Hello all,

What do cow bells , steep trails, crazy fans, and mud have to do with one another?  Downhill racing at the North West Cup, that’s what!  My favorite time of the year is here, ….. Spring!  Flowers are blooming, trails are tacky and racing season starts.  The NW cup has evolved to be the preeminent race series on the west coast and this year’s Pro GRT stop brought in some crazy amount of pros not seen in this area in years. Companies brought out there complete race teams and support.  There were 110 pro women and men, all but a couple of the fastest riders in world were in attendance.    It was neat to see how times stacked up against the pros, and how they pick the craziest lines at speeds I did not think were possible.  NW race fans are nuts and egged the riders on as they advanced down the hill, with blaring whistles and ringing cow bells. RUKUS!   The fact that they hike ½ mile into the woods to watch racing is pretty cool and says something about the sport and it fans.   Big props go out to Kona’s own Downhill Goddess took 1st in her category.  Yeah way to go ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!! .  I leave you with a quick vid I put together of the weekend (first time editing so give me a break J). Till next time …….

Trevor Torres