It was a pretty darn good time at the Kamloops Bike Ranch this past weekend with the running of the inaugural Aggy’s Reunion. An odd name for an event to be sure. It’s not a competition by any stretch, but that’s not to say there wasn’t some serious throwdown action happening. That would be a given, especially when you have the likes of Lacondeguy, Agassiz, Tyler McCaul, Vanderham, Hunter, R Dog…just to name a few. Throw on top of that what riders were calling one of the biggest, most fun jump lines in the history of the sport, well, as a spectator, it was an honor and a pleasure just to stand there and watch. The idea of the Reunion comes form a new groundswell in mountain biking called the Fest Series. Which is basically seminal riders like Aggy, Makken, Sorge, and others, who’ve either held, or are planning to hold, jump jam events with no judges and a very loose format of riding. Basically, it’s a build it and they will come type of mentality. Along with the help of Monster Energy, who sponsored the event, and well-known Kamloops builder, Brad Stuart, and local Kamloops bike shop, The Bicycle Cafe, Aggy was able to create a super wild, incredibly fun looking track that had the riders laughing and hollering, pushing their limits, falling into huge jump trains, and having a blast along the way. Kona was there to begin the filming of Aggy!, a Monster Energy, Sherpas Cinema, Kona Bicycles super segment production due out next spring. Photos by Russell Dalby.

Aggy with his patented drop three off the top jump, the freeride epicenter of Kamloops in the background.

20140515-aggy-fest-0219 2
The big hit measured almost 50 feet from lip to lip. Whip master Thomas Vanderham called it one of the top three best jumps he’s ever hit in his career. Amazingly, Brad Stuart built it using only a bobcat–legendary in it’s own right.

It’s amazing the riding produced when the boys are free to ride on their own terms. No big money at stake. No rules. No judges. Is this the future? Sure looks bright if it is.

The big line. It took riders almost a day to fully warm up to all of the jumps, but once they nailed it, it was on like Donkey Kong.