Defending champion, Ryan Trebon puts in a gutsy silver medal performance in front of an impressive hometown crowd.

Bend, Oregon played the exuberant host for this years USA Cyclocross Nationals, with huge, boisterous crowds as is par for the course when it comes to CX in OR. After four days of serious racing shenanigans, final mens elite race race was one for the books.

Saturday night was a special highlight to the weekend with the premiere of Brian Vernors “Cyclocross Meeting” at the old Tower theatre where barry Wicks and friends were showcased racing cross in, of all places, Japan. Shot beautifully with a killer soundtrack that set the tone just right. If you like cross racing this is a movie not to miss.

The following day. The Big Show. All of Konas US contenders were in the house. Barry Wicks, Erik Tonkin and the returning US National champ Ryan Trebon and hometown hero were all feeling good and ready to drop the hammer. Sellwoods, Team S&M, Sean Babcock and Spencer Paxson were ready to do battle as well even though starting in the top 160.

The race started out as it has with so many times this season: the Kona Crush Kona going to straight to death match battle with the Cannondale team. After one lap it was evident that the Ryan had his work cut out for him.

After a a crash that resulted in bent bars for Jeremy Powers, it was a battle between Ryan and Tim johnson. With not enough longer power sections and some very turny and icy conditions in the majority of the corners, it was Johnsons race to lose. This was CX racing at its finest and Ryan went for it. What more can you ask for.

To top it all off was the event was one of the most well attended and participated of the season and the Cross Crusade guys did a spectacular job of putting on the event. Special thanks to Don at Clement tires for helping our mechanic in the pits and to Nick at Shimano for providing the best seats in the house.

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