Currently my adventures have taken me all the way down to New Zealand, where I have been testing the new Easton Havoc products as well as soaking in the rich culture and life style this beautiful place has to offer. From pristine white sandy beaches, to Jurassic Park rainforests and of course Lord of the Rings rolling hills, this place has it all! NZ has been one of those places that I have always dreamed about going to, so when the opportunity came up you can only imagine how stoked I was to go! The riding here is amazing, from wicked all mountain xc rides to insanely fast and flowy dh tracks. I chose the Entourage for this endeavor, and it was the perfect tool for the job! Not the greatest for some of the more steeper XC climbs but to my surprise it managed quite well, and as for as the DH and primo single track goes it tore that native bush up like nobody’s business!

This Aggy signing out,