Words and photos by: Ambassador Jeff Ashton

            When thinking about a rider’s best friend, obviously riding dogs, rain, loamy dirt, the 5mm Allen key, and riding partners come to mind, but when thinking deeper about this topic, my mind went to one of my favorite parts about riding…SHUTTLE LAPS BABY!

What better friend to a biker than the shuttle rig! “Terry”, my Tacoma, has brought me to so many new places and has held some of the best times I have had on bikes with friends, mobbing up service roads, driving to the top of mountain peaks, getting filthy in the mud and dust, and cracking cold ones on the tailgate and laughing about all the close calls we just had on the trails.

Now don’t get me wrong, pedalling is dope too…But I think majority of us can agree that going down is more fun than going up, so hop in the box, crack a PBR, and let’s blast some rock music and make going up fun again!

Found the perfect use for an extra Kona grip I had laying around