Day Two of the Trans BC Enduro took riders to the wine capital of the Okanagan and the trails of Penticton, BC. Seven stages where on tap today, and overnight rains continued into the late morning as riders dropped into stage one.


Kris demonstrates how enduro climbing works while most everyone else resorted to walking.

Kona Team members Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks used their northwest mud skulls to slip and slide though the first three stages before the lunch stop, collecting many high fives and grins as the stages turned more and more challenging in the unusual muddy conditions.


About to drop into the final stage.

Following lunch the race traversed into a dryer side of the mountain where the final four stages had riders navigating steep rock slabs and drops and sliding through high speed duffy corners.

At the end of the day Kris and Barry were in high spirits despite a few abrupt run ins with jagged rocks. They are getting more and more stoked for the upcoming days in Rossland and Nelson as the race travels into the Kootenay mountains.

Stay tuned as the guys continue their quest to get rowdy and lean new skill sets during the remainder of the week.


Roger Bartels getting after in on his process 153