By Ambassador Johannas Seehuber 

The riding season so far was marked by bad weather and closed country borders, closed bikeparks and complicated entry requirements for other countries.

Now it was the first week in June 2021 and the situation cleared up a bit. With a handful of rules to follow, and a selection of my best riding buddies, it was time to go on our first bikepark trip this season.

With an entry form for Austria, negative Covid tests, vaccination passports, and pre booked bikepark tickets, we are ready to roll.

And of course we were not the only ones who wanted to take advantage of the more relaxed situation.

Funnily enough our first stop after good 4 hours of driving was a village called *St.Corona* with it’s bikepark called Wexltrails. And as we had almost thought, no one asked for any of our documents on the way there.

Hotel St. Corona… whos in? haha

Parked our campervans, had a little snack and headed out for our first ride.

We decided to take some chilled self pedalling, hiking laps to check out the whole park.

The jumpline was our favorite section for sure.

Everyone needed some time to get comfortable with the speed and the size of the jumps at first but it is built so well that everyone had fun.

After a good day of riding we set up a campside at the parking place of the bikepark which is no problem in Austria. We refuled and of course had a after ride beer or two.

After a night of little sleep and already tired bodys we were ready for another sunny bikepark day!

Lap after lap!  The Process X is so much fun in the park.

Smiles and laughts all day.

After the second day at Wexltrails we were hungry to explore some more stuff and headed in the direction of a bikepark called *Trailland Miesenbach*

A small hillside slope with a skilift, one big farmhouse with a restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

We spendt the night at the parking lot again an where excited for the upcoming riding in the morning. Again we decided to save some money and pedal around instead of taking the uplift. With a big group this is always more fun to chat in the uphills rather than sitting in the lift on your own.

We were rewarded with another funny jumpline, some sneaky wood runs and some dusty singletrails.

After a nice morning on the bikes a thunderstorm came down and we stopped riding. The restaurant next to the park served us with some tasty burgers and pizza and we celebrated our first successful bike trip in 2021. 

We ended our trip in a good and happy mood. Everyone is stoked for summertime riding, more trips and new trails and bikeparks. The return journey and the boarder crossing where again stress free and easy for us.


For me personally it was the first real bikepark weekend on the Process X and I am more than stoked with my build and the bike in general.

I can’t wait to throw also some more technical and steep riding to it and spend some more time in rough terrain.

For some more stuff about the trip and a cool video of the jumpline check: