restrained you could leave at about the one-year stage with a couple of thousand US$ in savings.

2. Given that a few people in the last couple of years have flaked on us, we now offer a couple of bonuses during your time with us, one is paid out when you complete the work visa process, and the other when you reach or pass the amount of time we agreed as being your contract.

3. It really helps to EITHER come here with about US$1000 in the bank/hand to set yourself up OR bring a beater guide bike, and all the usual personal guiding tools and about US$500 in the bank. If you don’t do this then you might feel the pinch when you initially set yourself up, invest in the work-visa etc.

If you are still interested, please email: ASAP with:

1. Which of the above positions you are interested in.
2. Some photos of you in action.
3. A brief background of your riding, guiding, rope, rescue, mechanic’ing and first aid experience and training.

If we pick you as someone who seems to have the right stuff, then we will email you a much more comprehensive guide information pack and questionnaire.

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