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My write-up of the Dr. Dew definitely sparked some comments about peoples’ favorite Konas, and we’ve had a lot of fun reading the responses here in the office.

Big Jonny of Drunkcyclist fame (I’m not linking to the site, as it could offend some people) commented about his collection of Konas and his beer-grabbing Humu. big Jonny and i actually have matching really pink custom-painted Konas. His is an Explosif and mine’s a Major Jake. More about pinky in another post…

We even had someone named “Robortion McStankles” comment, which is either a pseudonym, or was written by someone with very cruel parents.

One of the posts that generated some fun comments in here was by Mike, the owner of Olson’s Bikes in Oregon. He said, “My favorite was my first, a Munimula. I was told something about it being named after a Hawaiian cartoon character, only after a couple of years found out it is actually Aluminum spelled backwards.”

Since we’re all about education here at Kona, it’s time for a quick lesson. He’s partially right about both things. Munimula was initially a cartoon character, albeit not a Hawaiian one. And it is Aluminum spelled backwards.

The cartoon characters were robots called the Munimula men, and they came from a metal planet called, yep, Munimula. They were on the Ruff and Reddy Show, Hanna Barbera’s first television show, which dates back all the way to 1957. They were pink, evil robots hell-bent on destruction.

Many people also think that the Muni-Mula was Kona’s first aluminum bike, but it’s not. In 1994, Kona released the AA and Kula, and the Muni-Mula didn’t come out until 1995.

This concludes today’s lesson, and now it’s time for a video!