In partnership with the highly reputable charitable organization A Better World Canada, Kona has been tasked to develop a kid specific version of our AfricaBike for Kenyan children who have to bike over 10 kilometres  to school. The custom designed AfriKid bike is the centerpiece of A Better World Canada’s Africa Bike Race 2011, a fundraising initiative focused on raising the necessary monies to send over 500 AfriKid bicycles to Kenya.

The event takes place September 10, 2011 at the Canmore Nordic Centre, and only costs $40 to enter either an advanced or beginner course. All funds raised go directly to the innitiative. Go HERE for more info and registration.

Congratulations to A Better World Canada for such a unique endeavor that will undoubtedly dramatically improve the lives of many Kenyan children. This donation is going to have huge impact on many children’s young lives.