Rad Racing team manager Jim Brown reports: Let me bring some light into your life on this Friday Nov 1st. I want to introduce you to some of our riders. Pour a cup of coffee and stay with me for a few minutes.

Today’s Rad Racing report focuses primarily on our amazing crop of 13/14 year old boys. This past weekend at the Seattle area MFG race held at Marymoor the lads served notice.

First up was Calder Wood and Ben King, these 13 year old 8th graders dispatched the entire 70+ rider Cat-4 men’s field. They charged to the front as they have been taught in order to stay out of trouble, once at the pointy end of the race they took turns driving the pace to establish the gap over the main field. Once the gap was secure the boys started slugging it out against each other. On this day Calder got the best of Ben but on another day it could be different.

Calder and Ben interview:

Next up is Scott Funston. Scott is one of the most talented young riders I have ever worked with, at age 13 he has stood on numerous National Championship podiums already. Scott has presented us with a problem never before encountered with our program, over the past few weeks this 13 year old boy has been destroying Seattle area Cat-3 fields. Ummm….now what do we do? We want him to be challenged and keep pushing towards Nationals. Ok…. lets let him start the Elite Cat 1/2 race but we will have him pull out half way through, high intensity, same race time as his National Championship race. In true “Funston fashion” from the back row he somehow found the front end of the race coming through the pits on lap #1 in 7th place. A clipped barrier and an ensuing dogpile took Scott back to the position of dead last, he put his head down and fought his way back to the middle of the field before we pulled him out of the race. We are going to continue with this plan for the non USAC races, he will ride Cat-3 in sanctioned races to continue to garner points for National Championship staging. He’s humble, he’s fast, he is a huge asset to our program.

Meet Scott:

Gideon Bender has had a rough year. Last March his father, and Hero Mark, suffered a devastating spinal cord injury that has left him paralyzed from the chest down. The entire family relocated to Denver, Colorado while Mark was rehabbing his injury at Daniel Craig. While in Colorado the Bender Boys(all 4 of them) were taken under the wing of our Colorado cycling family and helped the boys stay on the bike. The family returned to the NW this summer and they are fully back into the race circuit. Gideon raced the Junior 13/14 Category last weekend and decisively took the victory, in fact he caught all of the 15/16 riders who started 30 seconds in front of him except the first 2 riders. Gideon is another member of our 13/14 posse headed to Boulder in January.

Meet Gideon:

Ok maybe now a little about some of the older dudes. This season David O’Brien and Nolan Brady are pursuing a spot at Geoff Proctor’s Eurocross Camp and also spots on the World Championship team. RRNW Performance coach David Fleischhauer has been working closely with both riders for the past year, this includes a trip to Proctor’s national development camp last summer for both the athletes and the coach. The boys left yesterday for Cincinnati and will be doing 4 UCI races in the next 9 days in pursuit of their dreams. Last Sunday Nolan served notice by making the selection in the Seattle area Elite race.
Nolan slugged it out with some of the best in the region, finally the elastic snapped at about the 45 minute mark and he had to settle for 5th place. Here is a short video of Nolan amongst the likes of, Kona Pro Spencer Paxson, Raleigh Pro and RRNW Alumni Steve Fisher, Raleigh Rider Adam McGrath, and Masters World Champion Russell Stevenson.

As always thank you for your support, have a great weekend.

Title Photo:
Calder and Ben slicing their way through the Masters Cat-3 field who started in front of them.(courtesy Dennis Crane DBC Photo)