IMG_2114Kamloops, BC Phenom Graham Agassiz Returns to the Kona Clump for 2010

Aggy’s plan for next year is to keep doing what he’s always been doing-charging every contest and film and photo shoot, progressing the sport, and keeping everything fun along the way.

“Training and staying in the right mind set are also key,” says the 18-year-old. Over the winter he’ll be working with a personal trainer to gain strength and flexibility. The list of contests and slopestyle events in his sights include Crankworx Colorado and Whistler, Claymore Challenge, and the Bearclaw Invitational. As well as other freeride events such as Chatel Mountain Style, Anti Days of Thunder, and of course, Red Bull Rampage.

“I am so stoked to be riding for Kona bikes again. All I have ever ridden has been Kona, and they have helped me out since day one. The bikes are amazing, and have been the perfect tools for the job in all situations I have put them in. I have found that perfect bike that does everything I want it to. It’s called the Stinky. Signing on with the Kona again was simple and easy, yes!”

Here at Kona we’re happy to have him back along with his sick riding and amazing dance moves. Look out ladies, here comes Aggy.

Going into its 11th year, the industry’s longest running freeride team looks to push the limits of what can be done on a bike…again. Watch the Clump take our bombproof, performance bred freeride and dirt jump bikes to new heights in a magazine/film/slopestyle/big mountain competition near you. Kona’s Clump team is proud to ride Shimano Saint products, Maxxis tires, Easton Bicycle Components, Marzocchi suspension, e-thirteen and WTB saddles. Protected by Kryptonite.

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Photos by John Gibson and Ale Di Lullo

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