The third annual Aggy’s Reunion took place over the weekend as part of the rider-run Fest Series. The event named after its creator, Kona team rider Graham Agassiz, is the second stop on the global Fest Series calendar and takes place in Aggy’s home town of Kamloops, BC. If you have seen any Fest Series coverage over the last few years, you’ll know that the one thing that the events have in common is the freakishly huge size of the jumps. It takes a special bread of rider to hit these things, but Aggy and his buddies just thrive off each other, and with no formal competition restrictions to confine them, they are able to just push themselves bigger and bigger.

Although the crew had been in town and riding all week, the main event was due to go down on Saturday, but after the riders meet at the the Kamloops Bike Ranch at 6.30am in pouring rain, plans were changed and a 4×4 convoy soon set off for a popular Kamloops cliff top lookout.

All those in attendance obviously couldn’t make it to Stevie Smith’s Memorial service on Vancouver Island as both were on the same day, so Aggy had come up with a very cool Chainsaw salute so everyone could pay their respects.

That was after everyone had come to grips with the insane level of exposure on top of the lookout.

A good 700ft straight down.

Alex Pro needed a beer opened, Brad had a chainsaw handy. Match made in Heaven.

Don’t have a chainsaw? Then in honour of Stevie you had to shotgun a beer. #longlivechainsaw

Getting up was easy, getting down not so easy…

Funny thing though, while the riders were paying respect to Stevie and Kelly McGarry, the clouds rolled away and the sun moved in and within minutes of returning to Kamloops Bike Ranch Jordie Lunn and Aggy were guinea pigging the almost bone dry line! Here Aggy boosts the absolutely massive step up early in the session.

The man with the master plan. Aggy pushes up for yet another run though his massive creation.

I said massive right? This steezey whip of Aggy’s should put things in perspective.

The Lacondeguy-Aggy flip train draws the attention of Kyle Straight. 2016-Aggys-Reunion-6055 Aggy should appear on Wikipedia when you type in “MTB Whip”. This is textbook.

One happy Aggy.

Lower down the course, you’ll find the smaller hip jump. Aggy leads Andreu Lacondeguy through and logs into that Wikipedia page again.

Classic style never gets old. Jordie Lunn with a solid one handed table.

Cruz Fest legend Kyle Jamison with another timeless classic, a good old Euro, with a big bike twist.

Aggy, full extension over the hip.

Aggy, along with the rest of the Fest Series riders and Kamloops Bike Ranch builder Brad Stuart had been working on adding this massive dirt quarter pipe at the end of the line. The day of the event no one had hit it, after it bed in though, Andreu Lacondeguy, Sam Reynolds and Aggy were boosting.

Andreu getting a just a little corked over the hip.

Sam Reynolds boosts the quarter pipe in the fading light as things begin to shut down on another Aggy’s Reunion.