Graham “Aggy” Agassiz recently joined up with his Dakine teammates to take a little Desert Vacation in South West Utah. The crew hit some classic spots, including infamous ridgeline descents as well as some classic road gaps and hips. Going off the video above it looks like Aggy and friends and one hell of a time.

Aggy and his custom Process 153 chill in the desert light. Photo: Alex Erickson

“It was a great time hanging with the Dakine crew on this trip, it’s not very often that we get together like this to just have fun and ride some bikes! Everyone’s schedules are so different, Casey is traveling the globe doing film projects, racing enduros, and taking Snuff the dog on alpine heli drops! Carson is also traveling lots, slowly stepping away from competing and focusing on different projects which is rad to see! Thomas is probably one of the busiest out of the group, along with having a baby girl to take care of, he’s always on the road. It is always a pleasure to watch him ride with his timeless style on a bike. All in all the trip was all time, so stoked we all got to meet up in the desert and ride some bikes. It felt really good being there as a team, sharing laughs, and enjoying the time together. I can’t wait for our next vacation!”Graham Agassiz

Aggy leads teammate Carson Storch through the South Western Utah landscape. Photo: Alex Erickson

Camp Vibes. Photo: Mike Artz

Late Night Hips with your host Graham Agassiz. Photo: Mike Artz

Photo: Mike Artz