Black Sage was a great addition to the Fest Series and was possibly one of the best events we’ve had yet for a number of reasons. To start it off, all the boys were put up in a mansion of a house just outside of Bend, OR. The only downfall was it was an hour commute to the jumps each day. Everyone was told to bring motos if we could, so we had a big moto posse for the all weather days we had where we couldn’t ride our bikes. We were shown numerous amounts of trail systems and even some freeride spots where we could all session together in one area.


This event also had a beer sponsor which gave us unlimited beers for the boys for our post-ride shenanigans! All in all, it seemed like the local community was really stoked on this event and everyone wanted to help out wherever they could so it was really cool.


Unfortunately, on only my second session on the lower jump in the line, I went a little deep and over-cranked a whip that I had to eject from… Turns out you can really crank whips with the 27.5 wheel size! I had an awkward bailout and rolled my ankle pretty good on impact. The hospital said there was no sign of new bone fractures, just some old ones of course. There were some small bone fragments on either side of my ankle, though, likely from small ligament tears.


So I’m back on the mend for two weeks minimum I’ve been told, it could’ve been a lot worse. Really starting to feel the itch of not riding right now. All the trails have opened up back home here in Kamloops and I’ve just been frothing over my new bikes! This has given me a small window of time to play catch up on some house and yard projects among other things. Like always though, every time an injury happens, whether it’s big or small, I always remember just how lucky I am to do what I do. I seriously cannot wait to go shred my bike again soon!