This comes from Scott aka “Lumberjack”, based out BikeWorks of Lake Stevens, Washington, a beauty bike shop up in the PNW.

“420+ miles on it since early October 2009. This bike has handled every thing I have tackled with it. I ride here in the Pacific Northwest from the north sound southward. Dry and dusty on a few trips and wet, rooty, muddy and technical most of the last couple of months. Feels very well balanced after you tune your suspension for your body weight and type of riding. Our riding is XC / All Mountain.  Climbs like a ” Beast ” and once pointed down the mountain it just flat out ” Hauls The Mail.”  The new 15mm front axle on the Fox fork has helped stiffen the frontend up. This is my 3rd Hei Hei 29. Had the 08 and 09 and started with the Kula DeLuxe 29 hardtail when they were introduced. Personally I think this is Kona’s best offering yet in the 29’r category. You can pretty much tell how I feel about the bike by the sticker on the seat stay!”