The Unit X is a perfect gateway drug for new riders to experience all types of riding. For experienced riders, the Unit X can make old trails new again with the rigid experience or act as a blank canvas for a spectacular bikepacking build. Kona’s mix of modern geometry and classic functionality is the perfect recipe for adventure.  

Eric McKeegan’s 2022 Unit X Review from the March Issue of Adventure Cycling has just been posted on the Adventure Cycling website. After a few months on board the versatile bike, Eric gushes over its comfort, the simpleness of the design, and its mix of old and new.

Most modern mountain bikes are marvels of modern tech, but all things that have made them more capable and comfortable also make them less versatile. The simple Unit X is the most direct descendent of the original mountain bikes that’s on the market today. It cuts through the hype and confusion to deliver a simple vehicle ready for almost any adventure, from mild to wild.

You can check out the full Unit X review HERE.