We’re all really excited here at Kona for Graham Agassiz at this year’s Red Bull Rampage. He’s the man with the plan: new bike (Operator FR), perfect blend of big mountain bravado and new school tricks, with some big British Columbia cojones to back it all up. I caught up with Graham through Facebook last night and the Team Clump phenom sounds pumped.

Dude my line is done, rode pretty much everything today..
Sooooo stoked! haha, the new bike is running amazing! I threw the 2011 ti 888 on er today, i got my mechanic from back home Taylor Holstedt from the Bicycle Cafe out here, just killing it for me! All my homies are killing it, I feel on top of the world right now! Things are going great down here in Utah, im feeling 110% and confident as ever, its going to be a good weekend!
Talk to you soon!