Two years ago, Kona answered a call from two women working for A Better World Canada. Melissa Farahat and Kelly Mac Vicar had a vision to help kids that had to walk five kilometres to school one way. In response to their request and the demands of the project, Kona designers came up with a version of our popular AfricaBike, the AfriKid, what was basically a 24″ version of the bike, with features like internal gearing, a basket, strong frame and tough wheels for harsh rural Kenyan roads. We then went ahead and donated 65 bikes out of the 205 bikes given out, allowing A Better World Canada to purchase the remaining bikes at our factory cost. To read about the bike give away, click the photo or go HERE. On behalf of Kona, we would like to congratulate Melissa and Kelly on their great work, as well as A Better World Canada for their unwavering commitment to helping those in need.